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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Happy Hump Day! 

Cameron Diaz recently wrote a book about how she became happy, healthy, and stronger. 
The Body Book

I'm actually really interested to read this book because just like me she's struggled with acne her whole life and talks about it in the book. For being 41 years old she looks great. I'm curious to read what tips and tricks she recommends. 

Dolce Vita Jaxen Bootie

If I wasn't watching my spending I'd snatch these babies up in a second. I've been eyeing them for years I swear and now they're 50% off. They're the perfect heel height, 2 in, for a tall girl like me. They also look pretty similar to the Rag & Bone Harrow booties for a minuscule of the price.

It says the Jaxen booties run true to size. I own 2 pairs of DV booties, both a size 10 and one fits great and the other is a little too big. I'm usually wear a 9.5-10 for reference. I hope someone takes advantage of this great deal!

Theo and I are in a competition to see who can lose 10 lbs the fastest. I guess with the holidays and the lack of exercise somehow the scale is reading 10 lbs over my "happy" weight. Looking at me you really couldn't tell, probably because I'm tall and honestly a lot of it has gone to be boobs, but I can tell because my clothes just aren't fitting me the same. The winner gets to pick where we go for Valentine's Day and the loser has to pay, HA! 

In an attempt to lose weight I picked up some yummy healthy eats at Costco. No more junk, that means you Cape Cod Chicken Salad.

I try to stay away from processed food but sometimes it's just the easiest thing to grab for lunch when you're running out the door to go to work. I saw these wraps and I love everything in them so I picked up a box. Costco rarely disappoints so I wasn't surprised when they tasted delicious. They're 360 calories which with a salad for lunch is a pretty healthy meal. You keep them in the refrigerator but can warm them in the microwave for about 1 minute. I'll be eating these all week for sure.

I picked up a bag of Coach's Oats Steel Cut Oats a few months ago with the attempt to eat them daily. Yeah, that bag went to waste. This time I figured I'd try the frozen individual portion oats and see if I liked them any better. I seriously crave these every morning. They come frozen in like a patty form. You place the patty, that sounds weird but that's what it is!, in a microwave safe container, microwave for 3 minutes, and voila! you have hot yummy oatmeal. They're 4 ingredients, oats, maple syrup, brown sugar, and water. So not processed at all. They come in at 180 calories. I highly recommend these for a healthy low cal but fills you up breakfast.

I have a serious addiction to KIND bars. Any time I see them on sale I always snatch up a bunch. I've never met a flavor I didn't like either. Problem is KIND bars don't love me back and run $2 a bar. So when I saw KIND bars in bulk at Costco this weekend Theo says my eyes got huge. I practically dropped the nasty box of protein bars I had in my hand and ran over and grabbed the KIND bar box instead. They had 18 in a pack for $17.99. That's a steal! KIND bars are the perfect midday snack. They're the perfect meal replacement. I mean they're just the best all around. See I told you I have an addiction. It's the simple things in life. :)

I've just recently been turned onto Bloody Mary's but after one sip it was love. I was told Zing Zang is the best so that's the only kind I've had. I'm dying to try this local Bloody Mary mix. It says on the website you can buy it from Harris Teeter local peeps but you can also order it online. I originally saw it on World Market's website, random right? Has anyone tried it? I'm picking up a bottle this week so I'll let y'all know it is.

Chick Fil A Calender

My sweet coworker know's my addiction to Chick-Fil-A and bought me the 2014 calender for Christmas. The calender comes with a card and each month you get something for free. This month it's a bowl of soup. It's been so cold here I think I'm going to redeem it today!

Have a great day! 
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  1. That oatmeal looks so good! And the book looks interesting!


  2. I've tried that Bloody Mary mix, you can get it in Publix! Its very spicy, too much for me but I know a couple of people who like it!

  3. I love Cameron Diaz! I had no idea she had a book. Would love to read it!
    And those oatmeal patties look good! Although they sound a little weird, haha, to me, oatmeal is always a winner!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  4. i am addicted to morning oatmeal but i love that your pick isnt processed! i need to buy some. AND love the booties! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I saw Cameron Diaz on GMA yesterday and am so intrigued by that book! If you read it let me know your thoughts!

  6. I personally wasn't a fan of the Charleston bloody mary mix - I'm a Zing Zang girl. I really want to try those veggie wraps..where in the store can I find them?

  7. First of all... I can't believe Cameron Diaz is 41! And yes, she looks amazing. Ill have to check out her book. Love your weight challenge! Sounds like a fun bet.

  8. Those shoes are killer! Wearing similar ones today and I love them.

  9. Hope you win the bet with your hubby!! The wrap looks really good too!

  10. Those wraps looks so good! I love Kind bars too, they are so filling to me. I'm going to have to check out that Cameron Diaz book :)

  11. Haha I love the Chic fil A calendar! That sounds right up my alley! I'm obsessed with Costco, too. I pride myself on practically having tried every food item in stores but I've never seen those wraps before! Yummm

  12. i LOVE Kind Bars! But yes, I don't love the price. I will have to snag that bulk pack next time I'm at Costco!

  13. Damn you, Cameron Diaz and your chef and personal trainer, but hopefully she has real-life tips too. Try CFA's chicken tortilla soup - so good!

  14. Please share your thoughts on the book if you get it! I've had my own struggles with acne and just accepting myself in general, so I'm really intrigued! My husband is a huge bloody mary snob. He use to only drink zing zang until he heard about Charleston mix. He bought it at a local liquor store and LOVES it.

  15. I need to go to Cost Co and buy some healthy food (in bulk). I've been a total slob during this snow storm, and I'm ready to get out and join the real world again. I would also love to read Cameron's book. She looks amazing on the cover.

  16. Every time I go in to Costco (which has only been a few times since we got our membership in October) I am always amazed at some of the prices of stuff. It's kind of a "chore" for me to go there (so much easier to go into Target!) but every time I go in I think I need to come more often. Especially when I saw that they have gluten free bread now. I'll have to remember those wraps though, they look delicious!

    And I did NOT see KIND bars when I was in there. I am obsessed with them as well. Though I tend to only buy the low sugar ones since I feel like the other ones can be a bit high.


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