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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
So I have something to confess. Every Wednesday morning I get one of these on my way home from work. 

Wednesday morning means I'm done with work for the week so it's kind of my "You made it" treat to myself. Not exactly the healthiest thing to eat but man is it good. 

As soon as I saw this blouse I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's such a beautiful blouse and I could see myself wearing it with jeans now and shorts in the summer. It also comes in navy which I equally love. 

Shopbop played with my emotions and had it on sale last week then took it off this week. How can they do that?! So for now it's saved on my Hukkster with hope the price will drop soon.

I can't remember who the blogger was, I apologize, but last week another blogger posted about their younger cousin's gorgeous art work. I checked out the Etsy page and it's amazing what this young girl can do. Her watercolor designs are called ErinRay Today

I love them all but I think the vintage Vogue covers would look awesome in a little girls room. 

I've still yet to go to the new Charleston C. Wonder store but I do look online often. Since we're still newlyweds we don't have a ton of servingware. We realized that when we had our family Christmas party over here. I love this zebra print plate. So cute to throw some appetizers on if you're entertaining or just put on your coffee table to give it some pizzazz. 

My sister in law uses a 3 tiered stand often and every time I see her using I always mentally note to myself I need to get one. It's a great space saver when you're entertaining. I love this vintage Johnson Brothers one. 

We don't have a single curtain on our window in the master bedroom. Which is pretty funny considering I sleep during the day 3 times a week. Nate Berkus just came out with his Spring 2014 collection for Target and I'm loving these window panels. They're neutral so I can don't have to worry about the rest of the room all matching but they have an inca design so they're aren't too boring. I think I see a trip to Target in the future.

Seeing Naomi Watts' hair cut at the Golden Globes has really made me want to cut my hair short again. 

It's so cute and flattering on her.  My hair isn't really that long right now but I find myself always cutting it to my shoulders then letting it grow, then doing it all over again.  Think it's getting to be about that time to cut it again.

I recently pinned this Easy Feta Dip and I can't wait to make it. It's all my favorites in one. I'm heading to a friends house this weekend to cook and drink wine so I'm planning on making this dip for us to snack on.

I am so excited for Thursday to come because I'm having dinner with these lovely ladies: Shelby, Megan, and Caitlyn. It's our first blogger meet up. I can't wait!!

I'll leave you with this

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  1. The sandwich looks amazing. I totally know the great feeling of driving home in the morning and know your work week is done!


  2. I make that dip and love it. Those curtains might be coming to my house too!!

  3. That dip looks soooo good!! Also loving that blouse too - I hope it goes on sale again for you! Have fun during your blogger meet up xo

  4. that feta dip looks so so good! and i want that blouse in navy! very pretty! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. There's nothing wrong with a Chick Fil A biscuit...totally guilty here too :) And that blouse is amazing! You should totally get it! And I'm with you, I totally need a 3-tiered platter...love the blue and white!

    Xo, Julia

  6. Reese Witherspoon gave me hair envy at the Golden Globes - I thought she looked perfect!

  7. Gorgeous blouse - hopefully it goes on sale soon, would look so cute for spring/summer!
    I can't believe you don't have curtains in your bedroom {being a nurse} - my best friend, who works ER nights has the thickest darkest curtains she could find haha!
    That feta dip looks delicious - perfect for a get together once it's warmer! :))

  8. Yum. Sandwich. Yes. Love that little tradition you have with yourself!!!! xx

  9. That floral top is gorgeous! And I have been dreaming of a shorter cut for awhile. I think it would encourage me to do something with it more often!

  10. Nate Berkus can do no wrong! I love everything he has at Target - especially the prices! I've pinned that feta dip, too but still haven't made it! Let us know how it turns out!

  11. I love that navy floral blouse! And those paintings are gorgeous!

  12. Loving the Joie blouse in navy (ironic that it is loose enough to eat a Chick-fil-a biscuit and feel no shame? I think not). Ready to woop it up tomorrow!! And P.S. that hair cut would look awesome on you!

  13. Anytime I need to treat myself, I do it with Chick Fil A. No need to feel bad for that! Love those Nate Berkus curtains, too! That entire line at Target is awesome.

  14. That feta dip looks too good not to try!! And I love your confession - because if we had some Chick Fil A's around us, I would most certainly have the same cravings!!

  15. That blouse is gorgeous! I'm going to keep my eye out for a sale on it as well! Chick-fil-a is the only fast food place I go to and I sadly always seem to want it on Sundays - the one day you can't get it! Can't wait to try your feta dip!

  16. Wednesday morning is the end of my week as well (though not for much longer!!). I don't usually stop and get something on my way home, but I did stop yesterday to get a hashbrown from McDonald's. Couldn't resist!


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