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by Ally Harding, 9:30 AM
Happy Valentine's Day!

I usually don't care about Vday but this year I'm a little more excited than normal. No idea why, I couldn't even tell you what I did last year but this year just feels different. We're going out to tonight to get pizza and beer. Seriously my favorite things in life. So I'll be a fat and happy girl when the nights over with!

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Pixie asked me if she could pose with #TeamTeddy then went all camera shy. Silly girl.

When I first read about Teddy Fish I started tearing up. You see Teddy is a baby boy who has a rare genetic disease called Menkes Syndrome which means he will live no longer than 3 years of age. You can read about Menkes Syndrome here but basically this defect makes it hard for the body to distribute copper throughout the body and as a result his body will not get the adequate amount of it to live. Teddy did nothing to deserve this, unfortunately it runs in families and is a recessive gene meaning both of his parents had to carry the gene in order for Teddy to get it. There is a Teddy Fish Fund to help out Mary and Alex Fish with their medical bills that keep piling up. This is such a sad topic but what we can do to help is to pass along Teddy's story. There is very little medical research or funding towards Menkes Syndrome. #TEAMTEDDY

Theo was a smart man yesterday and brought me home some red roses

And a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers
Please don't judge me by my flower arrangement making. I'm not a florist.

He definitely knows the key to my heart as corny as that is!

He also picked up some filet and lobster tails from Earth fare, $9 filet and lobster tail special till 2/16!, and cooked them last night. If anyone ever asks me what my last meal would be, this is it my friends. Well, this a giant peanut butter fudge milkshake!

Theo cooked the filet the "Theo's Famous" way which is so good and I was in charge of the lobster. Both were delicious! I love me some asparagus but god it makes my pee smell afterwards! So nasty! I wish someone would figure out a cure for this! Overall best $9 ever spent!

What do you do after eating filet and lobster? You eat your over 1 year old wedding cake topper of course!

We forgot to eat it on our anniversary so I figured now's a better time than ever! I was expecting it to be dry and nasty but it surprisingly was pretty good! The icing tasted a little chemically but the cake was still moist!

I'm probably the only girl who looks forward to the SI Swimsuit edition but last night they aired the 2014 cover.

I mean really?!

I've been telling Theo for weeks that Chrissy Teigen would be on the cover. She's so hot right now and just married John Legend in September. So I wasn't surprised to see her on it but I was surprised to see Lily Aldridge (girl in the middle). She's a rookie this year and I don't think it's fair for rookie's to get the cover. There are tons of other girls who have been in the issue for years and never made the cover and here comes Lily, first year, and get's the cover like that. Either way it's a gorgeous cover and workout motivation for sure.

Have a great, hopefully warmer, weekend!

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  1. Wow that SI cover is too much! haha But yes, good workout motivation! Theo did so good with the flowers and that dinner looks SO good!! We're coming to your place for dinner next time! :) Have fun tonight if we don't end up coming out!

  2. Love your meal, my husband and I are eating the same thing tonight :)!

    Hooray TEAMTEDDY! I'm so glad that everyone is linking up with a picture for him!

    I follow Brooklyn Decker and Erin Andrews on twitter and they were going bananas when Chrissy got the cover, since they are all bffs. I forgot it was time for SI swimsuit edition, that cover is pretty sweet!

    have a great one!

  3. love flowers...such a way to my heart, especially the mixed bouquet! What a good man :) And so cute y'all ate your cake topper on Valentine's day since you missed the 1 year...great idea!! Xx.

  4. That lobster looks AMMMAZING!! Haha and I'm the same with flowers, I wish I knew how to arrange them better.

  5. What a lucky girl you are with all of the flowers! Beer and pizza sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day to me. I rather do that than go out for a fancy dinner any night. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Pretty flowers!! Dinner looks fab. We always talk about how asparagus is going to make our pee smell when we eat it. ha. I really like Chrissy Teigen-I think she is funny.

  7. A home cooked meal and two bouquets of flowers?! Smart husband! And I'm the worst when it comes to flower arrangements.. I just dunk them in a vase and call it a day, sometimes I even leave the rubberbands on haha! Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. I love your dog! She's so sweet. What kind is she? Dinner looked YUMMY! Chrissy Tiegen is all over the place these days - not surprised to see her on the cover either.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Your husband is a smart man and I love the way you arranged the roses!! I'm not too crazy about the cover - i think it could have been better - but who am I kidding - it's probably just the jealousy over their bodies talking haha! Enjoy pizza and beer tonight!

  10. The asparagus/pee comment just made me laugh out loud, but it's SO true! Even if you only eat 1 piece of asparagus it seems to happen. We're having the exact same meal tonight bc our Valentine's Day dinner out last night was of course cancelled due to the snow. I have no doubt filet & lobster will make up for it though. Enjoy your pretty flowers and pizza night. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Love the Pixie pic! And 2 bouquets of flowers, smart man ;) Happy Valentines day!

  12. beer an pizza? sounds amazing :) i'm going to a concert, but if i wasn't, a night in sounds ideal! :)

  13. Love your SI banter. :) Made me laugh and smile at the same time. Have a great weekend!

  14. Gorgeous flowers, amazing food, and pizza and beer tonight = perfection! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you!

  15. What a perfect v-day celebration! That SI cover is definitely aimed at men but makes me want to get my rear to the gym asap!

  16. As I start to expand that swimsuit cover is the last thing I want to see haha! Happy Valentine's!

  17. Oh my I cannot stop starting at that cover...those teeny tiny bikinis! That looks like some serious squat work went into their training ;-)

  18. Gorgeous flowers! And that meal looks delicious :) Have a great weekend lady and Happy Valentine's day! xo

  19. Go Theo!! That Earth Fare deal is hard to beat!

  20. Good man--two sets of flowers! Your dinner looks awesome! I'm seriously looking forward to mine in a few hours

  21. Happy Valentines! Good to know our cake should be just as yummy come August :)

  22. I love your blog


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