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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Fellow Fur Child Mothers, I saw this on the Today Show last week and took a pic of the screen so I wouldn't forget it. These are the #1 things to keep away from your dog. He even said grapes can cause kidney failure in a matter of minutes. 

My boss lost her puppy last year because the puppy ate a Sago palm. Not sure if they have them all over the US but they're pretty big here in SC. The dog doesn't even have to eat a big part of the palm, just enough and they will go to into liver failure pretty quickly. The chance of them living is slim. Scares me to death because we have 2 in our front yard!! Luckily Pixie doesn't even notice them. It's more puppies that want to chew on them. Our dogs are only on this Earth for a few short years so keep them healthy!

I know Pixie can't eat avocados (sorry Pix), but I sure can! I always buy a big bag from Costo, it's like 6 avocados for $5, crazy good deal.
 I eat them on toast
Yikes the dishwasher left a lot of water spots on the plate.

But my new favorite way to eat them is to make avocado egg salad.

I don't really go by a recipe just add stuff in till it tastes good. You generally do 1 avocado to 4 eggs.  I add in mayo, relish, s&p, lemon juice. You can also add celery if you have it. If you're an avocado and egg lover like me then you've got to try this! Very healthy too.

Remember last week I posted about these beauties?

That same day I came across these

Not the exact same, but probably as similar as I'm going to get for $60. Then I got hit with a ton of bricks and found out they are all sold out!! On every website! If anyone knows of anywhere else they are sold please let me know. Until then, I guess I'll just have to continue to lust over the Valentino ones.

If you haven't noticed from my blog yet, I have a small shopping addiction. The good thing is I never pay full price and always look for a deal. Although my husband might disagree with me on that and say I still spend way too much. I recently came across 6pm.com and now I check it daily for any good steals and deals. They have tons brands for huge reductions. And it's free shipping too!

I love this maxi and glad I waited to buy it because it's now more than $100 off the retail price!

I know I blogged about this sweater last Fall and it's now $210 off the retail price! 

I remember this top from last year. So cute. It's now $72!

I love these 7 FAMK white snake skin jeans. A nice change from traditional white jeans but aren't in your face animal print. Best part, they're only $80!

Gorgeous House of Harlow necklace for 50% off the original price.

I actually own this pair of DV Archer sandals but they have tons of other colors on the website. They're all $35. I would love to own a few more pairs, they're super comfortable.

If only I put as much time into cleaning my house as I do online shopping! 
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  1. mmm that avocado sandwich looks so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I always freak out about human food being fed to my dog - the weirdest things are toxic to them and I'm way over protective. I stopped taking her to pot lucks because our friends are so willy nilly about giving dogs table food. No thank you!

  3. Yum.. I love avocados! And I love that Joie sweater!

  4. Thanks for sharing about the pups! And love those pumps, what a steal for something so similar!

  5. I didn't know onions and scallions were bad for dogs! Glad we don't give Ruby any kind of food like that but its still good to know! Have you ever ordered from Sole Society? I've seen a lot of shoes I like but never commit!

  6. We have been to the vet with our little fur child more than I'd like for dog illness! They shouldn't have greasy stuff like bacon, either! It can send them into pancreatitis which is also deadly. It's so sad to see Marley's face when he realizes he won't get a bite of the goodness anymore. And I'm going to have to try that sandwich, yum!!

  7. I have been meaning to make avocado egg salad! I saw it on pinterest once and it's been at the back of my mind ever since.

  8. Scary about what dogs can't eat! Annnd 100% checking out 6pm.com! Thanks! xx.

  9. The avocado sandwich looks so good - I'm sort of newly obsessed with them! Hope your shoes come back in stock soon!

  10. Avocado is like cheese to me....just adding more makes everything better.
    And I'm OBSESSED with that maxi, girlie.

  11. Totally getting avocados next time at Costco. Love 'em! And I think I need the Joie maxi for spring!

  12. I have a leftover avocado right now and I'm going to try your egg salad! That sounds so good and I would have never thought to use avocado instead of mayo!

  13. Yes I absolutely love your style....this could be very dangerous for me over these next few months when I am trying to save for wedding stuff ;-)

  14. Ummm that egg salad looks so good! I will have to try that since I can no longer have deli meats while pregnant! Always looking for a good substitution.

  15. I had no idea about avocados for dogs... Good looking out! But, since they are good for me, I'll be trying that egg salad!

  16. I just found 6pm too...it could be dangerous!!


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