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by Ally Harding, 10:01 AM
Happy Friday!

I don't think I've ever been more happy that it's now spring. It's been so rainy and gross here lately my backyard is a mud pit and and my front yard looks like it hasn't been touched it in months. My house is already a blah color so it's just depressing me every time I look at it. My plan is to first get some color for our front porch. 

 I love these ferns and hydrangeas for the porch. So gorgeous.

These colors are all so pretty. I lack a green thumb so we'll see how it goes!

Ever since seeing this Pom Pom Tunic in the new J. Crew catalog I think it would be the perfect beach cover up. The pom pom detailing are what stole my heart.

Then I saw this Dolman Tunic and I can't decide which one I love more.

All I know is, bring on the heat!

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My co worker is getting married in a month and the other night at work she started doing this 30 day squat challenge. She told asked me to do it with her. Um can I just say that after 2 days of squats my legs were in pain!! What is wrong with me?! Maybe it's the fact I haven't worked out in a year. Well, now that my legs have taken their day of rest, it's on!


I finally watched a full episode of this horrible show the other day. Even if I wasn't from Charleston, even if I wasn't obsessed with all things Bravo, I still don't think I'd like this show. Nothing goes on! It's so incredibly boring and you can tell they put all these people together and said ok, make drama for the camera. The show is mainly men and men can't bring on the drama like women can, who really wants to watch a guy pull another guy's weave? Oh wait, that's because guys don't wear weave. I really doubt it'll get picked up for a second season, or even finish this season. The only thing I liked about the show was seeing local places on TV. 

This weekend Theo and I have nothing on the books. We're going to play it by ear and hopefully get our house clean one day. 
I'm hoping to catch up on a lot of this

drink way too much of this

get lost in this

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I did the squat challenge last month and totally saw a difference! Made it up to 250!! Hope you enjoy the weekend and get a lot of rest and wine like you want! :)

  2. I tried a squat challenge once and failed miserably! I should try again though.. beach weather is just around the corner (hopefully). We have nothing to do this weekend either and it makes me SO happy! Can't wait to relax!

  3. love the pom tunic!

    and Southern Charm is terrrrible!! i tried to make it through an episode but i couldnt finish it! i did notice one of the girls looked familiar...she is from a season of real world! really!? they cant find NEW ppl for the show?! ah well, have a good weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Your house is absolutely gorgeous. And I love weekend with no set plans especially after a weekend with too many plans :)

  5. Can't wait to see what you put on the porch! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Flowers on the porch make me so happy. I did the 30 day squat challenge and by the end of it you'll definitely see major results (think backs of your legs and butt!). Stick with it - so worth it and I need to do it again asap ha. Have a great - and relaxing - weekend, love!

  7. Umm that pom pom tunic!! Damn why do you do this to me? Seriously think I need that it's adorable!

  8. I'm with you on Southern Charm. There's such an age gap with the cast members too. That politician is 50, and others are in their early 20's. Kind of silly.

    Lovin' the pom-pom shirt!

  9. those types of weekends are my favorite, enjoy!

  10. I have Southern Charm waiting for me to watch on my DVR so I can see just how bad it really is! Great minds think alike- I think you need to get the pom pom tunic! I love weekends with no plans I hope you enjoy a lot of wine and relaxing!

  11. Have a great weekend!! I love when there is nothing planned and there is time to just sleep (the best thing EVER) ;)) xx

  12. They have been putting some really dumb and boring shows on Bravo lately. What is Andy thinking?!?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
    *100 Books to Read in a Lifetime Giveaway ends today!*

  13. I plan on doing all 3 of those things...well 1 and 2 in hopefully excess amounts ;-) Wasn't that show awful?? I loved seeing all the pretty Charleston sights but the cast was a total snooze fest. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend girl xoxoxo

  14. Sounds like a great weekend you have planned!! Enjoy it! I love those front porch planters you found! So pretty! Good luck with your squat challenge! I tried doing that a couple times now and half way through once the numbers start getting higher I about die! Lol :)

  15. Need to try the squat challenge too! Annnnd I have heard awful things about Southern Charm--glad to know I really shouldn't watch it! Happy Weekend :)! Xx.


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