April Favorite Things

by Ally Harding, 6:28 PM
Happy April Fools Day!! Today I'm joining my blog friend Emily and guest co hosting for the Favorite Things Link up! Hope you'll join us too! Just post about your Favorite Things for April, it can be about anything you want, and come back here to link up with us! That's it! It's also a great way to meet other bloggers!

Beauty and the Greek

So this coming Saturday for the first time in my life, and I can say that because I've lived in Charleston all my life, I'll be joining the Kenyans and walking in the Cooper River Bridge Run. Who am I kidding, those Kenyans will probably be back in Kenya by the time I get done walking the bridge. But I am doing it with a good friend and 39,000 other people. 

Yikes! If you don't live in Charleston and have no idea what I'm talking about, the bridge run is a tradition here. The run used to be over the old two lane bridges but thank god they tore those down and built the multi lane Arthur Ravenel Bridge. If you watch Southern Charm, yes it's the bridge named after Thomas' daddy.

So wish me luck. I'm just walking it but it's 6 miles and I'm not too good with heights. :/

This weekend is a pretty big weekend in Charleston. There's also the Family Circle Cup going on too. It's an all women's tennis tournament. 

Last year we watched Serena Williams play. We're not going this year but it's a lot of fun. The Family Circle Cup is located on beautiful Daniel Island so it's a really nice event.

April 15 is Tax Day but it's also Free Curly Fries or Potato Pancakes at Arby's Day!

I'm trying to find a coupon to get the free fries but I can't find one. I found this pic on Google images but can't find the source. If anyone finds one let me know, otherwise I bet you could just walk in and get it!

Easter is April 20. Theo and I are the big holiday church goers, hey at least I'm honest, so we'll for sure be making an appearance that Sunday. I'm always thinking about to wear, so ofcourse I've started looking for Easter dresses already.

 Can't decide between this pretty pink or the teal

Great dress to wear for a spring/summer wedding too!

I'm so happy the warm weather is here, and hopefully here to stay, but it also means I have to break out my pasty pale skin. I usually don't mind being pale but we really all do look better with a tan. Becky mentioned the sunless tanner Fake Bake on her blog and I'm dying to try it.

When she was describing it on her blog it seemed just like a spray tan but you apply it yourself with the mitt it comes with. It's very well priced too, only $14 on Amazon. I'll definitely be giving it a try very soon!

I'm happy but sad at the same time. Mad Men is back Sunday, April 13 (yay!) but it's also the last season (boo!). I'm a reality show junky but Mad Men has always been my favorite non reality show. It's currently on Netflix so if you have it you can get caught up and watch the new season in a few weeks. 
I've missed you Don Draper! 

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  1. I think you need both of those colors because they are so versatile and both adorable. I was eyeing that spray tan as well. I really like how it comes with a mitt. I have also been really liking tanning towels they seem to work really well for me! xoxo
    Amanda|Meet @ the Barre

  2. Oh my gosh I am in love with that dress! Love the red! Good luck with the walk/run!


  3. See you at the bridge run! I'm totally regretting signing up! I need a spray tan like yesterday.

  4. ahhh so many good things! i cant wait for the return of mad men! and I LOVE me some curly fries :) :)
    good luck on the bridge run! you can do it!!! ...and i like the dress in pink.
    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. The bridge run is so much fun! The Kenyans are finished before some of the heats even start... we’ll just let them do their thing ;) You know I’m a big fan of that Camille dress. I want all colors in it!

  6. Have fun at the bridge run! Charleston is one of my favorite places, but I haven't had the chance to go yet this year. I've also been eyeing that J Crew dress--perfect for all things summer!

  7. Good luck on the bridge run! I'm sure you'll be ok, just don't look down ;). Very pretty dresses, so airy and pretty for the warmer weather.

  8. Good luck on the bridge run! I admire you for doing it, I'm a horrible runner.

    And thank you so much for the curly fries heads up...totally going to get myself some on tax day!

  9. Love those dresses. I need curly fries right now. I linked up!

  10. Love those dresses for Easter! I saw them in the store and the fabric is so great! I don't think the bridge walk will be so bad, as long as Theo picks you up and doesn't make you walk home too. haha :)

  11. I so wish we had an arby's in the city - their curly fries are the best thing in the world!! Wishing you the best of luck in the race this weekend and how fun that you have a women's tournament nearby - I always love watching tennis live!! Happy Tuesday!

  12. Good luck with the bridge run! I live downtown, so I think I'm just going to lock myself in the apartment all week so I don't have to mess with the traffic and runners. It's going to be wild!

  13. I have tried every (literally) self tanner in the world, and Fake Bake is by far my favorite. The mitt helps it go on so even, it has great color, and the best part.. the smell is not bad AT ALL.

  14. Love Mad Men! So excited for it to come back. Will definitely be getting my free curly fries and I'm already on the hunt for an Easter dress, too! I really like the pink one!

  15. I'm just getting around to my post so I'm going to link up! Good luck with the bridge run! I hate heights too but I've found for some reason when I'm running that high it doesn't scare me as much-but again I'm not sure I've done a run on a bridge as high as the Ravenel bridge- at least it isn't the old scary bridges :) I love St. Tropez self tanner- it sounds like the fake bake, it's a mousse you apply with a mitt which pretty much makes it fool proof. Ummm why did you tell me about Arbys?! I LOVE their curly fries and now I think I'm going to have to make a special trip there for free ones. Love that dress is the pink- I've had my eye on it too.

  16. T Rav! I love tennis! That's so cool you saw Serena play last year. Are any big names in it this year? That dress is so cute. I'd usual go for the teal, but that pink is so vibrant! I should try that Fake Bake. I'm soooo pale and there is still no sun here.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  17. Go you for doing the Bridge Run. Just having to pick Trey up downtown afterwards made me almost freak out with people overload ha. You can do it! And yes please to free curly fries!

  18. I am such a giant loser that I got really excited when I recognized that bridge. I really dislike that show, but I can't stop watching. They could have done so much better on the casting!

    I need to try that fake tan. Do you read Maskcara? She really likes Toma (I think) Tan. I want to try them all because I refuse to get skin cancer.

    Thanks SO much for guest co-hosting! I'm hoping that you get some extra blog readers. You are the best!

  19. Hi from your newest follower. What a cute monthly post idea! I live in Columbia, SC so I'm right up the road from you. I love the Family Circle Cup too!

  20. That J. Crew dress is super cute in both colors but I'm partial to the teal!


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