Braducation 101

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
After getting bra fitted last weekend it really opened my eyes to how little we really know about something we wear every single day. I was majorly wearing the wrong size. So bad I had boob fat hanging out by my underarms and I thought that was normal! I also didn't understand why my shirts didn't fit me correctly when I was wearing what should be my size shirt. I'm talking major hole gaping in blouses. Now that I'm wearing the correct bra size my shirts fit me so much better and there's no boob fat or back band riding up my back. It really got me interested on how your bras are supposed to fit, how often you're supposed to wash them, how long should you keep your bras, what hook should you wear it on. So here's my research:

Are all A, B, C, D etc cup sizes the same?

So this was news to me. I grew up thinking if you're a 34C and I'm a 30C we have the exact same boob size just smaller around the rib cage. WRONG. Cup sizes are directly related to band sizes. You get your band size first then measure your bust measurement. Depending on how many inches your bust size is than your band, so say it's 4 inches more, you'd a D. If it's one inch more you'd be an A. Example: you measure 28 around your band, then measure 32 around your bust, that's a 4 inch difference so you'd be a 28D. So lets say you're a 32DD and your friend is a 40DD and you wonder why her boobs look so much bigger than yours. That's because they are.  The DD is just an indication of how proportionally large the bust is in comparison to the frame, not how large the bust is on it's own. 

It's a guessing game which hook I wear my bra on each day. That's the purpose of the hooks, to switch it up right?
Your bra is going to stretch out over time so start wearing your bra on the outermost hook. Your bra should be at it's tightest when you first buy it anyways. Bra's will stretch about 3 inches in their lifetime so that's when you would use the next set of hooks. 

I wear the same bra over and over, that's ok right?
WRONG. You shouldn't be wearing your bra more than 2 days in a row. It has to rest and regain its elasticity. If you wear it too often it will "strain" the elastic and won't be able to snap back. It's recommended to own 5-7 bras and switch them out each day. 3 nude and 3 black is all you need. And add in a spicy one for your hubby. ;)

What about washing my bras? They don't get that dirty. It's not like a sweat in them.
You might think you're super clean but that bra you're wearing is nasty. You should own a few nicer bras and as we all know they aren't cheap so don't you want to take good care of them? You really should wash your bra after every 2-3 wears. If you sweat a lot or wore a sports bra that you worked out in you should wash it after every wear. Hand washing is the best for your bra. That washing machine and dryer will ruin your bras in seconds. I know we all roll our eyes when we read the tag on a new top and it says hand washing only and think "yah right, that thing will never get washed" well it actually isn't that hard to do. You can use a sink with a stopper, a big clean pot, your bath tub, anything that is clean and can hold water in it for long periods of time. Fill the basin with clean lukewarm water. Add a small amount of mild detergent to the water. Forever New was recommended to me and it's not expensive. You can actually use Forever New on silk or other fine textiles that you can't normally wash.

Let the bra soak in the sudsy warm water for up to an hour. So go read a book, put up laundry, go on a walk, do anything. After the water has turned a nasty grey color, oh and yah that's after only 2 wears, see you are dirty, drain the grey water and refill with clean cool water. Knead the fabric and continue to empty and replace with clean water until the water stays completely clear. Drain the water and gently press any excess water from the fabric. Do not wring the bra. You'll break the under wire and then you did all this for nothing! Spread the bra on a dry towel then fold over the towel so it totally covers the bra. Squeeze the towel gently to get any extra water out. Lay the bra on a clean towel and allow it to air dry, cups up. You can also hang them like this 

or like this

but never, ever hang it to dry by it's straps. It'll stretch out the straps.

See, hand washing isn't that bad. It's kind of nice wearing a clean bra often too. You can wash your bras together just do it by the same or similar color. So don't wash a black bra with a white bra, duh.

I can wear my bras for years and years. They always fit me correctly.
WRONG. You should get bra sized every year or so. Especially if you've lost or gained weight or had a baby. Your bra should last you 8-12 months as long as you are taking good care of it and washing it often. If you're already having to wear your bra on the tightest hook it's probably time to start looking into a new bra.

Lastly, always do this as soon as you put your bra on:

And that's your bra lesson for the day! Happy bra happy boobies!

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  1. How funny, I was just sized too and was AMAZED at what size I was! Thanks for all of the tips :)

  2. Oh gosh, I despise bra shopping. I know I need new bra's but I just don't want to go! So much good info.. I always thought that you could wash your bra's but had to air dry them.

  3. Welp, I'm violating all of the bra rules!!!

  4. You really do learn something new everyday! :)

  5. Very informative. I liked this post!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Oh man honestly, I want to stay in denial I have a feeling mine are wayyyyyy too big. Thanks mom!

  7. This was really helpful and informative. But at the same time, made me realize that it's things like this make being a woman suck. I hate boobs. And the issues that go with them!

  8. Ok....this convinced me to get actually fit. I have some serious gaps...and I totally get that underarm boob smush thing

  9. I totally need to do this. It's been a long long long time!

  10. I so needed this and great info!!

  11. This is fantastic info - i definitely don't follow those bra "rules!! Love the pleated maxi!!! Headed your way this morning :)

  12. This is some valuable info! I'm terrible about wearing the same two bras over and over!


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