5 on Friday

by Ally Harding, 12:54 PM
Happy Friday! This is going to be a quick 5 on Friday. I'm hosting a bridal shower tomorrow at my house and typical me I left everything to do today! My house is a pigsty so it's going to be an allll day process.

Here's a preview for tomorrow:

Bras and panties on the chandelier. Easiest and cheapest decorations ever! Don't worry the panties are new!


It has been so nasty here lately. It may have stopped raining for only 10 minutes yesterday and it's in full force again today. Makes me really wish I had bought a pair of Hunter rain boots when I had the chance!! Pixie's going stir crazy since she can't play outside and is into everything. Then today I came home from running errands and was greeted with a lovely brown gift from her on the rug. Whoever says having a dog is nothing like a child has never met my dog! I could tell she was so bored yesterday I asked her if she wanted to learn her ABC's or 123's. I think I've lost it.

Remember on Wednesday I posted about wanting to try Yummie Tummie shapewear? Well I guess it was meant to be because I went to Marshall's yesterday looking for some cheap shape wear to wear with a dress and guess what I found? Yummie Tummie!  It was fate I tell ya. 
This is the style I got

I tried on a Small and Medium and the Small fit better and I figured it's supposed to be more tight than loose anyways. I came home and tried it on with my dress and WOWzers what a difference it makes. You don't have to constantly worry about sucking in your stomach. You can buy it here on clearance but check TJ Maxx/Marshall's because I got mine for $20!

Alright Heather Thompson, you were never my favorite Housewife and your "Holla" annoys me to death but you've got some good shape wear.

I saw this recipe for Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese and I'm dying to make it. It's all my favorite things in life rolled into one. My stomach is growling just looking at it.

It would be perfect on this rainy day with some soup!

My dream came true, we're finally getting a Dyson! Our old vacuum broke forever ago and I've been having to good old fashion sweep for months but that's all ending! We have all hardwood in our house so we don't need a heavy duty one just a nice handheld one that has great suction. I'm going to pick it up today. 

Have a great weekend!
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  1. I am obsessed with our Dyson - and quite frankly vacuum way more than I need to!! Hope you have a blast at the shower you're throwing!! Hope the weather clears by next week....

  2. So cute to hang the bras and panties! Might as well go ahead and hang the shape wear since it's a diet disaster once you get married hah. I need something like what you got so much check into Yummy Tummy. That sandwich looks stupid good, too! Thus, need the YT stat :)

  3. That grilled cheese looks amazing!!


  4. your pup is adorable! and I want that grilled cheese for lunch today, mmmm mmmm!

  5. That grilled cheese looks AMAZING!! That and a big glass of wine would be perfect!

    I hope the rain lets up for you soon :)

  6. That grilled cheese looks delish... I think I'm putting that on my lunch menu for next week. Also I'm convinced we need a TJMaxx run together because you always find the best stuff!

  7. YUM that sandwich looks so good! and i want to try that shapewear... my stomach is def a trouble area.
    have a great time at the bridal shower! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. I don't think white girls should say "holla." There should be some sort of law against it. We got a Dyson for our wedidng 6 years ago. You will love yours! Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Yay for a new Dyson! They are the best :) We have all hard wood floors too and with the pup, I feel like they need sweeped daily! I'm going to have to check out that shapewear!! Is it pretty comfortable for decent periods of time??

  10. Dyson!!! I want too!!! -"Don;t worry the panties are new" <--haha love you! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  11. those grilled cheeses... AMAAAAAAAZING. wow. visiting from the linkup and glad to be a new follower!! :) :)

  12. That grilled cheese looks amazing, and yes it would be perfect for the dreary rainy weather! Enjoy your weekend :)

  13. Ok, in love with all of your 5 especially the Pixie part. I've had the worst cold, so I've been such a bum. Poor Gracie is totally going stir crazy. With George being gone...I talk to her WAY more than any human should talk to their dog. I'm pretty sure she's telling me to STFU in her head.

    I also love me some Heather (but you're right...the Holla! has GOT to stop!) Can't wait for RHONY!

  14. I love our dyson! And that shapewear sounds awesome, although I find Heather to be extremely obnoxious. Have fun with the bridal shower this weekend!

  15. I am so jealous of your Dyson!! And I need to hit up Marshall's for that shape wear, I have a feeling a will get a lot of use out of it. Imagine if we lived by one another, oh the shopping spree's we would go on! P.S. you were right about mama totally creepy...and right up my ally!

  16. That sandwich looks divine!!! Have fun hosting your party tomorrow!

  17. Best decor ever.
    And that grilled cheese has my mouth watering. YUM.
    Cheers to the weekend, girlie!!! xx

  18. you will LOVE the Dyson! I'll never own another vacuum!

  19. That grilled cheese... yum! We need to get a new vacuum too so I'll have to check out the Dyson. It's sad how excited I get over buying new household appliances these days!


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