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by Ally Harding, 8:18 AM

Southerners this might be the answer to our prayers. Or at least our frizzy hair. When I got my hair done last week my hair dresser sprayed this Anti Frizz Weatherproof Spray on my hair once she finished styling it. I don't know if it's from bleaching my hair all these years or what but my hair has become pretty frizzy. I have to flat iron it after every wash or else there's insane flyaways. So anyways, she sprayed this on my hair and it didn't leave any residue, it didn't feel heavy, it just combated the frizz. I currently use Moroccan Oil but it just isn't cutting it. Still Ms. Frizzle. I'm heading back to the salon this week to pick up a bottle. It looks like you can only buy it from a salon so check around!

I've talked about my struggle with acne before. I know blah, blah, blah there worse things in life but to me it is the worse thing. When you've had acne your whole life and now that you're 27 years old and it's almost worse than when I was 16, it's a problem. My acne is totally hormonal too. If I eat dairy I break out, if it's that time of the month I break out. It's all around my chin which if you look it up online is hormonal acne. I'm talking cysts that last for weeks. I tried Acne.org's Regime. It worked for a few years but then I became allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. Who knew coating yourself in BP twice a day for years would bring on an allergy?! Salicylic Acid was my next try and it just wasn't cutting it. I finally, after a cry fest, googled "ADULT ACNE HELP" ok I may of just added that HELP for fun, but it brought me to Adult Acnomel. It's sulfur based and it had fantastic reviews. So I ordered a bottle and have used it for a few weeks now and my skin looks great. My skin is no longer oily at all since sulfur is a drying agent and the pimples that do pop up are gone in a day. It has a tint to the cream which I was worried would be a little too dark for my pale skin but it blends in fine and acts like a concealer. I hope this stuff never gets discontinued! If you're an oily, acne sufferer like myself try this. I swear it works.

I love this basic maxi. I own a striped Vince maxi I found at TJ Maxx last year and it's probably my favorite maxi. I love that it's fitted but not stuck to you like a lot of maxis can be. 

I love these cat eye sunglasses for summer. I've wanted the KS Gayla sunnies for awhile now and I love this new design they came out with. I kind of think cat eye could be universally flattering on everyone.

How adorable is this MBMJ little cross body bag?! I love it, it would be so cute for summer! It comes in 2 other colors but this one is my favorite. For MJ it's pretty reasonably priced too.

This floral top would be perfect with white jeans or shorts. It's such a cute shirt and is on major sale now!

I love it in the dress version even more! Easter dress anyone?!

I think as long as I've been doing these Weekly Obsessions I've had a Joie blouse on here. What can I say, they're my favorite! This one fits the bill!

This is the perfect swim suit, you get two for the price of one! It's reversible and I like that one side is a pattern and the other is solid. Not too expensive either if you consider you're getting two swim suits! 

I have to admit what first attracted me to this book was the $1.99 price tag on Amazon. I started reading it last night and now I can't put it down! It's about a guy who's 39 years old and single. If you ever watch The Big Bang Theory this guy is Sheldon to the T. Says everything and does everything Sheldon would do. He's a scientist so he's extremely smart but lacks social skills. He decides to come up with a questionnaire to meet a wife called The Wife Project. In the mean time he meets a girl name Rosie who's the complete opposite of him. It's such a fun quick read. Can't beat that price either!

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  1. Love the first two! They seem like great products.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
    *100 Books to Read in a Lifestime Giveway happening now!*

  2. THANK YOU for sharing that frizz product, I'm going to need it very soon. I'll have to pick some up :)

  3. Girl, I feel ya on the frizz! I used to swim, too, and the chlorine + bleach + blowing dry = tiny little frizzles everywhere!

  4. I want those sun glasses! So cute! We are heading to Florida in a couple of weeks so I should probably pick up some of that humidity spray.. do they only sell it in salons?

  5. So much good stuff on here! That cross body bag is awesome. Good to know about the frizz treatment.

  6. Thanks for the book suggestion!! I'm really loving all the colors that cross body bag comes in....you should totally get it!!

  7. that book sounds really good + i love your dress... i NEED to go to TJ Maxx more often! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Need to try that spray for my hair, the frizz is a battle for me as well!

  9. That dress would be perfect for Easter! I am convinced your TJ's has way better inventory on the east coast!!

  10. love those ks sunnies! i've had acne my whole entire life and I'm almost 30...and the older i got, it seemed i would have fewer pimples but they would be bigger and deeper and would scar terribly...until i got pregnant! my skin cleared up completely and even my expression lines on my forehead look better :-) one more reason to add a babe to the to do list! xo

  11. I need to track down that frizz spray stat! Thanks for the heads up. : )

  12. I swear by that Bare Minerals spot blemish treatment and it apparently has pure sulfur in it....I had no idea it was the new thing but it definitely works!!

  13. LOVE that Vince maxi dress- so cute!! I've been dealing with acne forever! My new spot treatment is Queen Helene's mint julep masque- I can't remember who introduced me to this stuff but I use the mask when I need an all over treatment and then I use it as a spot treatment on the bad zits. I started doing this when I was pregnant b/c you're not supposed to use any of the medical stuff and I still swear by it! I also use bare minerals makeup and Beauty Control face products which both help tremendously.


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