Ways to Make Your Life Easier Part Deux

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I did a post a few months back about pins I found on Pinterest that can make your life go a little smoother. I loved doing that post and actually use some of the pins I posted about so I decided to do another one. Who doesn't love random facts to make your life easier?

This is a great tip since we aren't all built alike. I can't tell you how many times a day I see someone and think they could really use Clinton and Stacy from What Not To Wear.

EVERYONE needs this printed out and sitting next to their computer, especially my mom. When Googling it's all about wording it right and making it short and sweet. 

Love this, it's so helpful when you're working out and not sure about what to eat before and after a workout to get the best results.

This is genius! I already started to roll my clothes when packing, by the way your clothes still get wrinkled :( , but never thought about rolling clothes into each other! Perfect way to pack everything in your carry-on!

This pic didn't turn out too big so you'll have to maximize it but it really is informative about how long produce and dairy can last. I can't tell you how many times Theo and I look at our unopened massive carton of spinach from Costco and wonder if it's still good to eat even though the sell by date was last week. Now we know!

This is just a random good to know fact.

Who would have thought the best way to get permanent marker off a dry erase board is to use the dry erase marker?! 

Screw all our nice beach towels, this is going to be my towel from now on. I HATE getting sandy while laying out at the beach so if you see a loser with a fitted sheet at the beach it'll be me. But hey, at least I'm sand free!

Yah, this is pathetic. I haven't changed my wiper blades since I got my car, oh only 4 years ago! I definitely don't do any of this stuff for my car. I'm a bad car owner.

I needed this last week when my allergies were driving me up the wall!

Lastly, this is one is well needed for all of us!

Check out all these and more on my Pinterest page!
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  1. Awesome tips!!! I'm definitely pinning some of these!

  2. So genius...especially the fitted sheet for the beach. Why didn't I ever think of that?

  3. I’ve never thought of a fitted sheet on the beach before, but it’s brilliant! I also need the shelf life chart... I’m always wondering about that!

  4. I want to try the fitted sheet one! And the workout one is so helpful!


  5. So did that cold remedy work? I woke up with a TERRIBLE sore throat that it hurts SO bad to swallow!

  6. love the first dress chart and that roll-up packing list is great! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. OMG these are all fantastic - I can't even pick a favorite one!! The google tricks is pretty interesting. I probably waste so much food thinking it's already gone bad...

  8. Awesome tips girl, I'm all about EASY. Well, who isn't right? Thanks for sharing!

  9. That fitted sheet one cracked me up! I would totally rock that! I can't stand when sand gets on my towel. Thanks for all these great little life hacks (great minds think alike ;-)

  10. I love this!! I will be using some of these. Thanks!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. The fitted sheet is hysterical and genius!

    I pinned the 50 ways to take a break and I love looking at the cute print. So many great ideas on there. Adorable post!

  12. These are great!! I actually printed the food one - I'm always looking it up so why not just have a copy in my kitchen?? ;) And the Google hacks are fantastic! I only knew about the quotation marks!

  13. Ha! Those Google tips are pretty informative. And the fitted sheet idea is pretty brilliant although it would be pretty funny to see at the beach!

  14. I'll be sure to be that person on the beach with that fitted sheet! HA! Thanks for the tips!

  15. I love that fitted sheet idea! Also, the sore throat remedy would have been great for me too! My allergies are all outta wack. xo

  16. Fitted sheet on the beach is genius!! I need to go pin all of these to remember them. Oh and I always pack a travel steamer with me to steam all my clothes whenever I get to my destination because I'm crazy haha.

  17. Wow. This was a life changing post haha! I needed these tips!


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