June Favorite Things

by Ally Harding, 7:00 AM
It's that time of the month again, no not that time of the month, it's the Favorite Things Link Up for June! Join Emily and myself and write a post about any and everything you're loving for June. Come back here and Link Up with us! 


Orange is the New Black Season 2 starts this Friday and I could not be more excited! I have no doubts that we will finish the season in a night. If you have Netflix and haven't watched Orange yet, then I don't know what you're waiting for. It's hilarious and best of all it's a show Theo and I both loved to watch which isn't always the case. 


The World Cup starts June 12 and although I'm not a big sports fan, soccer is the one sport I'll watch. And when I say "watch" I mean I'll glance at the TV a few times here and there. I lack the athletic gene what can I say. It's also a fun time to get friends together and go hang out at an Irish bar and drink beer all day. That's more my style.


We're starting to go to the beach more often which is awesome. Although we both grew up 30 minutes from the beach, Theo and I have never been big beach people. We're both pasty pale and when we're coming up with things to do the beach is never one of them. We've started taking Pixie with us and she loves it. She loves swimming and just soaking it all in. So here's to hoping we'll have many more beach days! 

So I bought this:
Bathing suit: Victoria's Secret, Fedora: Target

Which means many, many, many, more of this

I'm embarrassed to say but I have owned this workout DVD for way over a year now and just last week was the first time I actually did the workout. So pathetic I know. I'm just not an exerciser but unfortunately my body isn't 18 anymore so something had to change. I have always heard great reviews of the Tracy Anderson Method, and have you seen Gywneth Paltrow?, so I bought the DVD. I've done the workout 3 times now, which is a step in the right direction, but Tracy recommends you do it 4-6 times a week so I've got to amp it up. I joined a gym last year and that ended in a broken contract. I try to eat healthy but I love my sweets and have no self control. I'm fortunate that I'm tall so looking at me you would think I was just a lanky bean pole but trust me, there's room for improvement. So I'm trying to do better not just for vanity but for health reasons too, but mainly for vanity. ;) I'd love to hear any of y'alls recommendations for workout DVDs. I own a bunch of yoga ones but I'm always looking for new ones to try. 


I found this on one of your bi weekly Costco trips. How two people manage to go to Costco every other week is still a mystery. I'm a chicken salad freak and order it at pretty much every restaurant we go to. This brand is pretty good for being healthy. I still love the Cape Cod chicken salad the best but I can't keep it in my house or I'll go through the whole tub in days. These are individually portioned chicken salad cups with almonds and cranberries but they're made with Greek yogurt so they're healthier. They're only 150 calories a cup. I like to take them to lunch as a sandwich but they're also good with crackers. 


Ladies of London starts on Bravo tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. I watched the 30 minute preview a few days ago and I'm hooked already. I know I'm losing brain cells watching these stupid, vain, uber rich women of Bravo fighting over someone taking someone elses seat, but I love them. 


I saw this dress on the gorgeous Emily of Ivory Lane and about died when I saw the price ($43!). Then I died again when I saw it was sold out. I'm not usually into big, bold prints but this dress is too precious. The colors and pattern are perfect for summer. Plus it's a shift dress so enough said. 

All these cute pregnant bloggers are giving me baby fever!

Now it's your turn to share your for Favorites for June!

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  1. YAY! I'm excited to link up with you ladies for the June Favorite Things. My first post is a bit unconventional compared to your ladies' nice lists, but I have linked up my favorite thing - being a mother!!!

    Cute bathing suit! I love new bathing suits!

    Can't wait to link up again!
    alycia @ crazily normal: mitchalycia.blogspot.ca || IG: alyciapalmer || facebook.com/crazilynormal

  2. Such a cute pup! And I am loving that swim suit!


  3. I really really need to watch season one of orange is the new black. I've heard nothing but good things and am always looking for a new great tv series!

  4. Love this list -- thanks for sharing!
    - Catherine, cspringer.blogspot.com

  5. I cant even wait for Ladies of London tonight - it's going to be great - I caught the preview special a few weeks back and I'm obsessed already!! So jealous of all the beach time and that new bathing suit - love it!! Happy Monday :)

  6. I am pumped for OITNB to come back on!! Can’t wait to see what Piper does this year.

  7. Love your bathing suit and that dress! SO cute! I saw that dress on Sosie and I wanted it to but it was sold out in my size :( And I totally agree with all the pregnant fashion bloggers, too cute! Can't wait for Ladies of London tonight!!!!

    <3, Pamela

  8. Ah I love that dress!! So sad it's sold out too! And are you kidding me, you will rock that bathing suit without working out!

  9. Yes to so many of these! I am loving your VS suit! Such perfect colors & I love the design of the bottoms! I'm excited for Ladies of London as well! I'm glad so many fellow bloggers are going to watch as well :)

  10. Ah where do I start here?? 1. I love the bathing suit, great choice! 2. cheers to beach time! 3. That Ivory Lane dress needs to be bought...by ME! haha

  11. Ugh, I'm so depressed that dress is sold out! LOVE it. I just added my name on to the wish list though so hopefully they'll restock! And yes to Ladies of London - can't wait!

  12. So excited for Ladies of London!!! I'm a huge chicken salad fan too- the one from Panera is my favorite!! I will have to try to find that stuff- looks delicious. Love that bikini you picked up!!

  13. I hadn't heard of Ladies of London but I'll be checking it out :) and that Ivory Lane dress is so pretty, bummer it's sold out!

  14. I swear we're the same person lol. Im OBSESSED with Orange is the New Black, love that chicken salad, and I'm dying for Ladies of London to start. (Excited for Game of Crowns too)

    Thanks for being an awesome cohost!!!!!


  15. I cannot wait for World Cup!!! So excited! I just love it! That suit is super cute and so is that dress! I kind of died when I read the sold out part...I was just about to go find one for me too. :( Happy June!

  16. love love your bathing suit! i cant wait to go to the beach :) :)
    h is a HUGE soccer fan so we'll defiantly be watching the world cup...i'll take excuse for me to make some appetizers. and im so excited for the return of OITNB! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  17. I REALLY wanted to like that chicken salad, but it had way too many onions in it for my taste. Love the dog beach on Kiawah, and so does Brady! :)

  18. Was about to make a Costco run but Megan's too many onions comment has me worried :( LOVE that dress, it is AMAZE. And yay for Orange coming back soon!

  19. Love your swimsuit and I may have to join you on the Ladies of London, I get sucked into those shows bad! Can't help it...

  20. Love that swim suit!! I'm so excited for Orange is the New Black too!! Are they releasing the entire 2nd season and once? If so - that's going to be a weekend marathon for sure! And I've got to remember to DVR Ladies of London - can't miss that! ;)

  21. I did not know about the link up. Does it expire? Like, could I do it tomorrow or one day this week? I am really excited for the ladies of london premiere. AND, i get so much wear out of my fedora-- LOVE YOURS!!

  22. Cute suit and I loooove that dress!! That London ladies show looks right up my alley :)

  23. Thanks for the link-up! I'm a huge Orange is the New Black Fan. I finally convinced my sister to start watching it and promised I'd wait for her to finish season 1. She better hurry up. The anticipation is killing me!


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