July Favorite Things

by Ally Harding, 7:00 AM
Hello July! You are certainly bringing the heat with you down here in Charleston, SC! I hope you'll join Emily and I for the Favorite Things Link up for the month of July! 

The #1 reason I love July is it's my birthday month! On July 23rd I will be 28 years old. Yikes that 3-0 is getting a little too close!

We have our family beach trip coming up this month along with a trip to Amelia Island, FL through Theo's work. The trips are back to back so extra long vacation for moi! Maybe I'll bust out the top knot again this summer
Our family trip to Wrightsville Beach last year 

We're looking for things to do in Amelia Island so if anyone has been before let us know. We went a few years ago and had a blast but are always open to suggestions!

I hit up Trader Joe's the other day and decided to try their Wine Country Chicken Salad. I consider myself a chicken salad connoisseur mainly because I order it pretty much wherever I go so I was dying to see if TJ's was pleasing to my palate. It's really really really good. Like so good I could of eaten it all in one sitting. Which really isn't hard to do since it's only this big

I mean really?! That'll only make maybe 3 sandwiches! 

We went to our friends' house this weekend for dinner and to see their precious twins and the host was serving Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. 

She said they first had it when they were living in New Zealand and now she's hooked. This might be replacing my beloved Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc. She said you can get it at Costco for around $8. Sauvignon Blanc is hands down my favorite wine. It's light and not too dry or too sweet, it's the perfect white wine.

I'm all about maxis this year and want a whole closet full. I'm in love with this Splendid Drapey Maxi and it has pockets too!

I'm pretty much obsessed with this whole outfit

This August Salt dress is pretty cute too and only $30! Someone snatch it up!

Now it's your turn. Share your Favorite Things and come back here to link up!

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  1. Oh that trip sounds fun! And I love all the maxis!


  2. You're going to have a blast on vacation for sure! And what perfect timing to celebrate your birthday all month long :)
    I love that splendid maxi too!

  3. Yay for extended vacation! And I'm definitely going to have to run over to our Trader Joe's and try that chicken salad, it sounds yummy!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Loving the maxis! I have never had Sauvignon Blanc. Sounds like I would like it. Riesling is my go to.

  5. Love that cobalt maxi! And that chicken salad sounds delish, I'm totally getting that on my next TJ's trip. Also, how are all of the ladies in your families so gorgeous?! Totally not fair! I'm sure we'll talk before but enjoy your extra long beach trip! Drinks for your birthday for sure :)

  6. Yay for birthday month and I love Amelia Island - such a beautiful little town!! Actually really close to where I grew up!!

  7. Hip hip hooray for your birthday!! I loveee chicken salad and now of course have to try the TJ's one. Picking that up this week.

  8. Thanks for the wine recommendation, I will be trying that for sure :)

  9. ahhh that blue maxi looks amazing! i want! mmm wine haha. yum.

  10. Yes chicken salad! Have to try that one now, that is what I have for lunch today! Although TJ's is probably better! :)

  11. Totally meant to link up with you ladies today and then forgot it was July 1st!! I just emailed you about the pink stitch maxi. That TJ's chicken salad sounds deadly- I LOVE me some chicken salad so I would probably eat that in one sitting.

  12. I totally agree to having a birthday month ;-) yeah for Amelia Island it is seriously so gorgeous! That is how i feel about their tuna salad.....so good but like 2 1/2 sandwiches between Mark and I. That second maxi is beyond gorgeous!

  13. Yay for your birthday and back to back vacations! Adding that TJ's chicken salad to my grocery list, yum!

  14. Happy Birthday month! :) Yay for your trip! Sounds like an awesome vacation! I'm always leary of buying premade chicken salad. I wish we had a TJ's around us! I totally agree about maxi's! I can't get enough of them! :)

  15. I'll have to check out that chicken salad, but they sure don't give you a lot! Loving that purple-gray dress - you need it for vacay I think ;)

  16. We just came back from the BEACH!! Glad you are getting two back-to-back vacays for your BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!

  17. I was just thinking today how Peoria NEEDS a TJ's like super stat. I miss all of their delicious goodies. :(

    Happy birthday month! You look like you are still in high school, so you have nothing to worry about when you hit the 3-0. :)

    Thanks for being an awesome cohost!


  18. Lemme know how you love Ameila Island. I've always wanted to go.

  19. I'm a maxi dress addict as well! They're just so perfect year round.

  20. Birthday months are the best months- and so are beach trips! It sounds like a great month ahead! Also, I realized I linked-up my favorites from June! I hope that's okay!

  21. Sounds like a fabulous month for you! That cake pic is so cute and I love the striped maxi!

  22. Kim Crawford is my all-time favorite white. I'm a big Sauvignon blanc fan too!

  23. Maxi dresses are the best. I'm also a big Sauvignon Blanc fan.

  24. That blue maxi dress is perfection!! And I'll have to try that chicken salad - I'm such a snob when it comes to chk salad, but I'm gonna take your word for it!! ;)


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