03 July, 2014

Red White and Blue Fruit Skewers with Cheesecake Dip

I really have to give Shelby credit for these. She's the awesome person who told me about them when I texted her and said "I need a quick and easy dessert to take to a friend's house! HELP" She had never made them before but saw the idea somewhere. These were such a hit and pretty healthy for dessert. They would be great for a 4th of July cookout so I figured I'd share the recipe with you all!

{Red White and Blue Fruit Skewers with Cheesecake Dip}
24 servings
adapted from skinnytaste


Cheesecake dip:
4oz of 1/3 fat cream cheese softened I used the whole 8oz because the more cream cheese the better
1 cup Greek Yogurt I used Strawberry Chobani because that's what I had but Plain or Vanilla would be great too
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/4 cup raw sugar

14 oz angel food cake cut into 1 inch cubes
72-84 medium strawberries, stems removed Depending on how many strawberries you put on each skewer. I put 2 on each so I used around 40 strawberries.
1 pint blueberries
24 skewers


In a medium bowl combine the cream cheese, yogurt, vanilla and sugar and mix until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside.

Thred 3 strawberries and 2 cubes of cake on each skewer alternating between the strawberries and the cake. Finish each skewer with 3 blueberries. Place finished skewers on a platter and refrigerate until ready to eat.



  1. Yummy!! I love that these are on skewers!!

  2. These look heavenly!!! I love anything with angel food cake!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Yum!! Delicious and easy- I might have to make these for the 4th.

  4. Yay! So glad they worked out. And now I want some as payment, k ;) Have a wonderful 4th!

  5. Ah I love angel food cake! Those look so cute and festive! Happy 4th to you, Theo and Pixie!!

  6. Yum! Such a cute idea! Happy fourth of july girlie!! :)

  7. I actually made these and took them to daycare for their 4th party!! :) Go me!!!!

  8. Love how simple and festive these are!
    Flash giveaway at my site!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. This sounds freaking delicious!! And pretty easy too!


  10. Ooh, yum! I make strawberry shortcake skewers; this is the perfect twist for the 4th!

  11. Love how festive these are, and I loooove angel food cake

  12. How delicous! Definitely book marking this for the future!


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