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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
Justin's Maple Almond Butter

I decided to see what the hype was all about and got a jar of Justin's Almond Butter. It tastes really good and is great for breakfast on Ezekiel bread. I like the maple flavor because it kind of gives it a PB&J vibe which I also love. Almond butter is healthier than peanut butter plus it's a nice change from regular old PB.

Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo 
Batiste was my favorite dry shampoo and whenever I ran out of it I just used baby powder. I found this at Target on sale for $4 and it's easily just as good as Batiste. Fellow blondies, dry shampoo and baby powder are a great root hider. I can get a few extra weeks without getting my hair did by spraying dry shampoo on my roots. 

Madewell Silk Garden Gate Dress 
We have a wedding to go to in August and this dress would be perfect. It's very feminine and looks comfortable too.

Lanston Stripe Pullover

I love simple striped tops that you can wear through any season. In my opinion you can never own too many.

Willow & Clay Embroidered Miniskirt
I've been wanting a tight miniskirt to wear out. I love the print and neutral color on this one. You could pair so many different colors and types of tops with it. 

Cooper & Ella Alana Open Back Tee
This top reminds of the Equipment Riley tops but for so much cheaper. I love the floral design. The shirt is open in the back, hence the name, so it kind of has an added sexiness to it. 

Joie Divitri Blouse
One of my favorite blouses is on sale for 60% off. I have it in the Light Smoke color but also love this Porcelain one as well. Although I'm not too sure why they have it with the matching pants so it looks like she's wearing pajamas...?!

Now that OITNB is over with, Theo and I started watching a new Netflix show called Hemlock Grove. Don't let the poster scare you, it really isn't scary more sci-fi and suspenseful. It kind of reminds me of True Blood with mystical creatures living in a town but it definitely has its own plot. I'm really liking it and I usually don't care for sci-fi. 

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  1. That embroidered mini skirt is so pretty!! I haven't quite gotten into almond butter yet - but I need to switch my breakfasts up - so I'll try that on an english muffin!!

  2. I can't remember the late time I even had regular peanut butter. Justin's is definitely the best, but I normally get the Trader Joe's brand that's cheaper. That skirt would go with so many things!

  3. Living that stripe pullover and I think that dress would look so pretty on you! I need to try that maple butter for my son. He's allergic to peanuts. I've gotten him almond butter before and he doesn't like it - maybe the maple route is the way to go!

  4. yummm that peanut butter looks so good! cute shirt too. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Yes I love that almond butter! The pullover is a must have! Good to know about the dry shampoo! I can't ever find one that I love.

  6. I just started using that dry shampoo and I love it! And totally loving that mini skirt and that pullover! Both are amazing!

    <3, Pamela

  7. dry shampoo for blondes is such a great idea! i know this because i'm brunette & it always makes my roots lighter! i need to grab some of this ezekiel bread!

  8. I just ran out of my Batiste! I'll have to check out Not Your Mothers. Also, any excuse to go to Target is a good one.

  9. I love several of the Justin's products, I'll have to try that one. The chocolate hazelnut is great with bananas! Loving that miniskirt.

  10. OMG, I cannot do SCARY MOVIES. But I do love your NYM dry shampoo!! :)

  11. Want that mini skirt!! So cute. I usually go for Batiste, too so I'll have to check out the NYM shampoo next!

  12. That dry shampoo is one of my favs! Which is what led me to their hairspray too! Happy Wednesday!


  13. Damnit JUST ordered Batsiste, but since it's for dark hair I guess I know it won't leave me with (more) grays. Barney butter is super good too and can be found on Amazon (obvi). See you tomorrow lover!

  14. I need new dry shampoo so I think I will try that! Justin's is like a jar of crack! The vanilla is also ridiculously delicious!

  15. I just bought a little sample of that almond butter this weekend! I still need to try it though, glad you like it! Love that stripe top! See you tomorrow! :)

  16. I am always tempted to try one of those Justin's products when I'm shopping. I love that dry shampoo! I'm using batiste now though, because my mom picked it up for me. That top is pretty! XO

  17. Loving that miniskirt! I cannot wait to have access to more of the clothing in my closet soon!


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