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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
Last year I did a review of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection so I decided to do the same for Altuzarra's collection for Target. When I first got to Target around 10 am it didn't look like anything had even been touched. Unlike other brands in the past like Missoni and 3.1 Phillip Lim, I don't think this line was hyped up as much or in demand. I mean when Missoni for Target was released it crashed Target's site for a few hours. I've never really been a fan of the designer/Target collaborations because they're always cheap quality and usually pretty tacky. I did have higher hopes for Altuzarra's line after seeing the lookbook. My Target didn't have everything available, there's a lot more on Target's website, but I did attempt to try on everything they had stocked. I grabbed my normal size 4 and size medium in tops.

First of all this didn't fit, I needed to go up a size. It's clasped in the back but I couldn't zip it up by myself. Most everything is made from polyester so it feels cheap. This dress wasn't flattering at all. I thought it made my hips look wide. Maybe if you're a size 0 and a model it might work but I thought it made me look bigger than I am and because of the polyester it just felt itchy.

This could of been cute. It had potential but failed. I wasn't sure how the tie was supposed to go till after I left and looked at the model on the website so that's why it looks goofy. The slit doesn't look too high in the picture but it's open and I'd be majorly worried about my lady parts showing when I sit down. I probably should of gone up a size and if I was to buy it I definitely would.  Once again this was made from polyester so it felt cheap. If I had the correct size and made sure the slit wasn't exposing anything, this would be pretty for like a winter wedding.

Yikes, this was worse than the python print dress. It was so tight around the armpit area that I couldn't reach behind to even try to zip it or clasp it. Once again, size 0 it's made for you, anything bigger it just looks frumpy.

Finally something I liked! This might be python over kill but I felt like pairing them together. The blouse was a bit boxy but looked good tucked into a skirt. I should of gone up a size in the skirt which is obvious by it pulling in the middle. The skirt was a bit stiff and felt like if I sat down too quickly it might tear, so going up a size is definitely a good idea. 

I liked the top by itself too. I probably could of worn a small but I kind of like my blouses on the bigger side.

 I tried this on in a medium but could of worn a small. I liked this sweater because you can wear it casual with skinny jeans or dress it up with black or dark jeans. The model even has it on with a black skirt. This is made from Rayon so it didn't feel as cheap as the others.

I really liked this dress. I thought it was flattering and kept my stomach sucked in. I think I would have been more comfortable in a bigger size but then I worry about it being too low cut. Either way I thought this was classy and perfect for a wedding or even if you dress up for work. Maybe add a cami or get it altered so the ta ta's don't pop out too much.

Another fail. I think I even had a small on and it was way too big. Not flattering at all. 

The only boots they had available were these ankle boots. I didn't try them on so I can't say how they fit, but they looked ok in person. They aren't real leather so I'm not sure how well they'll hold up.

I was really hoping my store would have the Striped Sleeveless Dress but they didn't. It reminded me of a Madewell dress that I loved but for only $40. 

I was also hoping for the Trench Coat to be in stock but it wasn't. I never saw it, but I can imagine that the leather probably felt and looked cheap.

Overall, I thought the line was just ok. The sizes were off but that didn't surprise me as all the other designer/Target collaborations have been the same. I think that would make it hard to order the clothing online without trying it on. I mean obviously don't go into it thinking the clothing is going to be awesome quality but for it ranging $40-$90 I would expect more than polyester.
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  1. The python blouse is cute and I wish they had that white and blue dress! I'm always disappointed with their collaborations!

  2. The python blouse was def the best - that's too disappointing about the rest of it!

  3. I love that python blouse on you! I saw some of these in our store and wasn't crazy about the fabric either. That white and blue dress looks like it would have potential!

  4. I sadly was not impressed with the Altuzarra line! Definitely not my favorite. Hopefully I'll like the next one better!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Such a great review - I really didn't even know about the collaboration until a few weeks ago!! I do like the python blouse - very cute!! Do you think you'll get that madewell dupe dress?

  6. I'm always so behind on hearing about these collections, but I really love the crane sweater-- it's definitely different and very versatile like you said! The ruby dress is gorgeous-- it's always so frustrating when something like that doesn't fit quite right, when you know there could have been potential!

  7. I ordered a bunch of stuff online, so still waiting for it to get here! I actually snagged both trenches, the crane sweater and dress, the python stuff you tried on, and some other things. I don't have super high hopes, but crossing my fingers I'll like something!

  8. The crane dress looks so good on you. I wish they'd made it without the cranes though!

  9. Target's designer collaborations never fit me right either.. the black crane dress does look great on you though!

  10. Great review! Like you said, that red dress had major potential and I love the crane sweater and python blouse.

  11. thats too bad about this line! the python looks great. thanks for the honest review!!

  12. I like the python blouse and the black crane dress. That trench is amazing, but I also wonder about the quality in person. XO

  13. The python blouse looks great on you. I don't know why, but I'm never impressed with these designer lines when Target has them, they usually look a bit cheap to me


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