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I had a great weekend! They just go by too fast! Friday after work we headed to Freehouse Brewery. I'm really liking that place. All their beers are good and I love how relaxed and chill it is. 

On Saturday I headed to Columbia to tailgate for the USC/UGA game. Theo has season tickets but I was just going to tailgate and then head home afterwards. Drinking for hours and then having to stop and be in the heat for 4 hours just doesn't sound like fun to me. Tailgating is my favorite part so I was just fine with heading home right before the game started.

Oh and it down poured while were out there which is my hair looks like crap.

I came home and went to Butcher and Bee's newest spot called The Daily. Butcher and Bee is one of, if not my favorite, lunch spot so I'm so happy that The Daily has opened. They have grab and go sandwiches, sides like B&B's delicious kale slaw, and homemade juices. They also serve coffee and have beer on tap for you to fill in a growler. It was so awesome to just pop in and grab a sandwich, kale slaw, and a juice without having to wait. 

My goal for the weekend was to put out our fall decor which I did. I also realized I need to amp it up and get more stuff!

I picked up these gorgeous Gladiolus from Whole Foods for only $3.99! Makes it feel more worthwhile since they only last about a week.

I bought a box of Pumpkin Spice tea to fill the void of Starbucks' PSL. It's surprisingly very good. It smells like a PSL and has more taste than normal tea. I think it'll work for my Pumpkin Spice Latte cravings since Foodbabe had to break my heart and tell the world that PSL's are basically crap.

We ended Sunday at the movies. We went to see As Above, So Below. It was pretty spooky and kept me on the edge of my seat. They travel through the Catacombs of Paris looking for a stone and the things they encounter are something not human. It got me in the mood for Halloween and I can't to watch more scary movies!
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  1. The brewery sounds fun! I got out my fall decor too. I realized that I tend to just skip right over Halloween and go starlight to thanksgiving. Oh well :)


  2. Ohh tailgating looks like so much fun! We tailgated on Saturday too! That movie looks SO creepy! I want to see it but I'm thinking I'll need to wait and rent it since I feel like I'm going to be a big baby while watching it LOL! Happy Monday!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Butcher & Bee looks so yummy! Love your fall pieces & cute outfits too!

  4. I need to step my game up on fall decor too, I have like nothing...decorations are low my priority list when it comes to spending money. Love the fresh flowers, don't they just brighten your day?!

  5. I have to go checkout The Daily soon! Don't feel bad, I have like zero fall decor... need to get on that!

  6. You looked so great at the tailgate!! The previews for that movie came out right when we got back from Paris and had I seen it before we would not have toured it - but thankfully we saw what the catacombs were about and it wasn't that scary, but I'm sure the movie would have freaked me out!

  7. Ugghhh I mean we knew they were bad to begin with but that really did kinda ruin it for the PSL's right? I love you with your hair back in a ponytail!

    I cannot watch scary movies. I am already irrationally insane about thinking people are lurking behind my shower curtain.....I know.....I have issues ;-)

  8. You girls look so cute at the game!! I thought I had more Fall decor too, it must be hiding in some random boxes because I couldn't find it this weekend! Thanks for the invite to the movie, you know, right after I told y'all I can't do scary movies? haha! Glad you guys liked it though!

  9. what a fun weekend! i have zero fall decor so i really need to amp it up, lol! and oh that movie sounds terrifying!

  10. tailgating is hands down the most fun part! unless i'm at a UNC game - then i have to go in. but the one thing about NFL games - is beer is sold there so the party continues. that sandwhich looks yummy!

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  12. I bet tailgating was a lot of fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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