Weekly Obsessions: Ripped Skinny Jeans

by Ally- Life as I know it, 12:12 PM
I'm not too big of a trend follower but ripped skinny jeans are the one trend I love. Although my grandma would laugh her face off if I walked in the house with holey jeans. It does seem kind of silly to pay a good bit of money for jeans with holes but if done right, I  think it can look tasteful. Just as long as it doesn't look like I got in a knife fight in the back alley.
Yes people pay high dollar for these.

These are perfect if you don't want too ripped of a jean. They're classy but edgy at the same time.

You can go a bit more daring and have an actual hole in your jeans like this pair. 

If you think you can handle 3 holes in you jeans (GASP!), then these are for you. Still classy, not trashy.

If you really want people wondering what Goodwill you've been shopping at lately, check out these. $200 for holey jeans seems ridiculous but I still love em. 

There are the Mac Daddy of destroyed jeans. If you have a good hour to waste just putting your jeans on in the morning, go for it. No thanks. 

You can also make your own ripped/destressed skinny jeans. Here's a great tutorial from Say Yes

What do you think of the destroyed jean trend?
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  1. I used to hate ripped jeans but now I love them! The last black pair are amazing!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I love ripped jeans!! I used to have a pair in college I think from Abercrombie that were boot cut but I'm hoping to jump on the skinny ripped jean bandwagon once I lose the baby weight

  3. I like it to be just a bit ripped - nothing crazy! My newest pair of skinnies has a little rip in them and I'm terrified it's just going to keep getting bigger LOL!

  4. I was on the fence about this trend coming back but now I'm loving it, but in moderation! Especially love those Madewell jeans! Ripped jeans always remind me of my grandpa asking if I bought jeans with holes in them and then him telling me he had a few pairs in his closet with holes that I could have. ha!

  5. I think a little bit of rip in the jeans is cute...now my husband on the other hand, he thinks its so funny to make a clever comment about them every time I wear them! haha.

  6. I think a little bit of a ripped jean is edgy! But not when people go crazy. I saw this lady walking downtown yesterday where I work with the rips in the back. Lets just say you almost saw her cheeks.

  7. I wear ripped jeans a lot - love your picks!

  8. Yep, I LOVE them too. My fave pair are from Nordstrom. We can wear jeans to work but they can't have holes in them, so I tend to live in ripped jeans on the weekend haha

  9. I'm liking the anti-mac daddy version in the form of those AG jeans for sure. If I did want the mac daddy pair however, I'd attempt them before spending over $20 for something that's going to be a bitch to wash ha.

  10. I have a pair of A&F jeans from college that have the best holes in them.....that happened naturally and I am so obsessed with them. Plus there is no stretch in them so they are my gauge of how I'm doing with my intake ;-)


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