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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
I'm kind of a creature of habit and stick to things I know and love. Whether it be authors for books, using the same makeup for years, or making the same foods over and over, when I find something I like I'm loyal to it. I also tend to buy the same brands. Joie is one of them and I seriously love every single thing I see. Joie can be pretty pricey for sure which is why I never pay full price. You can find a lot of their clothes at TJ Maxx or discount stores like Saks off 5th or Last Call by Neiman Marcus. If I had an endless amount of money to spend on Joie this is what I'd buy:

This reminds of me the J Crew swing sweater which is one of my favorites. I know over sized sweaters aren't always flattering, especially if you have boobs like moi, they can make you look preggers. But man are they comfy and look amazing with skinny jeans and booties. I love this bright red, perfect for the Holidays!

What I would kill to have this jacket. Ok that was kind of harsh since it is real rabbit fur, I love vegan fur too! This jacket would go with everything and for every occasion which is a big deal breaker when I buy something. Yes it is super expensive but it would last for years and would never go out of style. I've got to stop looking at it, I want it too bad!

I love simple every day sweaters to throw on with skinny jeans and be out the door. I'm also one of the very few who love turtle necks, I just think they're so flattering! I usually like to buy sweaters that cover the bootay but I really like how this one looks with skinnies.

I wanted this sweater last year and now I'm kicking myself for not buying it over the summer when it was on super sale! It's on sale now but $200 is still pretty steep in my opinion. I'll wait to see if I can find it cheaper.

Joie blouses are truly the best. They're always silk so they're great quality but they're so flattering and timeless. I like to stock up on blouses like these when they're on sale. They go with everything and look great dressed up or down.

I own a Joie handbag and it's real leather and very versatile. I love this slate color, it's perfect for the winter. I think this bag is so classy.

I kind of like these skinny cargo pants for a change from my normal skinny jeans. These would go with so much. I love them paired with booties.

The sneaker trend is kind of growing on me which is funny because it's not me at all. I like them as a nice change from flats but they're also edgy. I've been wanting a pair of leopard flats but maybe I'd consider sneakers instead. Theo just walked by and said these were hideous. Oh men.

Do you have a brand you always stick to? 
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  1. You are making me fall in love with Joie too! All of these items are amazing. LOVE those sneakers! And that red sweater would look perfect with them :)

    <3, Pamela

  2. i love that turtleneck! cute picks xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Joie and Vince are two of my very favorite lines. They always fit perfectly and are well made. Those shoes are fabulous!

  4. I've actually never bought anything from this line but I love their selection!! Seriously the purse and shoes are my favorite!!

  5. I only have that steal of a Joie sheath dress but I absolutely love the jacket - it's unique and worth the price IMO :)

  6. I am 100% with you! Rebecca Minkoff and Joie are my two favorite designers that I always have to buy on sale!


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