Ahh I can't believe Christmas is so soon!! Time slow down! I've still got a bit of Christmas shopping to finish this weekend and then I'm hosting a girls' Christmas party/cookie exchange/Chinese Gift Exchange Saturday night. I may be a tad crazy for hosting two parties back to back, but I love it! 

Here's what I'm loving this week:

~I bet you'll never guess who sent me this article to read 5 Ways You Are Unknowingly Destroying Your Husband And Killing Your Marriage. Of course I was like "ugh what did he send me now?!" but then I read the article and it was just what I needed. I highly recommend reading it if you're married, getting married soon, or even just in a long term relationship. I know personally I can get caught up in wanting more material things and unfortunately can put my husband's needs after mine, but these little things I don't even realize I'm doing are hurting our marriage. My biggest issue is always wanting more and not being happy with all that I have. As much as I know that buying a new blouse or a pair of jeans won't bring me long term happiness, for that moment I still think it will. It's a hard lesson to learn that I hope I'll get better with as time goes on. 

~I'm seriously considering dying my hair red. Not fire engine red, but natural looking red hair. Ok, not really, I'm a blondie for life but I really am envious of girls with natural red hair! First of all it's GORGEOUS, second it's natural so no dying needed, and third it always looks so thick and healthy because, back to number 2, no dying needed. My co worker has natural red hair and I'm obsessed with it. 
I want Jessica Chastain's gorgeous red locks

Bryce Dallas Howard's a natural red head

And so is my girl from Mad Men Joan (Christina Hendricks)

Don't you just want red hair now too?! I've always heard blondes can go red and reds can go blonde so it could happen!

~There are so many good movies coming out soon that I want to see.
Into The Woods
It's a ton of fairy tales rolled into one. Plus Meryl Streep is in it and I love her.

 Big Eyes
I thought the trailer for this looked really good, till I saw that Tim Burton directed it. He makes some weird movies that aren't always very good but I do like Amy Adams and a lot and Christoph Waltz is an awesome actor. So it at least has that going for it. 

A Most Violent Year
You say Jessica Chastain and I say "Let's go!" but really though this movie looks awesome. It's about an immigrant and his family set in 1981, trying to capitalize on the American Dream.

~So I've finally come to the conclusion that I'll never be a religious workout feign. Unlike my mother, I can't STAND working out. Yes I love the way I feel afterwards but while I'm doing it I just stare at the clock and think about all the other things I could be doing that moment, you know like blogging, shopping,  or eating. I realize I'm very fortunate that I'm tall and slim and weight doesn't hang on me like someone who is shorter, but it doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want and never pick up a weight. I eat pretty healthy at home and keep the junk food out of the house but exercise is good for you beyond vanity reasons. I know whenever I do get in the swing of exercising for a few weeks, which is rare, my anxiety is better and I just overall feel better. Since I've realized I'll probably never use that Groupon I bought two months ago for Barre Evolution unless someone physically picks me up and drives me there, I prefer to workout to short YouTube videos. 15-20 minutes every now and then is good enough for me. My work schedule changes weekly so I try to do a video at least once a week. But if I don't get to it, I don't stress. Now when summer comes and I have to wear a bathing suit, I might start stressing. Some of my favorite workout videos on YouTube:

Ballet Beautiful

This is what a lot of the Victoria's Secret angels use to workout. Don't think that because it's only 15 minutes it's easy, it's pretty hard and I totally see why ballet dancers have such amazing bodies. Mary Helen Bowers used to be a professional ballerina and started Ballet Beautiful to stay in shape once she quit dancing. I thought about buying some of her DVD's but then I remembered how I have the attention span of a fish and these 15 minute do-it-when-you-can videos are enough for me. 

Fitness Blender Barre Workout

I'm embarrassed to say but this is the only barre workout I've ever done so I have no idea if it's legit or not but either way, it's hard. So it's not really 20 minutes, it's 39, but it's really just the same 20 minute workout done twice. So if you only feel like doing one round of the workout, then it's just 20 minutes. Trust me after 20 minutes I'm usually dying. My legs KILL the next day after doing this.

Tracy Anderson

I have Tracy Anderson's Mat Workout DVD and it's a great workout but it's an hour and I'm bored after 10 minutes. I found this video on YouTube and Tracy made it for Gwyneth to use to get in shape for Iron Man. It concentrates on the legs and butt mostly but I've found that even if you're just working out your lower half, as long as you keep your abs tight, it'll work them too. Tracy is different than most instructors because she just kind of makes stuff up as she goes along. There's very little instruction so you have to keep your eye on the TV the whole time. If this will get me to look like Gwyneth, then I'm all for it.

I use Google Chromecast to watch all these videos on TV. If you don't have a Chromecast yet, it would be a great gift for the man in your life! We use ours all the time to watch Netflix, YouTube, and to listen to music. 

What are some of your favorite workout videos?
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  1. I read that article. It is a good one. There are a couple things that I don't even seem to notice that I do on there...Oh and I think you would look fab with red hair! I always want to try a auburn shade for myself, but I really can not afford the upkeep of dying my whole head of hair! I just got the barre mile high workout with the ball. I actually like it, but it won't be happening once a day or anything! lol xo

  2. I would love to see what you look like with red hair - I think it would be a really amazing change!!! Thanks for sharing that article and those workouts...now I feel guilty for not getting one in this morning...well there's always tonight lol! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. oh i need to read that article! i love red hair! my mom goes back and forth between brown and red hair but she looks best as a redhead. i think you have the right complexion to pull it off! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I love red hair!! Of course I am biased ;) It's my favorite thing about myself and I think it would look great on you! I say go for it! xx

  5. omg I thought the same thing about reds bc I love Reba so much! You could totally do it! (how fun?!) These workouts may have inspired me to youtube some preggo friendly ones- I have got to get active! Hope yall have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Gah, working out is the PITS for sure haha. I'm glad you found some quick(er) ways to try and stay toned. I'll definitely need to check them out! See you soon, lover!

  7. I am so excited that you shared all of these videos! I havent had time to go to barre so i canceled my membership but now I'm gonig to start doing these!

  8. My sister sent me that article to read and it's such a good reminder! I love working out but I'm a runner or swimmer, I can't do classes or videos (except for 1 jillian michaels one) to save my life. I'm not coordinated enough and look like a fool.


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