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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
If you're anything like me you're running around a few days before Christmas trying to buy last minute gifts. I've already bought Theo's and my mom's gifts on Black Friday but I still have a few more gifts left I need to buy. These are some of my staples I tend to buy for family and friends that you can never go wrong with. Another plus is you can usually find all of these at TJ Maxx/Marshalls and Target since there's no time left to order anything.

Scarves are my signature gift to give for the women in my life. I know I can never have enough scarves and they're one of those things I think people rarely buy for themselves. So why not give it as a gift?

These gloves are awesome because you can keep your hands warm and still use your phone. I find people are so thankful when they get gloves as a gift because gloves are like socks, you always manage to lose one. 

Candles are always great gifts to give. I get so many candles as gifts I never have to buy my own! These Rewined candles are the perfect gift for a Charlestonian because you find them everywhere here and they smell delicious.

You can never go wrong with giving someone pj's for Christmas. In fact I always give my grandma a pair. VS's are great because they usually come prepackaged so you can run in the store, everyone has a Victoria's Secret near them, and buy a pair of pj's without having to think about matching the top to the bottom, it's already done for you. 

Theo can pretty much always guarantee he'll be getting some boxers from me every Christmas. I love J. Crew's boxers because you can usually find them on sale and they hold up well in the wash. They have really cute designs too.

If you know someone has a certain brand of liquor they like or maybe they love Pinot Noir, buying them a bottle of their favorite drink is always a good idea. You can buy a cute bag to put it in too. I always find some at TJ Maxx for $3.

I know people feel lame about giving giftcards because there's barely any thought involved. I would rather give someone a giftcard and have them pick out what they want than buy something they hate and have to act like they like it. Especially if you know the person you're buying for loves a specific store. 

So those are the main gifts I tend to give that I know anyone would like. I'd love to hear if you have any signature gifts you give, I've still got some shopping to do!

xo, Ally

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  1. great picks! i love those pjs, candle, and scarf! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. So many great picks! I need one of those candles so bad! That scarf is adorable too, it just might be a little too warm for FL but it's so cute!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Rewined candles are my favorite and make the best gifts! Would love that scarf too!

  4. I love Rewined candles for gifts too! Plus they are local so I feel like its a really great gift for out-of-towners!

  5. I'm seriously hoping someone was reading my blog to see all the mentioned of rewined candles LOL!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. PJs are always a fav gift of mine! We always give a paur on Christmas eve so we can wear them the next morning while opening the rest of our presents.

  7. wine!!! that's my go to :) countdown to christmas!!

  8. Give me the wine and the PJs and I'd be a happy girl! Can't believe Christmas week is here already!

  9. Enjoying the wine you picked up for the gift exchange as I type hah. I love the idea of scarves and alcohol and gift cards are just great options for anyone. PS have you heard of It's totally legit and I've used it several times to sell them (or you can buy) unused gift cards!

  10. Oh yeah, I am all about giving alcohol for Christmas!! We brought up so much local Charleston beer and liquor and, so far, our families are loving it!! That Target scarf also looks pretty!


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