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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
I just love this time of year so much. Are you sick of me saying that yet or what?! It's such a happy time and I love all the events that go on.

Poor Theo was sick this past week so I whipped up a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup using 100 Days of Real Food's Recipe. It was so easy especially since I used a rotisserie chicken. I served it with a loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread from Whole Foods that was out of this world good. I love easy weeknight meals.

I received this most gorgeous ornaments that I won from Lindsay's blog in the mail. She's seriously talented and hand paints them herself.

Friday night I hosted a family Christmas party at my house. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of my spread.

Then the camera came out
My aunt, my mom, and I

Theo's mom and aunt and Ms. Pixie

All the girls. There's Shelby in white!

The jeans I'm wearing are rag & bone skinny jeans in pinner wash. I love this wash, it's not too dark but not too light either. It's the perfect shade in my opinion. They're currently on sale now for $67!!

My blouse is the J Crew Tassel-Trim Top. On sale now too!

We finally saw The Theory of Everything in theaters. It was so good and such a tear jerker. I don't cry during movies often but it was so sad seeing Stephen Hawking develop ALS at such a young age. It really is a horrible disease because although you lose the ability to use your arms, legs and speech, your mind is still 100% intact. Stephen Hawking has written books since his diagnosis even though he's no longer able to talk. The movie was mainly about he and his wife's life together and very little about quantum theories and all that geeky stuff. Pretty sure the movie and the actors' will be nominated for an Oscar. 

If you aren't watching The Affair on Showtime, then get on that! Seriously you guys, it's really, really good. I'm just sad there's only one episode left! These last few episodes have been crazy!!

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  1. That chicken noodle soup looks delicious! And I'm definitely going to have to hunt down that jalapeno bread... um yum! Your family party looks like it turned out amazing! You definitely did awesome with all the food! I want to steal that cheese board! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Your Christmas party spread is so impressive- it looks delicious!! And so does that soup, I will have to look up that recipe!

  3. omg all that food looks sooo good! makes me excited for this weekend :) i really want to see that movie but i know i'll def ugly cry in the theater... xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. You spread for the party was amazing - great job girl!! I seriously want to see the theory of everything, I am a crier so I know this movie will make me lose it lol!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Love those ornaments! And now I'm craving a cheese board!

  6. Your cheese board!!! I love that slate!! And those jeans look beyond amazing on you!

  7. That food just make me so hungry. Everything looks great! I just got the green tassel top in the mail today! :)

  8. What a fun party!! That cheese tray looks delicious! I love that shirt you're wearing (and that it's on sale right now), too!

  9. I am right there with you, I LOVE this time so much too :) All of that food looks delicious!

  10. Eek cannot WAIT to watch the last Affair episode form Sunday! Your party was perfect (per usual) and all of the food was so, so good!

  11. Please tell me how I can look like that in those jeans?!?! And still be able to eat that bread? haha! You are such a great hostess! You and your mom are too cute with your matching pose!

  12. I was just about to say I am obsessed with your jeans and they are like what majorly discounted???? Saks has the best sales! Super jealous of your amazing spread and that you get to drink wine with Shelby!

  13. Your jeans are super cute - such skinny legs, they look so good on you! I am dying to see that movie, glad to hear you liked it!


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