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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
When I was thinking about what I want for Christmas only a few things came to mind. I used to be the girl with a list a mile long but now that I'm an adult with a job, if I want something I just buy it myself. So I like to let my Christmas gifts to be things I need but won't usually buy because I'd rather buy a new pair of jeans or a blouse, priorities people. 

We got Theo's mom's non stick cookware set when we bought our house so I never registered for a new set when we got married. Now that a few years have passed and those pans just keep getting more and more scratches on them, it's time for a new set. I keep reading about how bad Teflon is for you so I want to use only stainless steel from now on. 

Nordstrom Cozy Terry Robe

This is at the top of my need list. The robe I use is just plain disgusting and barely absorbs any water. I just want a nice terry cloth robe. It doesn't need to be soft and plushy, just needs to get me dry fast after showering.

Zella Barely Flare Booty Pants

I usually just buy my yoga pants from TJ Maxx but they tend to be pretty cheaply made and end up being baggy after only a short time of wearing them. I don't do yoga religiously, but hey I might start if I had these pants!, but I do like to wear yoga pants around the house, taking Pixie on a walk, or just running to the store. Theo, I'll take these in a size 4 please!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Leather Saddle Hobo Bag

I've been carrying my Cuyana tote for a year now and I still love it as much as the day I got it, but I'm kind of ready for something new. I used to own the MBMJ Classic Q Hillier tote but ending up selling it because the long strap wasn't long enough to wear crossbody. I love that this bag has a long enough strap and it's black and brown so it goes with everything and any occasion. I've never owned a single black bag in my life, can you believe that?, so I'd love this to be my first!

This spiralizer has been in my Amazon shopping cart for months now. But it's just one of those things I keep saying I want but never take the time to buy it. Fingers crossed it'll be under the tree this year!

Ok, so what's a Christmas list without one thing you really just want? You know how much I love Joie, it's little sister Soft Joie is cheaper and just as well made in my opinion. I would love to wear this top with my faux leather leggings that I got for Christmas last year. See Theo, if you buy me this I'll have a complete outfit! It's currently on sale at Bloomingdales
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  1. great list! i really want a knife block.. we never got one for our wedding and it's one of those things i dont want to buy for myself. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. OMG that Marc bag is amazing! And love that top too, so pretty!

    <3, Pamela

  3. That Marc Jacobs bag is totally you - and i need a spiralizer in my life stat!!

  4. That hobo bag + spirializer?! Sign me up please!!

  5. I love that Marc bag. I have a Coach purse that is extremely similar (all tan) but would love a black crossbody. I love my stainless steel pan set I have. Such a gret investment.

  6. Ummmmm I love that Joie shirt I think that may be added to my cart. My mother made me register for the stainless steel set. I am quite frightened about the burning factor but I guess you just need a really good set to help combat that?

  7. I want that bag!! So gorgeous! And the spiralizer is a good one - something I'd never spend my own money on but would love to have, ha!

  8. Love the bag! Still have not used my spiralizer so glad I didn't spend a fortune. The one on your list looks awesome!

  9. I love Zella pants and actually prefer them over Lululemon. They’re so comfortable! The Marc Jacobs bag is gorgeous!

  10. Don't things just taste better in spiral form?! :) We have a Calphalon cooking set and I just LOVE them!!

  11. I love that brand of pots and pans! And that bag is perfect!!


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