Bumpdates Weeks 4-12

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
I decided to post my bumpdates and will probably continue on doing every even week bumpdates. Those tend to be the weeks I go to the dr anyways and hopefully will always have good news. I didn't take any pictures because sadly there's no bump yet. :( If it was up to me I'd be showing the day I found out but I probably wont show till closer to 20 weeks so I won't take any pictures till then.

How Far Along?: 4 weeks

Size Of Baby: Teeny tiny poppy seed

Gender: No clue. Not really feeling one way or the other either. Just want to make it to the end with a healthy baby!

Movement: Nada!

Sleep: Definitely wake up a few more times in the night to use the restroom. Trying to start sleeping on my side more.

Workouts: Started Tracy Anderson The Pregnancy Project this week and love it. It's short, only 35 minutes, but it gets your heart rate up. Plus she's pregnant too so you know it's safe. Worked out to that twice this week and took Pixie on walks as well.

Maternity Clothes: Have been so tempted to buy a few cute dresses for the summer but holding off. Also almost bought some J. Crew maternity shorts that were on super sale but knew Theo would think I've lost it!

Symptoms: Fatigue- just want to nap more during the day, sore boobs and extremely sensitive nipples- so sensitive even the water in the shower kills! Cramps off and on, hungry all the time and if I don't eat when I'm hungry I'll feel kind of queasy. Drinking a lot more water so peeing all.the.time.

Cravings/Aversions: None 

Missing Most: I kind of started a pregnancy diet before I got pregnant, so I wasn't really drinking much to begin with. It's definitely tricky ordering out, I use the website CanMommyEat.com often. 

Nursery: I've had a private Pinterest board for years so I've got tons of ideas!

Hubby: Excited but apprehensive till we have our first appointment. His life hasn't changed at all which I have to keep reminding myself when he isn't talking about it as much as I'd like!

Best Part of the Week: I take pregnancy tests often, because I'm a freak and it's so awesome to see the lines get darker! I'm trying to stay optimistic through it all and I have a good feeling but I also know things happen beyond my control.

Can't Wait For: Our first appointment on March 2!! I'm going to be a nervous wreck before we go in and until we hear the baby's heartbeat. Due date according to websites is October 16. Also can't wait till we can start telling our family!

How Far Along: 6 Weeks

Size of Baby: A lentil

Gender: Kind of leaning toward girl but let's be honest, I have no clue! 

Movement: Too early

Sleep: Once I'm out, I'm out! I go to bed really early though, like 8:30 some nights, poor Theo. 

Workouts: Such a slacker this week, none! The fatigue has set in so napping is more important than working out.

Maternity Clothes: Still in regular clothes

Symptoms: Fatigue- I need to nap often, nausea if my stomach is empty, and holy food aversions! I never thought I'd ever hate healthy foods so such, I've never been a picky eater in my life. The thought of anything other than straight up junk just grosses me out! It's so weird! I'm having the hardest time finding something to eat because everything disgusts me. I had mac and cheese and bread pudding for lunch one day, that's how bad it is! 

Cravings/Aversions: Oh where to begin, crave: nothing, aversions: everything. But specifically chicken and cooked vegetables. Eww!!

Missing Most: I don't miss drinking at all but on Sunday we had Theo's mom and aunt over for the Oscars. Theo bought me a bottle of Ariel wine, it's alcohol free, so I could at least attempt to look normal. It was so gross I maybe had 2 sips. He said his aunt made a comment later about how I didn't drink my wine, because normally I would have finished the whole bottle. 

Nursery: nothing yet!

Hubby: Same. Just waiting for out first appointment so we can hopefully tell our family some good news!

Best Part of the Week: I'm glad my cramps are gone, I had pretty bad period type cramps during week 5 and they really scared me. Every time I went to the bathroom I expected to see blood but never did. Whew! As much as nausea and food aversions suck, I welcome them with open arms. 

Can't Wait For: Our appointment Monday March 2nd!!! I'm so nervous! I see D&C's daily so I can't get away from miscarriages and I know having a good appointment will ease my mind. 

How Far Along: 8 weeks

Size Of Baby: Raspberry

Gender: Still learning towards girl but have no clue! I heard this week about blood test they can do as early as 10 weeks and it can tell you the sex. I also kind of want to wait and do a 15 week 2D US so we can have a gender reveal party. I'll ask the dr at my next appt and see what she thinks.

Movement: None yet

Sleep: Out like a light! Wake up once maybe twice to go to the bathroom.

Workouts: NONE! But I run around like a crazy person at work and walk the dog a few times a week so I am staying active. On my days off I'm too tired to workout! I do want to start doing Tracy Anderson again though.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet 

Symptoms: Fatigue still, pure exhausted at work once I sit down and when I get home all I want to do is go to bed. Food aversions and only able to eat carbs which I hate because I was eating so well before! I do like to eat fruit and drink OJ too. Boobs are fuller and sore off and on. Sensitive nipples. Bloated most of the time and gas pains here and there. Not really nauseous anymore but I think keeping food in my stomach helps too. Crampy/heaviness every now and then.

Cravings/Aversions: Love: Veggie Pub Subs, OJ, fruit / Aversions: everything else! Or it feels like it!

Missing Most: Being able to want to eat healthier foods. I hate that I'm living off of bread and cheese. But it's all I really want right now. I had plans of eating all healthy and organic like I was before pregnancy but it isn't happening. I'm hoping after the first trimester passes we'll be able to make Paleo dinners again because it also means Theo isn't eating healthy either!

Nursery: Nothing!

Hubby: It was so awesome seeing the baby on ultrasound last week. I think it made it more real for him. We told our parents last week so it's great being able to talk about it with someone else. 

Best Part Of The Week: Just getting to week 8!

Can't Wait For: April 2!! Our 12 week appointment! As awesome and amazing as it was seeing the baby on the screen last week, I feel like I worry more now so having that end of the first trimester appointment will be so reassuring. Plus we can tell more people!

How Far Along: 10 weeks

Size of Baby: Prune

Gender: No idea. My mom told me she thinks it's a boy but Theo has no guess and I'll be surprised either way!

Movement: Not yet

Sleep: Waking up a few times go to the bathroom so it can be hard to fall back asleep sometimes. Usually only takes a few minutes though. Besides that sleeping very well.

Workouts: Still none, unless you count being on my feet all at work. Still too fatigued to workout. Hoping it'll get better soon because I'm sure all the crap I've been eating will catch up with me eventually!

Maternity Clothes: None. Almost bought some cute dresses from Target this week but held off. 

Symptoms: Major fatigue. I'm having to go to sleep pretty early still. Bloated and gas. Towards the end of the day I've started having a bump but I think it's really just bloat. It's definitely something I never had before though. Acne like a preteen. I've always been acne prone but up until week 9 or so acne hasn't been that bad. Right now it's all over my chin and cheeks and looks horrible I hate it. I usually break out from dairy, which I have been eating a ton, but that's usually acne on my chin and right now I have it all over which makes me think it's from hormones. Hope it goes away soon. Also when I'm at work I'll have a left lower back ache that radiates down my leg and butt. I think it may be pelvic girdle pain or so Google says. I'm not too worried about it, more just a nuisance. I've developed pregnancy brain and will be in the middle of a sentence and forget what I was saying or just make no sense at all. 

Cravings/Aversions: Still loving veggies subs, yogurt and anything cheesy and on bread. I'm also on a dessert kick and really enjoying a Krispy Kreme doughnut every morning. I'm starting to eat chicken again as long as it's on something. Like in an enchilada or in a sandwich. By itself it grosses me out. 

Missing Most: Not feeling so tired and bloated all the time, especially after eating. Wishing I enjoyed healthy foods again. 

Nursery: Still our guest room

Hubby: I bought him the book The Expectant Father and it melted my heart when he sat down and read it and then brought it to bed and read it some more. 

Best Part Of The Week: Getting to double digits! Actually starting to feel better too. I was never really nauseous all the time but I did have a few times where I needed to eat stat. My appetite has picked up a lot as well. I was down a few lbs so I'm sure at my next appointment that scale will have budged!

Can't Wait For: Our 12 week appointment April 2, a week from today! I'm so nervous and pray everything looks ok. And to be able to tell the rest of our family and friends will be awesome. It's really hard trying to enjoy this time when you can't talk about it with anyone. 

How Far Along: 12 weeks- almost out of the first trimester!!

Size of Baby: a lime

Gender: The ultrasound tech kind of made a guess but then totally changed it up and told us it could be the other sex, so now we're just confused! I'm feeling more towards boy but last week I was feeling more towards it being a girl so who knows!! It's safe to say I have no idea.

Movement: Well I was told I have an anterior placenta, meaning it's on the front of my uterus rather than on the back of it so I'll feel the baby moving later than most people because there's a cushion there between the baby and my actual stomach. I would no idea what it would feel like anyways.

Sleep: I was sleeping so well up until this past week. I get up to pee a lot more, always at 5 am too which is really annoying when you have to wake up at 6!, and I can't go back to sleep. I'm having a hard time shutting my mind off. I'm even having a difficult time falling asleep because my mind is just racing. 

Workouts: Just walking Pixie here and there and running around at work. I'm too tired to workout but I'm hoping I'll gain more energy in the 2nd trimester.

Maternity Clothes: I almost bought a Bella Band this week but I don't really need it yet. I can still wear my normal clothes but as the day goes on and my stomach grows, pants do get tight.

Weight gain: I guess I need to add this category because I'm up 2-3 lbs. Not complaining because I thought I was too skinny prior to getting pregnant. I'm sure most of the weight is from my massive boobs, I will be complaining about that! They're annoying and they hurt!

Symptoms: fatigue like no other, I have zero energy to do anything when I get home from work and my house is a wreck. Still have those fun food aversions. I had round ligament pain twice when I rolled over in bed and holy crap they're right when they say you'll know it when you have it. It hurts! Thank goodness it only lasts a few seconds but it feels like a charlie horse in your leg but in your stomach. I've learned to move a little slower when I'm rolling over. Pregnancy brain has gotten worse too. I just can't recall words like normal and I'll find myself forgetting what I was going to say. My co workers are getting a kick out of it. 

Cravings/Aversions:  Still loving fruit, I've almost eaten a whole watermelon just sitting here, veggie subs, yogurt, and of course desserts. Costco Cape Cod Chicken Salad is back in my life and man is it good. Still can't stand proteins, except sausage like in a breakfast sandwich, or chicken unless it's in something like chicken salad. Food aversions are so weird I can't wait to like healthy foods again! 

Missing Most: Just having more energy and wanting to eat healthier foods. Overall though I'm so happy to be pregnant and thankful, I hate to complain.

Nursery: We got my mom's old Jenny Lind crib that I slept in when I was a baby and are going to paint it white. I'm so happy she saved it, it's in great shape. Also have a dresser from Theo's mom we're going to paint white. We're making some progress!

Hubby: Theo was so happy at our 12 week US. Seeing the baby move on the screen was amazing and so surreal. It's getting more and more real to him and he was so excited about telling his friends and co workers. 

Best Part of the Week: Where to begin! Our 12 week US and dr's appt was awesome. Glad everything looks great and it's little heart was just a beating at 146 bpm. We got our 1st trimester screening back (the Nuchal Translucency test and the test for Down's Syndrome) and everything was in normal limits, yay! We told our friends and the rest of our family and of course all of you which was so fun! It was a good week.

Can't Wait For: The baby to get here of course! Let's see what's next, our 16 week appt where I think I just hear the heartbeat and they check my BP and urine. Then the 20 week US which will tell us the sex! Really looking forward to that one and making sure all of it's little organs look ok. 
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  1. So sorry to hear you have no energy! That's never a good thing! And that's so sweet you got your mom's old crib that you used to sleep in! Can't wait to see how you decorate!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. This was so fun to read; thanks for sharing! It's funny how we have immediate food issues - aversions, cravings, nausea when our stomachs are empty - and while some return to normal after the 1st trimester, others will stick around the whole time or change! Even now when I get hungry I feel like I could almost throw up from the hunger. You move around plenty at work so don't force yourself to exercise when you don't feel up to it. Love that you already have some great pieces for the nursery that have so much meaning! Hope this is a good-feeling week!!

  3. I had no idea there was a website that had what moms can eat - I know I'll be using this one day!! I'm so sorry your energy levels are so low....hoping this passes for you! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. So fun to read! Ahh pregancy brain - that rolls up to mom brain eventually lol. Sorry about the energy - you should be feeling back to normal soon. The first trimester is so tiring. And I love that you're getting all of these cool things passed down for the nursery - so special!

  5. Love this!! I had really similar aversions and cravings!! That's so great your mom still had your crib! Can't wait to see the nursery plans :)

  6. I love that you did your weeks from the start! I wish I had done that! xoxo

  7. teeny poppy seed! crazy!! and that sucks about the wine thing. i know i will miss it!!

  8. I love the Jenny Lind cribs so much! How amazing that your mom saved one for you.

  9. I'll totally be using that website to check what foods are safe while pregnant. Can't wait to see what you do with your nursery, and can't wait for baby bump pics!!!!

  10. Wonderful update!!! So glad things are going well. I had an anterior placenta and I felt her move around the 22nd week! It's awesome!

  11. Love all of these updates! At that 20 week appointment, it's AMAZING what they can tell you about your baby. The number of things they rule out is just nuts. It's a very reassuring appointment!

  12. loved getting all caught up on your bump! xoxo

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  14. Hi Ally... Love your blog, congrats! For your racing mind and anxiety, please try to meditate every day. You will love the App Headspace and please read this article by another blogger...it's powerful! http://www.lovemaegan.com/2014/10/how-meditation-helped-my-anxiety-overall-wellness.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ThisIsMyLifeloveMaegan+%28...love+Maegan%29

    Also, get some of these tanks for your workouts or walks with the dog. Great stretch for pregnancy!! http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=169951092&tid=onaff2178999&ap=2&siteID=onafcid89

  15. I love hearing about the early weeks! No one really chronicles those. I also have a secret nursery board on Pinterest. Shhh don't tell my husband! haha

  16. Congratulations! Sounds to me like you're having a boy! Just cause boy parts are easier to see! Our baby was being super stubborn at the 20 week ultrasound, but we finally saw girl parts that we just confirmed again at a followup 24 week appt! :)

  17. I have a private pinterest board as well......I mean those nurseries are amazing on there right? I can't wait to find out what you are having!

  18. aww i love that you are going to use your old crib! that's so cute. im pretty sure my parents still have mine too but i have no idea what shape it's in. hang in there you'll get your energy back soon!! :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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