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by Ally- Life as I know it, 8:00 AM
Today I'm co hosting with Lindsay and Amanda for Wino Wednesday! You can join in the fun and write a post about wine then come back here and link up!

I am a white wine girl. I try to like red wine and I do like it during the winter especially around the holidays. There's just something about drinking a glass of red wine during Christmas. But any other time, I like my white. Sauvignon Blanc to be exact but I really do love all whites. I'm kind of a loyal customer and stick to my favorites most of the time. It also makes it easy for the Hubby. He can run into Total Wine and buy Seagram's 7 for himself and a bottle of white wine for me. I decided to round out my favorite whites since it's getting warmer out and a cold glass of white wine on a hot summer day is a staple.

Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc
I love me some Cupcake. I haven't had a bad bottle of their wine yet but their Sauvignon Blanc is the best in my opinion. You can find this at Costco for around $7 which is a steal or at Harris Teeter/Pubix for around $11. 

Sterling Chardonnay

Chardonnay is probably my least favorite white wine to drink, just because I haven't had enough of it to love it, but I picked up a bottle of this from Costco and really liked it. I don't know a thing about Oaky Chardonnays versus Buttery so I can't say if this wine is either or but take my word for it, it was delicious.

Hogue Gewurztraminer
My sister in law is who introduced me to the German wine Gewurztraminer and now I'm hooked. It's like the other German white wine, Reisling, but I personally don't think it's as sweet. You should see me trying to ask the guy at the wine store where the funny named German wine is located. They always know exactly what I'm talking about!

Sequin Pinot Grigio
This was a happy accident. I picked this up at Harris Teeter one day not realizing it was bubbly. I had a friend coming over so once I got home and realized it was bubbled I hoped she was ok with it. Surprisingly we loved it and I think the fact it has bubbles makes you feel tipsy faster. Kind of like how you feel drunk off champagne faster than regular wine. This is a good wine for a shower because it's just a little more fun than regular wine.

La Vieille Ferme Rose
I can thank Amy for hyping up Rosé so much. I always thought it was just White Zin and it's nothing like it. I also had a patient who's a wine rep rave about Rosé's from the Rhone Wine district in France where this Rosé is from. I don't know what it is though, I can go through a bottle of Rosé much faster than a bottle of normal white wine. It's just so smooth and refreshing.

I'd love to hear your favorite wines too! What are some other whites I should try?

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  1. Thanks so much for this list - I'm pinning it, I never know which whites sound good since I'm more of a red person!
    Thanks for co-hosting with is!

  2. I'm a white wine girl at heart too. Since having babies I like red less and less, it's so weird because I used to love it. I usually drink Sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio. I'm a fan of Kim Crawford Sauvignon blanc, try it if you haven't and then Nobilo is an easy go to the carry at our closet grocery store.

  3. Hurray wine post! I want to try all of these. I'm definitely a white wine girl too and rose also has a special place in my heart lol. I think I prefer white because I like that it's colder. I am definitely not an aficionado by any means so I'm always perfectly happy with the cheap local stuff. I am usually drawn to the fruity sweet tastes. I recently picked up XOXO Pinot Grigio Chardonnay ( just because the bottle was cute and it turned out to be really good!

  4. I'm more of a red wine drinker, but I do love a crisp glass of white when the weather warms up! Sauv blancs are my favorite-with Kim Crawford being my go-to. I always keep a couple bottles on standby in our wine fridge!

  5. Cupcake wines are one of my many favorites, I have tried all their whites and they have not disappointed me. I make a white sangria in the summer and I tend to use a sweeter wine for that. Linking up from Wino Wednesday

  6. Definitely going to come back to this list in June!! Can't wait to enjoy a nice cold glass of wine on a warm evening!

  7. I'm such a white girl too! I have got to get my hands on that Sequin stat!! There is nothing more satisfying than a crisp white, especially on a warm day! Thanks so much for co-hosting with us! xoxo

  8. love cupcake!! i'm a white girl all the way (no pun intended), but will drink red if it's there. at the end of the day, it's wine, amirite?!

  9. I am definitely a white wine girl as well!! Red on a very rare occasion.


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