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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
Let's face it, my weekend was pretty boring. Theo was out of town all weekend and because I had to work I couldn't go with him so it was just me and the Pixers all weekend. I got this face a lot.

We did manage to leave the house once or twice and she got a new toy. She's so spoiled it's ridiculous. She's going to be in for a rude awakening when that baby comes!

I about screamed and cried? pregnancy hormones are so weird, when I saw on Instagram that Brooklyn Decker is pregnant! You guys don't even know how much I love her. I don't know her at all in real life but I've been following her on Twitter and IG since when she first became famous and I think we could be BFF. I think she and Andy Roddick are such a cute couple. Of course she didn't say when she's due but by the looks of it I bet she's due in October just like me! Can't wait to watch her grow a bump!

I'm really loving this maxi dress at J. Crew and it's currently on sale then if you use code YAYMAY you get an additional 30% off! Brings it to $55. Looks like such a perfect easy summer maxi dress.

I've gotten a bit carried away and have bought a few things for Baby H. When I was little I loved stuffed animals so much. I had three bunnies I carried everywhere I went and stuffed animals have always just been really special to me. I wanted to start a neat collection of "stuffies" as I used to call them for the baby and since I don't know the sex yet, for now it's gender neutral stuff. I came across the brand Pebble Child on Instagram and loved their products and their neat story. Everything they sell is hand knit by women in Bangladesh for an organization called Hathay Bunano. Because of Hathay Bunano, these women have employment and are able to provide for their families. I fell in love with Rainbow Bunny and was able to purchase him off Amazon from a store that sells Pebble Child here in the states, Kahiniwalla. I was amazed with the quality of Rainbow Bunny and he's just so cute. I believe all of their products are machine washable too. I'll definitely be ordering more from Pebble Child once I find out if we have a boy or a girl!

Kate Middleton is officially a freak of nature. After giving birth barely 12 hours ago she stepped out looking like this:

I have yet to give birth but everything I read says you are so swollen for a few days afterwards you don't even look like yourself. I want to know her secret Lasix maybe? and I think she needs to write a book on looking amazing while being pregnant and post pregnancy. Are we sure she even carried the baby? I'm kidding but the whole thing is just bizarre to me!

I may be my mother's spitting image but I lack her green thumb. Every time I go over to her house I get so intimidated with how beautiful her flowers always looks. Look at her rose bushes. I wouldn't know the first thing to do with a rose bush, besides plant it into the ground. 

Have a good Monday! Only 4 days till the weekend!
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  1. Loving that pretty J.Crew maxi! So perfect! And I agree, Kate is a freak of nature. I was a little disappointed this time. I loved that last time she embraced her post pregnancy body and showed it off but this time I feel like she chose a dress that specifically hid the fact she just popped out a baby like an hour before. Either way, she looks amazing though!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Hahah Lasix… I love it!! You could totally be right… I don't know how Kate does it!

  3. Don't hate me but I totally saw Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick at a DMB concert one time in Charlotte...they are pretty cute in person too! They were sitting in the regular crowd like 1 row up from us!!!

  4. Those roses are so pretty! Love that you're doing a stuffed animal collection for baby H, I had one of those too! Such a cute bunny!

  5. This is kinda creepy - but we're going to a wedding in Cashiers, NC this June and Brooklyn and Andy have a cabin right near where the venue is. I'm hoping we might see them while we're in town!

  6. I think Brooklyn Decker is just going to be the cutest pregnant woman - and how amazing that there is a princess now - the first one in a very very long time LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. we missed you this weekend! but i love the stuffie :) too cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. That is why I love instagram! You can totally connect and follow along with all the celebrities! Seriously she is a freak of nature.....like tell me your secret!

  9. Seriously Kate is perfect. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is SO adorable and I swear that whole family is perfection. As they should be :)
    PS - Please please please share some of your mom's rose secrets! I planted one a couple years ago and it's already dead :(

  10. Kate is just....unfair!!!! I am totally guessing an October baby for Brooklyn decker too, and I love her! She seems so real & normal!

  11. Kate Middleton looking like that is insane - but the most insane part is that she is wearing HEELS. Like WTF. Haha, I was actually able to shower, put makeup on, blowdry and curl my hair the day after birth. It's the WEEKS after birth you struggle! haha

  12. Kate Middleton is a superhuman I’m convinced. Granted she did have a glam squad help her get ready, she looks amazing! Loving that J.Crew dress!


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