Week 18 Bumpdate

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
Excuse the hot mess but this was taken when I got off work last night and I was not about to change into nice clothes for just a picture! I think I've kind of "popped"? It's definitely getting bigger every few days. I'm still not so big that everyone notices unless I have tight clothes on. Definitely could pass as a beer belly!

How Many Weeks: 18! Almost halfway!

Size of Baby: Sweet potato

Gender: A boy!! So excited to be a boy mom! 

Movement: Yes! Or at least I think that's what I think it is? I've started feeling more of a random pop like there's popcorn in my lower abdomen when I'm laying down or just sitting. It's such a cool feeling!  

Sleep: Still having a love/hate relationship with my Snoogle. It's more I'm sick of having to sleep on my side the whole night so I let my frustration out on my Snoogle! Overall I'm sleeping pretty well most nights.

Workouts: Nada! Too tired.

Maternity Clothes: Living in my Old Navy Side Panel Maternity shorts. Besides that nothing else.

Weight Gain: Up 3lbs at last visit so we'll see how how much more at my next weeks visit!

Symptoms: Feeling really, really good lately. Aside from being tired a lot and going to bed early. Still battling acne but my new skincare seems to be helping a good bit. I've been having the craziest dreams since I got pregnant but I swear they just get weirder and weirder! Peeing about 30-40 times a day (not an exaggeration) and hungry all the time! I feel like I eat nonstop at work. Horrible pregnancy brain especially when I'm tired. The other day at work I said "I'm thirsty I want some chocolate." I don't make sense half the time anymore!

Cravings/Aversions: Just sweets in general and fruit. I started making milkshakes with frozen bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, and chocolate and it tastes just like a milkshake without the dairy. It's my new favorite thing to eat. Aversions seem to be gone!

Missing Most: I saw a girl eating a fresh made deli sandwich and it looked so good so I guess I miss eating deli meat.

Nursery: Now that we know it's a little boy we can get down to business! But we haven't done a thing yet.

Hubby: Excited to be having a little boy and I'm working on getting him to love the name I picked out. It's a name I've loved forever but Theo isn't 100% sure about it. Trust me, it's gonna happen!

Best Part of the Week: Starting to feel the baby kick! Since I've been feeling so good it also makes me worry that maybe I feel too good? But feeling the baby move here and there is a great reassurance that the little guy is still kicking!

Can't Wait For: Our anatomy scan next week but I'm also super nervous about it. I don't really know what to expect at the high risk doctor's office. I'm assuming it will be like a regular ultrasound they'll just get a better look at the baby's kidneys because of my kidney disease. So fingers crossed everything looks perfect with the little guy!

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  1. Haha "I'm thirsty, I want some chocolate". That's pretty much how I feel right now! You look amazing girl! And glad you're feeling pretty good too. Can't wait to hear what name you pick!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Aww I love that lil bump you have!!! Sounds like everything is going perfectly. The baby moving will only get more reassuring to you over time!

  3. You've popped! So cute and movement is the BEST feeling in the world!!!

  4. my snoogle and I had a serious chat and we decided that I would use it as a barrier between me and my husband during the night. I curl into to it with my back facing it and then take a long body pillow and wedge that between my legs.... I sleep in a cocoon of pillows.

  5. I had to do my 20 week ultrasound and an echocardiogram at the high risk office at MUSC last week, and for me it just seemed to be a much more extensive ultrasound. It took almost three hours, but the baby was moving around a lot so it was hard to get some of the measurements.

    1. Thanks for the info Emily! You're a no reply blogger so i can't email you back!

  6. You look fantastic! Glad to hear you are feeling good... good luck with the name! :)

  7. You have definitely popped, such a cute little bump!! I'm so happy you're feeling good! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. A boy!! That's so exciting!! (Sorry that I am just seeing that now!) You are looking so cute, and so glad you are feeling good!

  9. You're totally popping!!! You look great! Umm, I'm right there with you on peeing 30 times a day. I literally want to start a tally! Ha! Also,

  10. EEEE! Almost halfway!!! YAY for those little kicks! xxxx

  11. Ahh- it stopped working, sorry. Pregnancy brain has hit me hard this week. I've legit just spaced major things/errands/chores. Poor roscoe, 100% forgot to take him out yesterday afternoon! Whooooopsie!

  12. lol maybe you meant chocolate milk ;) you look fabulous!!

  13. I'm so excited to hear what name you chose! Hopefully your husband gets on board haha

  14. Aw cute bump! Love that you can feel him now. Prego brain was terrible for me too! And it only transitions to mom brain so good luck. haha

  15. What an adorable little bump you have going on!

  16. You look fantastic, glad to hear that you are feeling good.

  17. You're looking gorgeous mama! I can't believe you're nearly halfway, you look tiny! (not in a bad way) If it makes you feel any better, we didn't prepare for the room until she was born, whoops.

  18. LOVE your bump !! yah! and pregnancy brain is the craziest thing ha. i think we have the same favorite boy baby name #TWINS :) i hope theo gets on board! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  19. You look great- love your bump and so exciting you found out you're having a boy :)

  20. You look fabulous!! Xo, Stephanie


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