What 2 Years Of Blogging Has Taught Me

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
Friday marked 2 years of blogging for me and 425 blog posts. Craziness! How in the world did I come up with something to write about 425 times?! I really do love blogging and the people I've met through it. Although I haven't been blogging for too long I've learned a good bit in these 2 years.

1. Blogging is hard and it's ok to go through writers block. 
When you first start blogging you have so many ideas and can spit out blog posts like it's your job. But after a year passes you start to run out of ideas. I've found it's better to have a few blog posts a week with meaningful content than a post with links on it just so you can say you post daily.

2. Don't compare yourself to other blogs. 
There will always be those bloggers who seem to have better content, more followers, and more comments on their posts. But if you blog for yourself and because you love it those things really don't matter.

3. You don't have to jump on the same train as everyone else
Just because every blogger is talking about a new brand doesn't mean you have to too. In fact people are going to get sick of hearing about that brand real quick so more of a reason not to talk about it! 

4. Write about what you want to read. 
If you enjoy writing about evergreen trees then write about evergreen trees. I can bet you there is someone out there who does as well! My point is, we can get so caught up in writing about what we think others want to read but if you write about what you love people can tell its genuine and will enjoy your blog so much more.

5. You don't have to post daily. 
I struggled with this a year ago when I got a new job and wasn't able to post every single day like before. Your readers probably won't even notice if you don't have a new post up daily and besides less is more.

6. Watermark your pictures.
There are weirdos out there who might steal a picture off your blog and put it on PlentyOfFish.com so watermarking is your new best friend! True story!

7. You might meet some awesome people through blogging who are just like you. 
I've been so lucky to have met a lot of great girls though blogging and from the moment you meet, it feels like you've known each other for years. Bloggers just get each other.

8. Don't feel like you have to document every single thing you do. 
I used to take pictures of everything but I found I was too busy trying to capture the moment rather than enjoy it. If you feel like blogging has become a job and is no longer a hobby, then it's time to step back. Your readers will always be there, but your life won't.

9. Social media can drive you insane.
I see so many bloggers posting on Instagram multiple times a day and all I can think is how exhausting! Instagram and Facebook are like sharing our greatest hits. No one needs to see what you do every hour and and when you share your "perfect life" nonstop, the only person you're fooling is yourself. Keep some mystery and privacy to your life.

10. Comment on other blogs and support other bloggers. 
Your blog is nothing without readers. Of course you blog for yourself but if you want anyone else to read your work you have to seek out and make friends aka comment on other blogs and respond to comments on your blog. As much as I love blogging I also love reading other blogs and you start to form your own network of blog friends. If you support others, they will in turn support you.

Now it's your turn, what have you learned from blogging?
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  1. Definitely all great tips! The posting every day has definitely been something I've struggle with. I love posting every day but at the same time, sometimes I just need a break. And LOVE the amount of support the blogging world has!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. These are all so true! #7 is my favorite :)

  3. Congrats on your two years girl!! I'm so excited to finally meet you in August :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Number 8. #mostimportantone. So so true. Enjoy the moment instead of trying to document everything. This will be so true when you have your baby Ally. I kept trying to capture everything with Sophie (pictures and all), and I've learned it's just impossible. Some of the best moments with her I cannot recall a picture, but I remember it with my memory and I write it down after the fact. And especially after your baby's born you'll want to spend more time with him then on this blog (at least I'm guessing so).

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. It's so simple, but number 4 really resonated with me "post about what you want to read about".....I need to do more of that! I'm so glad our blogs brought us together! Xo

  6. Love this post! Great advice, especially for someone like me who is so new to the blog world. I'm learning that it takes time and patience to gain readers.

    Ryan Smith | A Polished Palate

  7. Love this - it's all totally true and relevant! Happy 2 years!

  8. Congratulations on two years! As a new blogger, these are definitely helpful tips. Thanks for the advice!

  9. This is a perfect post - you sound like an old pro!!!!

  10. Congrats on two years!!! And I totally agree one of my favorite parts about blogging are all the wonderful people I have met!

  11. Love all of this advice! I don't know how girls manage to post everyday! I do have kids though, so I guess if I didn't I'd have a lot more time to blog. I also find it easier to keep up with blogs that only post a few times a week. I'd love to go on and read everyday, but lets face it as I write this I should really be doing ten loads of laundry. haha Also the perfect instagrams. It makes you wonder doesn't it. lol I mean they are beautiful, but I appreciate some authenticity mixed in! xo

  12. Could not agree more girl! I really relate to #5 & 8! Letting go of pressure makes a lot of difference :) Happy 2 years! I just realized my 2 year is in a couple weeks, where does time go.

  13. As a new blogger, these tips are great! Happy 2 year anniversary!

  14. We have been blog friends for two years now? Crazy! I agree with all of this especially the posting part. I post when I want to if I have time. I also never say "Sorry for being MIA" because truth is no one noticed but me!

  15. Happy two years! I love all of the things you've learned and I agree with all of them!! Xo

  16. these are all so true! especially #2 and #4. Now I'm terrified about someone stealing my pictures, lol. Need to watermark them!

  17. Blogging definitely is hard and its totally ok to take a break when you have writers block. Ive learned that for sure. As for watermarking - one of my bloody friends was scrolling through instagram and saw one of my created images - watermark and all - on someones instagram - true bloody story haha

  18. Happy two years! Love the tips and glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Instagram! No, we do not need 15 pictures in one day that are all perfectly staged -- TOO much!

  19. Great tips and reminders! Blogging isn't easy but I agree that it is incredibly rewarding! And always share the content that you want to versus what every one else is. Xo, Stephanie


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