The 7 Things I'll Never Be

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
Now that I've gotten older, and trust me I know I'm not that old, but what I've realized is that there are just some things in life I'll never be. And you know what, I'm ok with that. I have a roof over my head, a car, a job, a husband, a dog, a baby on the way, and a close family, what more could I need? 

1. I'll Never be a Millionaire
They told us on our first day of nursing school that you will never make millions as a nurse. Well darn, then what am I doing here? No you go into nursing because you either love taking care of people or you need a stable job. It's a rough job at times, you get burned out, and your Florence Nightingale attitude is done after day one of clinicals, but it's a rewarding job and it pays the bills. It allows me to work 3 days a week while still making full time money. So, no I'll never be a millionaire as a nurse, but I am very lucky to have a nice home and be able to live the lifestyle I want all because of my career.

2. I'll Never Have Flawless Skin
I realized a long time ago that I'll never be the girl who can go around with no makeup on. I just wasn't dealt the flawless skin gene. I'll go through periods of an acne free face but it doesn't last long. But I'm ok with it because that's why God invented makeup right? I know there's a lot worse things in life I could be dealing with and if battling acne at 28 years old is the worse I have to go through, then so be it. 

3. I'll Never be a World Traveler
I didn't grow up in a family that traveled. I went to Disney World once when I was in 4th grade and every summer we would take the 30 minute road trip to Folly Beach for a family beach house, but that's about it. I've only been on a plane like 3 times and have only been out of the country on a cruise. I married a man who luckily for me is very frugal but it also means whenever I suggest saving for a trip to Europe, I get the whole speech of how we have other things we should be saving for. Like we need to get our whole exterior house painted, and we have to get a new car, and we have student loans to pay off, don't remind me. So until all of these things are done, and oh yah add a new baby to the mix, I don't foresee me ever becoming a world traveler. I guess I can look forward to traveling when I retire, maybe.

4. I'll Never be a Daredevil
"Ally" and "Adrenaline Junky" have never been three words that went together. I'm a worrier and always think the worse is going to happen so you'll never see me sky diving, rock climbing, zip lining, water skiing, scuba diving, etc. I mean I could die! I'm white knucked just driving on the interstate! It's a scary world out there and if I can prevent from doing harm to myself, then I'm all for it.

5. I'll Never be Type A
I don't make lists, I don't freak out if my house isn't spotless, I'm rarely ever on time, I don't like to control people, I'm not competitive, and I'm a total procrastinator. You look up "Type B Personality" in the dictionary, and my face is right next to it. It drives Theo crazy because he is Type A. He doesn't get how on my days off I'm not spending the whole day cleaning the house. Because that's boring! I really do think two Type A's couldn't get married, because they would kill each other, and two Type B's couldn't be married, they would live like slobs. So I'm thankful I married a Type A man to keep me in line. 

6. I'll Never be into Sports
I know I'm such a weirdo, especially living in the South where football is so big, but I don't like sports. I don't get what's going on, and I don't care to get what's going on. Theo has tried to explain football to me so many times and as soon as he starts explaining First Down, he's lost me. It's not that I'm stupid, I just don't care. I'll sorta, kinda, watch a soccer game, and basketball too, but that damn football makes me zone out every time. I'm just a total girly girl and didn't grow up around sports. 

7. I'll Never be a Famous Blogger
I get envious when I see other bloggers with their 20,000+ followers and knowing that they're making big bucks off their blog but that will probably never be me. Blogs are a dime a dozen and unless you have some really big niche that people flock towards, you just get lost in the shuffle. I think we all go through periods of time where we wish we were bigger and start thinking of ways to grow but I also find that big blogs lose their appeal. They become sell outs and start doing staged photos for Nordstrom. My favorite blogs are written by normal people like me who aren't trying to make a business but are just sharing their lives. I like to read blogs I can relate to and when I see someone sharing their 10th $300 dress in a week on their blog, how am I supposed to relate to that?! So I've decided I'll never be famous with thousands of followers but I write about what I want to read and hope that other people like it too. 

Your turn, what's something you'll never be but are totally ok with? 
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  1. If it makes you feel any better, most of these things I'll never be either so we're in the same boat! :) But that's ok because we're pretty awesome any way!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I love your honesty and that you've accepted all of this with no regrets! I traveled a LOT when I was younger but now that we've had kids (and moved a million times) I've become such a homebody which drives my husband crazy because I think he'd rather save for a trip to Europe than other big things! I used to be total type a but I've learned to let some things go (like a spotless house) to make room for other more fun things in life. I think the biggest thing I've had to accept is that I'll probably never use my masters degree to the extent that I could and most definitely the way my fellow classmates have. Sometimes that's hard to swallow but I'm making a choice to either not work at all or to work a less challenging job that allows me to make being a mom my #1 priority.

  3. I love this post!! Mine's a little different… I wish I could be more Type B! My Type A personality/ OCD can be be a little out of control. I try to let things go but it just doesn't happen! :-)

  4. I couldn't agree more with this list! I am completely a type B person and hate sticking to schedules and having time constraints. I also work in healthcare and fully acknowledge I will never make as money as I would like to, comes with job but I love it. I also am 100& ok with my little blog, I'm sure I could put way more time into it but its mine and I like it. Have a great week love!

  5. I'm with you on #4! I used to be a total thrill seeker but as I've gotten older I am so scared of things lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I love your honesty. I too will never make big money and I'm ok with that. I also am not a thrill seeker at all. Being a nurse is a special thing and I have great admiration for them (and you).

  7. Haha I will probably always be type A – I love my lists but I will n ever ever be a dare devil. I’m with you – my favorite posts are the normal every day life ones.

  8. You and I are so much alike! I'll never be a world traveler (although I love traveling - but it's expensive and we're on one income) I'll never be a millionaire or be a big time blogger - totally agree with that point. And never will I be into sports or a daredevil haha.
    I'm content with my life as is and I'm ok with that! Great post!

  9. #1.....sigh. I'm right there with you girl. I think health care professionals should be paid a lot more. I mean we are taking care of your health. The things I deal with on a daily basis I'm constantly like, I am definitely not paid enough for this!

  10. haha i love this. i have ZERO interest in any sports.. they are all just background noise. i grew up with two brothers who love football and hockey, my mom loves baseball and football and my dad will watch just about anything. not sure why i didnt develop an interest but im okay with that. i'll go to a sporting event if theres food involved tho ;) !! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. Love this post! I feel like I'm half type A and half type B because I always run late and don't stick to schedules well but I'm a total control freak in other aspects of my life :) I never traveled as a kid and neither did Kyle but Kyle and I did a lot of traveling out of college before kids and it's totally dropped off since then. We really hope we can do it again when the kids are older (like 10 yr olds) since we didn't get to as kids. I don't have the energy to be a famous blogger, haha, I enjoy my free time too much to devote it all to blogging but I do enjoy it as a hobby!

  12. I'm not aspiring to make millions off of my blog either. I write for me and love reading blogs written by normal girls that I can relate to.

  13. Girl you're doing great on blogging, 20k followers is ridiculous anyway. I know I'll probably never be the outgoing social type.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  14. What a refreshing post! I'll never make millions off my blog either, but I love the little community I've built. I also want to be a world traveler, but my husband is the same! Thank you! xo

  15. Love this post! I am for sure not a daredevil anymore and I’m totally ok with it!

  16. Love this. I am never going to be a ever. I get nervous swimming in the ocean close to the shore. I would never ski, skydive, etc. I have had a disliking for sports since gym class in kindergarten haha. I will likely never be a millionaire(you know unless I win the lottery!) lol or be a famous blogger, but that's ok with me! xo

  17. I love this post, what a creative idea! I have to agree that I will never be a Millionaire - I love my career and enjoy going to work every day so I am thankful for that. My blog will never be famous either and I am okay with that, it is a place to document life and "meet" so many inspiring women! Xo, Stephanie


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