Week 20 Bumpdate

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

How Many Weeks: 20!! Officially in the 5th month of pregnancy!

Size of Baby: Length of a banana. At our last appointment they estimated baby to weigh 13 ounces.

Gender: Little boy Harding

Movement: I feel him mostly when I'm sitting down or laying down and just finished eating. I've also been waking up at 5am, to pee of course, and he's always moving up a storm. It's so cute I always wonder what he's doing in there? I've felt him on the outside a few times but it's so quick I can never get him to do it again. So Theo hasn't felt him yet.

Sleep: I'm getting used to sleeping on my sides even though I'll wake up with my arm fast asleep. I really miss sleeping on my stomach. Overall I'm sleeping pretty well and able to go back to sleep even though I get up to pee about 3 times.

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all I'm wearing now with a few regular tops mixed in. Old Navy Maternity shorts, Target maternity tops and dresses. I love the tops and dresses with the ruching on the sides. I find if I don't wear tight clothes people question if I'm even pregnant!

Weight Gain: 6 lbs. It's crazy from here on I'm supposed to gain a pound a week!

Symptoms: I feel great, tired here and there but really do feel normal. I'm hungry all the time and all I want is sweets. I've had some round ligament pain this week when rolling over in bed and ouch it hurts! Also had some leg cramps in the middle of the night. Acne is my biggest issue and it's out of control. I switched to a new skin care thinking it would help, and it has, but not enough. It's so embarrassing and Theo didn't make it any better when he asked if I thought my skin was clearing up at all. I about slapped him. I've dealt with acne my whole life and finally had clear skin right before and I got pregnant and then BAM I got pregnant and it's horrible. UGH!!!

Cravings/Aversions:  Desserts, fruit, smoothies, anything sweet and unhealthy. We had shrimp for dinner the other night and it was really grossing me out. It reminded me of a bug! 

Missing Most: Clear skin. I just don't feel attractive right now and in my mind I think it's all anyone sees when they look at me. I haven't been missing alcohol except when Theo was drinking a Westbook Gose. A salty/sour Gose just reminds of summer and I'm kind of sad I can't have one. I mean I know I could but it isn't worth it to me. 

Nursery: So the crib we had, it was my old crib Jenny Lind crib when I was a baby, isn't going to work out because it's missing a ton of parts. It makes me sad because I was really looking forward to using it! We tried out a few paint colors this weekend but I'm not too keen on either one of them. I want the room to be more of a light grey. 
Left: Valspar Rising Tide / Right: Valspar Voyage

We picked up my rocking horse from my mom's house and brought it home. It's a handmade rocking horse that I got in 2nd grade for winning a book contest. Our teacher's husband made it. So it's very special and still looks great. 

Hubby: Putting up with my complaining and luckily all my shopping. As long as he knows the shopping is for the baby and not for me, he seems to be ok with it. I'm sure he'll be putting a stop to it soon!

Best Part of the Week: Our anatomy scan that went fantastic! Baby looks great! SUCH a relief!

Can't Wait For: Just being pregnant and enjoying the summer. We have a couple of trips coming up including our family beach house that I look forward to every year. Also can't wait to start working on the nursery.

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  1. Oh no! So sorry you can't use your old crib but I'm sure you'll find something amazing! And that rocking horse is so perfect! I can't believe it's still in that great of condition!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. So glad the anatomy scan went perfectly!!! Have you tried SW agreeable gray for the paint?!

  3. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the nursery! So happy that everything with the anatomy scan went well!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. you have SUCH a cute bump!!! we went with benjamin moore stonington gray for violets nursery (and our master bathrm and dining room) and i love it! it's a really light gray and it looks good with white. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. You look so adorable. What a cute little bump. Happy to hear that your scan went well. Love the rocking chair.

  6. You are too cute! Have you checked out Asos maternity yet? Sorry your crib won't work out but the rocking chair is just beautiful! My sister just chose a really pretty light grey for their nursery so I'll ask what she used and let you know. Be sure to get on the email lists for companies like Pottery Barn Kids now so that you'll be notified when all of their big end of summer sales pop up for furniture and bedding!

  7. You look great! I haven't bought any materinity shirts but I love the shape it is giving you!! Also a THAT HORSE! I love it! What a beautiful piece!

  8. You look amazing! Glad to hear the anatomy scan went well. Love those gray colors.

  9. So glad the anatomy scan went good, you are looking adorable with that bump!! I like that grey on the left but you're right, its not as light. I second Jillian's suggestion on the Stonington gray, I almost went with that for R's nursery too. I'll get you some of the lighter grey owl this weekend so you can try it!

  10. You look so adorable! And love you necklace too. Pregnancy looks great on you xo

  11. So so so happy to hear everything went well with the scan. You look fabulous girl. I agree with Amanda pregnancy looks great on you!

  12. Happy, happy halfway mama!!! Loving your outfit too, you cutie! xx

  13. I really like the light grey swatch you have up there. Good luck!

  14. I swear my godfather made me the exact same rocking horse 25 years ago!! Good luck choosing paint colors

  15. You look great!! I'm pretty sure I own the shirt you're wearing in ateast 3-4 colors, it's my fav!! Revere pewter is my go to light gray!

  16. that rocking horse is to die for!!! And oh....I went to the dr yesterday and she told me that even though I have put on 10lbs thus far, I was under weight - I gave her major side eye and then changed the subject!


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