Week 26 Bumpdate

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

How Many Weeks: 26! 2 more weeks and I'll be in the 3rd trimester!

Size of Baby: 2 lbs and anywhere from 11-14 inches long

Gender: A little boy!

Movement: All the time. He definitely has days where he's more active than others still but I feel him move multiple times a day. I find that he moves a lot when I'm hungry, after I eat, and when I drink something cold. I'd say he's a pretty active little man!

Sleep: Once I'm out I'm out for a while. I'm not having to get up to pee as often which is a nice break. I sleep on my left side all night so I'll wake up and my arm will be asleep, or my leg will be cramped but it's only for a few more months so I'll survive!

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all I'm wearing these days!

Weight Gain:  about 14 lbs

Symptoms: Round ligament pain when I sleep on my right side, and it HURTS, so I've stopped sleeping on that side. Linea Nigra is starting to appear on my belly. 

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really but when I wake up I'm starving and eat like 2 breakfasts but as the day goes on I get more full and my stomach gets tight so my dinner ends up being light. I can always count on waking up and feeling like I haven't eaten in weeks!

Missing Most: Really missed alcohol this week. I was at the beach for our family reunion and it's so hard when everyone around you is drinking and you can't. But on the flip side I do like waking up and feeling great everyday and I have more energy at night than I would if I was drinking so it isn't that bad. Theo made me a bunch of virgin drinks which helped too.

Nursery: Nothing new. Walls and dresser are painted. We're going to get our crib from IKEA next weekend and I'm sure we'll pick up some other things for the nursery.

Hubby: He was so great this week at our beach house. He cooked, cleaned, made everyone drinks, and made sure everyone was having fun. My mom called him the "Ring Leader". So I figure I can't get mad at him for anything for awhile! ;)

Best Part of the Week: Being at the beach with my family and my mom getting to feel the baby kick. 

Can't Wait For: My 28 week appointment next week and seeing our little man on ultrasound. Not looking forward to my glucose tolerance test though! 

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  1. Ugh I don't blame you on the glucose test. I've heard both good and bad things about it but I'm sure it won't be that bad! Glad you guys had fun and the beach and that your hubby was so awesome! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I bet it's such an amazing feeling when you feel him moving inside!! Glad you had such a great time at the beach with your family!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. yah! im glad you had fun on your vacation...cute that theo was the ring leader ;) :) !! what IKEA are you going to?! i wish we had one in charleston. cant wait to see your nursery. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Almost third trimester...so exciting! You look great!! Xx.

  5. You're totally right about having more energy at night since being sober. At the bachelorette party I was at all the girls were dropping around midnight and I was still going strong!! And - pending I pass - I'll tell ya, the gluclose test is not that bad.

  6. Glad your getting to enjoy time at the beach AND family time! Next week and seeing him on that ultrasound will be here before you know it!

  7. looking so cute! Isn't it great when your mom can get in on kicking action? OH, and I am headed to the beach next week and I know I will be missing alcohol for sure!!

  8. The oh-so-important mocktail! I love La Croix sparkling waters and mixed them with juices and lemonades (ooo or just buy the sparkling pink lemonade in the cute bottles from Trader Joe's!) The glucose test isn't that bad at all! You're doing great!!

  9. 14 pounds is all!? Good for you! You look great and healthy! So funny that he moves all the time now.

  10. I chugged the glucose drink, I think I shocked the tech. Haha Fruit punch tasted like Gatorade! Can't wait to see that cute bump in person!

  11. You look adorable!! That is the cutest little bump. I actually didn't mind the glucose test that much, it isn't too sweet in my opinion and it's better if you just drink it really fast.

  12. You look so good! I'm so glad everything is going perfectly for you! Don't worry about that silly glucose test - it's really not as bad as most people make it seem.

  13. Ooo which crib are you getting? I have seen the Ikea cribs that are under $100 and I always wonder if they are decent.

  14. You are so cute… and all belly!!!


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