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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
Growing up I always loved my stuffed animals or "stuffies" as I called them. I had three bunnies that I took everyone I went. When I first found out I was pregnant I decided I wanted to collect neat stuffed toys for the baby. I like to think my little boy will grow up loving stuffies too. I've really enjoyed searching for different stuffed animals from all over and it's kind of become a small hobby. I thought I would share some of my findings! 

Atlanta, GA

BlaBla Kids knit dolls are pretty popular in the blog world. They're so unique looking and I love that they're hand knit and machine washable. Wooly the Sheep was the first stuffed animal I bought for the baby. I think I was only 10 weeks pregnant and didn't know the sex yet. I picked Wooly since he was kind of gender neutral. BlaBla also makes pillows, sheets, mobiles, and rattles. I would love to own more of their dolls and start a bigger collection for the baby. They don't run sales often but when they do it's good to take advantage!


I came across Moulin Roty toys at a really neat kids store downtown on King Street called Magnifilous Toy Emporium. The French company has been making toys for 43 years and they're sold all over the world. I'm having a really hard deciding which toy to get for the baby because they make so many different types! USA online retailer
Some of my favorites:


PebbleChild Toys are handmade toys made by underprivileged women in Bangladesh. The actual company is called Hathay Bunano which means "hand made" in Bangla and has allowed these women good quality, local employment. I fell in love with Rainbow Bunny and knew I had to have him for the baby. He's the cutest thing and just so different from any other toy I've ever seen. Plus I love PebbleChild's mission and know that I'm supporting a wonderful cause. USA online retailer

Charleston, SC

I love these quirky Finkelstein stuffed animals so much and the fact they're handmade right here in Charleston just makes them so much cooler. I've been waiting to order one for the baby because I can't decide which animal I like the best! I really don't think you can go wrong with any of them! Finkelstein's Etsy Shop

London, England

Jellycat makes THE softest stuffed animals. So soft I want my comforter made out of their fur. And they're just all so precious too. They've started making books to go with the animals and they're perfect for babies who are just learning how to touch and feel. My favorite is the Fuddlewuddle Giraffe.

Any other stuffed animals I should add to the baby's collection?
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  1. How cute are these- I've actually never heard of the blabla kind - but I see why they are popular! My nieces and nephew still love the stuffed toy they came home with from the hospital - my youngest niece wants nothing to do with them lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. OMG these are so adorable!! Love all of them! That giraffe is probably my favorite, although the Finkelstein collection is super cute too!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. My girls are absolutely obsessed with their BlaBlas and have been their #1 favorite toys for two years now! They ask for American Girl doll clothes for their birthdays and Christmas and then dress them up in those clothes. So of course they each picked out BlaBlas as gifts for their baby sis!

  4. aww these are so cute!! i think i need to diversify violet's stuffie collection! she just has a ton of jellycats ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I'm not even near needing stuffed animals for anything, but I still love all of these. They are so cute! I love any of the knit dolls and of course the Charleston brand. You are going to have such a cute little collection! xo, Carly soak and simmer

  6. I was absolutely obsessed with stuffed toys growing up, so I'm sure when I have kids I'll be buying them TONS for them. This is such a cool post, loved reading about all the different ones!

  7. I love how these are all so special and different! I am sure your little one will love the ones you picked out for him. The giraffe is my fave from the Finkelsteins!


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