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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:59 AM
It's been a crazy week. I'm sure you have all seen the insane flooding South Carolina has been through. My area of town wasn't bad, although the front of our neighborhood was pretty flooded, but Columbia and some areas near there were hit so hard. Every time I get on social media I keep reading about more deaths and see pictures of just roofs of houses because that's all that's left. It's mind blowing how much damage water can do. Just like when the tornado came through a few weeks ago, it makes me realize how quickly your how life can be taken away from you. 
Some of the flooding in my neighborhood.

I'm also glad I didn't go into labor this weekend like this poor woman! She had to be rescued out of her house by boat! The baby was born in time and everything was fine.
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I'm officially on maternity leave now and it's kind of bittersweet. Not only will I be out of work for 12 weeks, I'm also leaving my current job forever. When I return to work after my FMLA is up I won't be going back to my job as a recovery room nurse. The hours just don't work for having a family. I never knew when I was going to leave work at the end of the day. I've worked 18 hour shifts before and I know I can't do that with a new baby at home. That's the nice thing about nursing, there's so many options out there for jobs. I just can't believe I've finally gotten to this point. Back in March when my co worker was killed on her way home from work, and we started losing other co workers, we went from 9 nurses to 3. I would go home and cry to Theo about how the 3 of us left were having to do as much work as 9 people which included taking call and having to work long hours. Only way I got through it was telling myself I just have to make it to October. I made it. Now I get to start this new chapter in my life. 

As my pregnancy is coming to a close I've been reflecting on these past 9, almost 10 months. The other day American Sniper was on TV and I remember seeing that movie in the theaters the day I found out I was pregnant. I remember sitting in the theater feeling kind of crampy and wondering if I was, or if Aunt Flo was just making her monthly visit. Getting over each milestone was exciting but scary. There's the first 8 weeks when you hear the heartbeat for the first time, then 12 weeks when your risk of a miscarriage goes down a lot, then the 20 week anatomy scan which I was so worried about and turned out fine. I wish I could say the worrying ended there but I feel like these last few weeks I've been worrying the most. To know that he's a real baby now and could survive just fine not inside me if so crazy. Labor was always the last thing on my mind, I just wanted to get past each week. Now that it's quickly approaching I'm getting pretty nervous. It's the unknown that bothers me. But I also know I'm not the first woman to push a baby out and everything will be fine.  Like a girl at work said the other day "he will come out one way or another!"

Sorry for the emotional post, my hormones are crazy and I've got a lot on my mind!

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  1. The flooding is so scary. I'm so glad you haven't dealt directly with any damage or flooding and yes, super lucky you didn't have to be rescued by boat while in labor! What a story to tell your kid one day! Can't wait to meet your little one! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. That is a crazy amount of water! I'm very glad you didn't go into labor during the chaos of all that!! Yay for maternity leave, and you're right that you have so many options as a nurse- you're smart to realize that and look for something later that will be accommodating to the lifestyle you want to set up for you and your family! Almost there! Go get a pedicure or walk around Target by yourself just because you can : )

  3. That poor woman!! How terrifying that must have been! So thankful everything turned out okay. And glad you will be in a different job with better hours once the baby comes - that has to be a relief!

  4. I know the unknown is scary....I was the same way before my oldest was born....but I promise you this. You will wonder after he's here why you worried. You will love him so much and wonder what you did before he came! Honestly. It's amazing! Good luck!!!

  5. So sad to see all the devastation from the flooding on the news. So glad to hear you're ok. The last few weeks of pregnancy are so bittersweet. I wish I could say the worrying ends once they are born but then it's a whole new set of worries!! The good part is now you can finally love on them and interact with them and every stage is so much fun!! Being a mom is hard but so rewarding and I know you'll be great :) I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear the good news.

  6. Girl totally normal that you are anxious and nervous. Having babies isn't for the Type A personality that likes to have it all planned out. For some reason though, it always works out. I'm thinking of you!!!

  7. Wow - still can't believe the devastating pictures of SC. So glad you and your family (and house) are all OK. Congrats on making it to maternity leave! That's a big deal! You are so close, and these emotions and feelings are TOTALLY normal. I felt the same exact way, as I wasn't going back to work as an Ultrasound Sonographer after Andrew was born. Your life will be different and your job will be different. But you are going to do amazing - you will surprise yourself! And you have lots of support - so definitely cling on to those who offer to help. Can't wait to see this next chapter unfold for you! :)

  8. dont worry!! the labor and delivery will be over before you know it and you're going to be so happy holding little oliver soon!

  9. I hope the flooding in South Carolina is better and that your neighbourhood is back to normal! I totally understand your anxiety but your coworker is right. Soon you will be holding a beautiful little baby in your arms!

  10. No need to apologize! Pregnancy hormones will do it to anyone and my friends that are nurses seem to worry the most about illnesses with their babies because they know just how much can go wrong! Glad you all were ok with the flooding! And good luck with this next stage in your life and your new job chapter!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small


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