christmas 2015

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
My only complaint this year was that it was way too hot on Christmas Day. I think it got up to 80 degrees. Besides that it was great! 

On Christmas Eve we went to church. 

Then came back to our house for pizza after the service. Luckily he waited till after church was over to start crying.

Oliver and his Shanny

Christmas morning I made the delicious Cinnamon Roll Casserole that seems to be going around the blogosphere.  

Then we opened gifts. New clothes for little man's wardrobe. If it ever gets cold enough here maybe he'll actually get to wear them! Can you tell I like the color blue?!

Santa brought Oliver the Hazel Village Oliver Mouse doll. Like Theo said it's more for me right now since he's a baby but I hope one day he loves him.

Then we had a Christmas Day dinner at my aunt's house.

For once I'm actually ready for all the Christmas decorations to come down. Our tree branches are slowly starting to drop. Everyday I come home to a new ornament on the ground that's fallen off. I'm sad the Christmas music is ending though. I could listen to it all year long!

How was your Christmas?
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  1. I'm sorry to hear it was so hot down there for you guys - it was pretty warm here too, but being outside with only a light jacket in December here was perfection LOL!! Love that Oliver had a perfect first Christmas!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Totally agree about the Christmas music but I too am ready to pack up the decorations and get some space back in our living room!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful and special Christmas! I'm all about getting them gifts now that you hope they'll enjoy in the future (EG got a bla bla bear). Usually I'm ok with leaving the decorations up a week but this year I took 99% down the night of the 26th and intend to do the rest today. Feels good to say goodbye to Christmas this year!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas-- I love all of Oliver's new clothes and his little mouse is so cute. As much as I love Christmas decor, I'm kind of ready for everything to come down too.

  5. Am I totally behind or did you get a blog facelift? I am like embarrassingly behind on my blog reading. Anyways, it looks like you had a great family Christmas! It is like Summertime weather here today in FL it's craziness!

  6. It wasn't nearly as warm here as it was where you are, but I still can't remember a more mild Christmas. We're paying for it today though with an ice storm!
    And I'm totally with you on being ready to take down the Christmas decorations. I normally wait until after NYE, but I think at least the tree needs to come down early this year. It's nice to get back to normal.

  7. So glad Oliver had a great first Christmas! And I hear you on the weather - it wasn't that hot up here obviously, but it was super mild and just did not make it feel like Christmas at all!

  8. Looks like a great Christmas! Love all the onesies, and the cinnamon rolls look delicious!

  9. I made the same thing and looooved it! So delicious!

  10. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas! I agree with the temperature complaint. I love warm weather, but Christmas day is the one day I'm okay with it being cooler. Oh well...could be worse. And that cinnamon roll recipe sounds delicious!


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