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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
I know an infant doesn't need anything but diapers and a onesie, but let's be real, the kid is getting gifts for Christmas and I've had a lot of fun putting his list together. Actually Theo really just wants people to give money to Oliver's college fund but that's no fun for the grandparents! Ok, here's what the little man wants for Christmas:

I really can't wait till Oliver can start sitting up on his own, my back is killing me! He holds his head up very well so I'm thinking he could start using the Bumbo at 3 months. I read this article about how it's bad for the babies posture so I'll make sure not to overuse it.

My mom has a bouncer at her house and Oliver really likes it. And when I say "like" I mean he doesn't fuss after being in it for 5 minutes like he does the Mamaroo. I love how sleek and simple the BabyBjorn bouncer is. You can buy an additional toy bar for the baby to play with too.

I've been using his Little Giraffe blanket whenever we're out but he's started to kick it off and then it lands on the ground so I ordered him a stroller blanket. It's heavier than a normal blanket so it'll stay in place better and it's nice and thick to keep him warm during the winter months. 

This crazy looking toy is supposed to be a baby favorite. It helps with their motor skills and gives them something to suck on too.

I don't expect him to understand this book yet but I think once he gets a little older he'll really like looking at all the pictures. My sister in law said all her kids loved this book when they were babies.

Oliver loves staring at lights so I think this toy would fascinate him. The music has a volume control which is a plus for parents! It's small too so it can fit right in the diaper bag.

Oliver has quite a few ornaments already but I love this elephant one since we went with an animal theme in his nursery. 

I never registered for a baby bath towel for Oliver because I didn't think we'd need one. We've been using our big bath towels on him and they kind of swallow him so I want him to have his own. I think the animal towels are so precious on babies.

I think all of the Hazel Village toys are darling. Obviously my favorite is Oliver Mouse but I also love Owen Fox and Lewis Toad. You can pay extra and get your child's name monogrammed inside of a heart. Too cute!

Anything else I should add to his list?
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  1. These are all great for him! That ornament is so darling and it's great you've added a few things to the list he'll actually need! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. OMG that bath wrap is the cutest thing ever!! And love the stroller blanket, I didn't even know there was such a thing! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Oball toys are the best, even at young ages! They have all the holes in them for your baby to be able to grab onto, plus they rattle. They were one of the first toys we bought and my daughter still plays with them at 18 months!

  4. I love those Hazel village toys! The fox is my fave :) Also R loves that book and the baby Einsteins light up toy, def recommend!

  5. You need to get that Baby Einstein toy right this second. It has saved our life so many times. Molly Anne STARES at it and it instantly made her stop crying when she was extra little!

  6. Now that there's a newer version of the bumbo seat out that grows with baby (to a toddler sized booster seat!), I'd personally recommend getting that, and if you really want the all foam one, picking it up second hand, as they're now about $15 in consignment shops (I guess since there's the newer one out). Love that 100 a words book, I'm giving L a few of those for Christmas since she loves the simple picture books for pointing out things she knows right now. Sensory balls, crinkle books and the Noggin head rattle are great baby toys that will get some mileage too!

  7. great list!! violet loves the baby einstein toy, and that first 100 word book! and we looove the baby bjorn! if you want you can borrow our mamas and papas seat -- vi never uses it anymore. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. We loveeee the bumbos, those towel wraps and the music toy. We also have similar balls that are a fav. We got the 4moks bouncer & loved it but don't use it much now. They like the exersaucer or play mat. I'm now considering some of those stuffed animals.... Dave will wring my neck!!! But they're so cute!

  9. The bath wrap is adorable! He definitely needs that :)

  10. Yes to all of these! Andi loves the Einstein take along toy! :)


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