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I know I've only been a mom for 8 weeks but if I could offer a new mom any advice, swaddle your baby. Oliver has loved being swaddled from the moment he was born. He'll sleep for hours if he's swaddled. If he isn't, we might get 30 minutes. It's amazing what a difference it makes! The first 3 months of a baby's life is sometimes called the "4th Trimester" and babies love to be swaddled, it gives them a feeling of security and reminds them of being in the womb. 

Benefits of swaddling:
  • Newborns are unable to regulate their temperature and swaddling keeps their body stay warm all night.
  • Swaddling helps babies sleep longer by preventing sudden movements like the startle reflex that can cause them to wake up.
  • If you're breastfeeding, it helps to keep their arms and legs out of the way.
  • Prevents newborns from scratching themselves with their sharp nails.

Newborns wake up A LOT in the middle of the night to eat. The first few weeks it can be as often as every hour. Having to undue a swaddle and re wrap it over and over is the last thing you want to do at 3 am. And as pretty as those receiving blankets are, they're a pain to swaddle and Oliver broke through them in minutes. The SwaddleSure by HALO is great because it keeps him nice and tight all night which he loves but also allows for us to change his diaper without having to unwrap him. 

Some other benefits of the SwaddleSure by HALO:
  • Large fasteners to connect to ensure a perfect fit every time. 
  • Adjusts easily as baby grows. 
  • Patented three-point fastening system that makes it harder for baby to bust out of.
  • Supports hip health by not constraining the legs but allows baby to put them in a natural position and move as needed.
  • Has a pouch that opens on the outside making it easy to access baby's diaper without needing to unswaddle.

We started a nightly routine when Oliver was 3 weeks old and I really think it helps him to wind down and get in the sleep mode. Theo bathes him, then puts him in a white onesie. Oliver gets hot easily so we've found putting him in a light onesie when he sleeps helps him to stay comfortable. I then feed him and swaddle him. By this point the Sandman was arrived and little man can barely keep his eyes open. 

You can enter to win a 100% Cotton SwaddleSure by HALO Adjustable Swaddling Pouch. If you or someone you know is expecting it would make a great Christmas gift! Contest ends Friday December 11th at 12am.
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  1. I hear really good things about these. I am expecting my first and I will definitely be picking up a few for myself. Thanks!

  2. My 4 week old would love this for Christmas, and I would love the extra sleep for the holidays!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love the report of a healthy baby! We have an ultrasound 3 days before Christmas :)

  4. All I want for Christmas is a hug!

  5. Oliver looks so cozy in his swaddle! All I want for Christmas is a few days off work to relax with family and friends!

  6. I would love my brother to come home for Christmas.

  7. I'm expecting my first in May and I've heard great things about these. All I want for Christmas is to help others as much as possible. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I'm expecting my first baby in April, and this looks amazing! All I want for Christmas is a healthy 20 week ultrasound next week!

  9. Our 9 week old sleeps in a halo sack every night! Would love to be able to give this type a try as the type we have zips up and I'm not able to change him without unzipping and waking him up! With a new baby I'm asking for a spa day for Christmas ☺️

  10. I just put this on our baby registry!

  11. I've heard such great things about these!

  12. I'd like a new sleep sack for my four month old! She's outgrown the last one! All I really want for Christmas new pants since I'm still wearing my maternity pants to work!

  13. I have a 2 week old so a good night's sleep is all I want for Christmas:) And a healthy, happy baby!!

  14. Love this and would love one of these for our baby on the way :)!

  15. I love boring old house stuff so I'm totally looking forward to my new covered cast iron cooker that's on my Santa list this year. HA! Lame I know : ) We were dedicated swaddlers with Lawter and plan to do it again this time around! This looks awesome!

  16. We have a baby boy on the way and would love one of these!


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