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My weekend started off crazy. I came home on Friday after being out for a few hours during the day to find my prenatal vitamins on the floor and out of 180 pills, only 13 were left. Pixie had taken them off the counter, they were in a box and in a glass bottle, and somehow got the lid off and ate almost all of the pills. I quickly called Theo and told him she needed to go to the emergency vet NOW. All I could think about was all the iron she ingested and how it could kill her. He came home and rushed her to the vet and after a night in the hospital she's doing just fine. Pixie has always taken things off the counter and destroyed them. Whenever we leave the house we have to "Pixie proof" it but I never would have imagined she would eat vitamins!

See that bandage on her leg? That's where her IV was and the Dr. decided he wanted us to leave it in all weekend in case she started getting sick. I was planning on pulling it on Monday. Well, she decided she wanted it out sooner and when we came home on Sunday the bandage and IV were out of her leg and on the floor. She's one crazy girl!

After that scare during the day, I was looking forward to the oyster roast at my parents' house that night. Oliver loved being around everyone. It's really neat watching him discover all these new sights and sounds. 

Saturday I lounged around the house with the baby. He's getting to be so much fun and smiley. 

That night we had delicious sliders on the grill. We put American cheese and blue cheese on them.

I made brownie Christmas trees for the Christmas Party at Cait's house on Sunday. They were so easy and I think they turned out pretty cute!

I've got a lot of Christmas shopping to do this week. I've done zero! 

I've decided to extend the SwaddleSure by HALO Giveaway till this Friday! Make sure to enter if you or someone you know has or is expecting a baby!

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  1. Your brownies did turn out so cute! That is so scary with what happened with Pixie but I'm so glad to hear everything is ok! Oliver is getting so big - he's adorable! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So glad Pixie is alright! We've had a couple times where Jamo has eaten stuff he wasn't supposed to...once was rat poison Zack's dad had put out around the farm! I luckily caught him chewing on it and then seriously went 100mph to the vet once I realized what it was... they're not allowed to leave that out since then! So scary what they can get into, vitamins are especially weird.

  3. OMG Pixie!!! That is so something our Doxie would do...we have to "baby" proof our house for her too, we can't even leave flowers on the kitchen table because she will jump on the table and eat them...gotta love their feisty personalities though! Oliver is so adorable...growing up so fast! Going to enter your giveaway now!!

  4. Poor Pixie. Hopefully she is recuperating & feeling much better. I want those Christmas tree brownies immediately. Those look incredible. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  5. pixie!!! i hope she is feeling better.
    h had a leftover brownie tonight and he asked me why i didnt take more ;)

  6. Oh no poor Pixie!! I'm so glad she's ok! Oliver is just too cute in that last pic and I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy the oyster roast!

  7. Oh my gosh that was definitely scare for your precious Pixie! Did the vet say that it could have harmed her if you didn't bring her in? I'm so glad she's doing ok

  8. I'm glad Pixie is ok, so scary! Besides that it looks like you had a great weekend, and your oyster roast sounds amazing, yum!

  9. SO glad Pixie is okay!!! I can't even believe that! These dogs definitely keep us on our toes!

  10. Holy crap that is scary. I'm glad she is okay! Look at your sweet boy he is so alert now!


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