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Since having Oliver I feel like my life is just go go go. I laugh when I think about my life pre Oliver and how I would come home from work and relax, watch some TV, cook a time consuming dinner, maybe watch a movie, and stay up late and watch Conan in bed. Now I'm rushing to get him home, feed him, put down for a nap, wash all my 1000 pump parts, start dinner, wake him up, feed him, eat dinner, give him a bath, feed him again (I like to make sure he's good and full before bed so he'll sleep longer at night), then most of the time I go to bed right after I put him down because I'm so exhausted. This is at 8:00 pm by the way. Luckily Theo is the biggest help ever and cooks dinner and bathes him most nights but still I just feel like there's not enough time at night to do anything. This is just my new normal that will only get crazier once Oliver gets older and we bring more babies into the picture!

I started using Beautycounter makeup again and this time I think I'm hooked for good. I used it about a year ago and it wasn't enough coverage so I switched back to Dior Forever Foundation. I decided to give it another try because sadly Dior is full of so many toxins and I was feeling kind of guilty. I use the Tint Skin Foundation and put on a thin layer at first then gradually build it with another thin layer or two. I also use the Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush and I swear that makes all the difference.  

We watched the weirdest movie last weekend. It's by Woody Allen so what did I expect. It was called Irrational Man. If you saw Match Point also by Woody Allen, it reminded me a lot of that. Started off kind of funny/drama then got really dark towards the end. 

I have so much fun dressing Oliver. Before I found out I was having a boy, I was really hoping it was a girl. In fact I had my life planned out that I would get pregnant in February and have a girl. That didn't exactly go as planned and instead I got pregnant in January and had a boy! I'm so happy that I had a boy and could never even imagine having a baby girl now. But boys definitely get neglected in the cute clothes department. You really have to pick through to find the good stuff. I like to dress Oliver in a lot of neutrals. My favorite brands are Janie and Jack and Ralph Lauren. J&J has THE cutest baby boy clothes in my opinion. They run really good deals and luckily we have an outlet store here. I've bought all of Oliver's Ralph Lauren outfits from TJ Maxx. They always have a lot to choose from which is nice. 

Some of his Janie and Jack outfits
Look how tiny he was!!

I love these Ralph Lauren two pieces kimonos. They're so easy for diaper changes! 

I also love shopping consignment. I found this sweater for $10 at a store here called Once Upon a Child and it retails for $60!

We had the yummiest dinner the other night. We made Cheeseburger Pita Pizzas but used turkey meat instead of beef. I can't wait to try other combos next time. I'm thinking a Greek Pita Pizza would be good!

Oliver has the 3-4 month old drool face going on and puts any and everything in his mouth. I want to order one of these Mama and Little teething necklaces for him to suck on and for me to wear.  My favorites: 

I'm off to get my hair done today and hope my hairdresser can help with this postpartum hair loss situation!!
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  1. Oliver is so adorable - I love that little smirk he gives! We were going to watch that movie but the preview was too much for me so we passed and glad we did LOL! Happy Weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oliver is just so dang cute! PRECIOUS! Love his outfits :)

  3. The evenings when you get home from work seem like pure chaos - I agree!

    So need to go by Once Upon A Child!

  4. dont worry you'll get more time to yourself and time to hang out with theo soon!! Vi goes to bed at 730 now and we get an hour and a half to hang out every night. anyhoo that pizza looks good!! and i like the teether necklaces you picked out -- i wonder if your shirt will be covered with spit tho if he is sucking on it? have a great weekend!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Totally agree about the lack of good boy clothes. I refuse to buy clothes with words on them which really limits the options. I'm obsessed with Honey Bees Tees. Google them but super cute rompers and onesies with just a single design on them.

    1. Me too!! Can't stand words on baby clothes! Just googled Honey Bees Tees and they're so cute! Thanks for telling about them!

  6. Those outfits are so adorable. I really need to start looking at consignment shops but am so overwhelmed by everything in there!

  7. My husband would LOVE that blue argyle onesie! That is the pattern used in the uniforms of his favourite college team (UNC) and he's totally hoping for a boy so he could dress him in all of that fun stuff!

  8. Oliver is such a cutie! Love this fun outfits. And those teething necklaces are so stylish! How fun!

  9. Olive is so adorable! I love BeautyCounter products, too! Seriously my favorite skin care products! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  10. I loved Match Point, so will definitely have to check out that movie! Also, love Oliver's wardrobe, especially that cute sheep onesie!


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