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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
TGIF!! I'm kind of a stressed mess Sunday-Wednesday nights but once Thursday night comes, I'm calm and relaxed. No big plans this weekend except attempting to get Oliver to sleep in his crib. I know it's going to be a good week of sleepless nights but my big boy is weighing down his Rock 'n Play and Theo and I are kind of ready for our bedroom back. So wish us luck and any tips send them my way!

I thought my pump died this week you guys. I was about to start pumping at 6:30 am Wednesday morning and I turned it on and nothing. The thoughts that ran through my head "I can't go to work! How can I go to work without my pump? If I have to call out, what's my excuse? I can't come in today because my pump isn't working? That's so lame! I wonder if I can get a new one? I don't think I saved the paperwork! Cait isn't pumping anymore, I wonder if she'd let me borrow hers." I mean the thoughts just didn't stop. Then Theo came downstairs, did something to it and viola, it started working. He doesn't even know what he did but it was some magic I tell ya. I would be majorly screwed without my pump!

I picked up some new blouses last weekend at Loft. Loft is my favorite place to buy blouses now that I have a baby because they're machine washable. Trust me, you learn real quick after the first time you get spit up on a dry clean only blouse!

Both are super cute and work well for breastfeeding too!

I took my little man shopping with me and he was so smiley and silly acting. I'm really loving this age.

Are baby sunglasses not the cutest thing ever?!

I picked up a can of Spindrift at a local restaurant here called Verde and now I'm obsessed. It's like a La Croix but so much better. I'm a huge water drinker and never drink anything else so flavored waters are like a treat to me. I think they sell it at Target and Whole Foods/ Earth Fare so I'll be on the look out during my next trip!

We finally got a Crock Pot! Well, we had one but lost it. I know, how do you lose your Crock Pot? Same way you lose your wooden salad bowl, you leave it at someone's house and don't remember where. Anyways so we got a new one and now we're excited to start making some crock pot meals. A few recipes we might try next week:

Mmm these are making me drool! 

I'm obsessed with the Instagram account @tacothecitydog. It reminds me so much of Pixie and Oliver. I send Theo screen shots all day long I can't get enough of Taco and Chalupa!

And just for some laughs. No joke this was seriously the other night at my house. I died laughing when my mom said to me "Theo said Oliver didn't wake up once all night!" Well someone slept through the night but it wasn't the baby!

I'm going to try to start using my Snapchat more since I have zero time to blog!! 
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  1. Oh my gosh look at all those faces he's making at you - so adorable!! The crock pot is seriously one of the best inventions - hope you have fun making some recipes!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. My advice for the crib switch is just be strong! For us it was a rough 3-4 nights, but if you don't give in they slowly (even though it doesn't seem like it) get used to it. We did the switch at 4 months from the rock n play. Literally 4 nights of baby and momma crying and then bam- she was back to sleeping all night like nothing happened. You can do it!

  3. He is such a cutie! Loft has been on point lately... love your picks. I keep seeing those spindrifts, would love to try an alternative to La Croix.

  4. hahah love that cartoon... SO true. and Oliver is SUCH a cutie! i love his big smiles! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Love those tops! Oliver is such a cutie, those smiles :) That cartoon is my life hahahaha!

  6. I followed you on Snapchat! And I love that flecked peasant blouse! SO pretty!

  7. Loft has had the cutest pieces out lately! Love the blouses! Going to follow Taco right now. I love a good puppy account with witty captions!

  8. I love the Taco instagram recommendation! Adorable! And great tops from Loft! How cute is little Oliver? xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  9. Ooh that soup looks delicious! Let me know if you try it!

  10. Cute Loft picks! I can't believe after a 9 month hiatus that I get to start looking for clothes for ME again soon!!! (you know, normal clothes ha) I finally remembered to look at the spindrifts at Trader Joe's this past weekend- they do look yummy but boo on the more than $1 each price tag. I'm going to stick to my La Croix love for budget purposes I guess! (because discretionary funds will be allocated back to wine purchases very soon... hah) Saving that veggie curry recipe- yum!


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