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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
So I woke up Monday early morning with the chills, achy, hot, sweaty, and felt like I had the flu with 101 temperature. Nope not the flu, mastitis. I had always heard how bad it was and for breastfeeding mothers it's the one thing you pray you never get. Well I got it and now I'm going to do everything to make sure I never get it again. It's amazing how quickly it comes on too. I went to bed feeling fine and not even 6 hours later I had full blown mastitis. I was out of commission for 2 whole days and pretty much spent both days in bed. I don't know what I would have done without my mom. She came over and took care of Oliver while I rested. Mastitis is the devil!

I'm going to backtrack a little bit. You see the whole reason I got mastitis after 4.5 months of breastfeeding, normally you get it in the beginning, not this far in, was because I started drinking Mother's Milk Tea to help my supply. Since going back to work, my supply just isn't the same as it was on maternity leave. So I figured what's a cup or two of innocent tea going to hurt? Well good news, the tea works!, a little too well in my case. So after going through all of this mess I've decided to slowly wean from breastfeeding. It was a tough decision but I think it's going to be the best for all of us. That was always my agreement with myself, once it starts to bring me stress, it's not worth it anymore. And between stress and getting sick, we're dunzo. We're going to start using formula for one feeding and then gradually over the next few months phase out breast milk. I have a pretty good stash of frozen milk so I'm hoping we can make it last till he's 6 months. Deciding to stop breastfeeding is like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I never loved it but I knew it was the best for my baby. Recently though he's lost a lot of interest and gets frustrated with it and it's not enjoyable anymore for either one of us. I'm really looking forward to getting my life back. I'm so thankful I was able to do it for this long!

Theo and I are loving the People vs. O.J. Simpson show. I normally don't get into law shows but of course being that this was an actual event makes it so much more interesting. Although David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian reminds me of a bad made for TV movie. I think someone should start a drinking game and take a sip every time he says "Juice". The whole Kardashian kids is a bit much anyways in my opinion. 

I checked out the Who What Wear line at Target and came home with this top 

and this bag that reminds me of Clare V. I think it will be really great for spring/summer. I'm a sucker for anything cognac.

The shirt fits really well, I got a size small and it's the perfect not too oversized but not tight blouse. They didn't have this print in my Target but after seeing it online I'm thinking about ordering it. It would look awesome with white jeans.

I'm loving Chick Fil A's new kale side salad. It has kale, broccoli, dried cherries and nuts in it. They toss it with a mustard vinaigrette. I wish they would make a large version of it! Now when I order a fried chicken sandwich I can order this side salad and it totally cancels out the sandwich, right?!

My precious baby boy is 4 months! I get teary eyed when I think about how this time last year I was 6 weeks pregnant and he was the size of a lentil. It's just amazing how we're able to grow a human in a such a short amount of time. Definitely don't miss the nausea and extreme exhaustion that I had at 6 weeks!

He had his 4 month well checkup last week and he weighs 15 lbs and is 25 inches long. 

He's an absolute doll these days and Theo and I can't get enough of his adorable personality. He's interested in everything and loves watching his big sister Pixie. His sleep has been pretty rough since around week 16 but I've started giving him a big bottle of milk before bed and for the past few nights it's seemed to help. 

He puts any and everything in his mouth and loves to suck on his hands. But his most favorite thing to do is take a bath. He gets SO excited when we walk in the bathroom to take his bath. He starts to kick his legs and squeal. I love my sweet boy so much!

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  1. Ugh! Mastitis is no joke. I had it twice with SS! Way to goon 4.5 months nursing. It Is hard! That clutch is pretty and I debated the collarless version for myself. I heard you work with my friend Jenny. She is fab.

  2. oliver is SOOO cute!!!! he has gotten so big!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. It sounds like you've really found peace with your decision to phase out breastfeeding....and 6 months is a long freaking time! That's my goal too and then I do want to do a formula bottle at night. Let me know how the transition goes!

  4. Aw Oliver is getting so big!! Can't wait to see him again!! I felt the same way about breastfeeding! You did so good mama, stick to what you are comfortable with and he will do great no matter what!

  5. Yuck! Mastitis is no fun! I remember the sleep after 4 months was tough! Definitely use night time diapers if you don't already. That helped a little and we also started doing a strict bedtime routine. If nothing else, it gets better eventually!

  6. I so wish we had the Who What Wear line at our Target, everything is so cute! I think I'm going to order that clutch though - it really is very similar to Clare V! Happy 4 months to Oliver!!

  7. He is so cute! Mastitis is awful! I only once got a really mild case of it. Not nursing = welcome back all your cute clothing!

  8. Haha I totally feel the same way about the new salad! It DEFINITELY cancels out my chicken nuggets!


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