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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
The newborn stage is rough, especially when you're a first time mom. Everything is so new and you have no idea what you're doing. I really don't miss it at all but I do miss my teeny baby! These were some of Oliver's favorites for months 0-3:

Oliver slept in this from the night he came home from the hospital to just last week actually. This was his little cocoon for months and he loved it. I loved how the RnP was upright so no reflux or spit up issues. Whenever Oliver would get fussy or have a hard time going to sleep, I would rock him in this until he would fall asleep. This was a miracle worker at 3 am when he wouldn't stop crying. That really only worked when he was a newborn, once he got out of that phase I think the rocking stimulated him more than anything! 

I bought this months before he was born because it had such great reviews. I'm glad I did because from day 1 Oliver needed to be swaddled to go to sleep. Swaddle him in the Miracle Blanket and place him in the RnP and he was sleeping for hours. We tried some of the other brands of swaddles but the MB really is the best because you use the baby's weight to keep the swaddle snug rather than velcro or zippers.

I think this is pretty crucial for a newborn because they're used to the loudness of the womb. I never understood why people always said "shh..the baby is sleeping." Newborns love white noise, it calms them and also signifies it's time to sleep. I'll probably use white noise in Oliver's room till he goes away to college!

Oliver never had colic, thank goodness, but he did respond really well to the 5 S's that Dr. Karp talks about in this book. His theory is the first 3 months of baby's life is the "4th trimester" and the baby still thinks he's living inside mom. So to calm them down you have to make them feel like they're still in the womb by swaddling them, giving them something to suck on, sway them in your arms or a swing, turn them on their side or tummy, and most important shush them. Aside from the sucking, Oliver never took a paci, these worked really well for him when he was having an all out crying fest.

This was great for not only when breastfeeding but to prop him up on. You can also use it for tummy time too. 

Oliver had bad cradle cap and I tried to get rid of it with coconut oil but it just wasn't getting the job done. After one use of this shampoo his cradle cap was gone. It's a gentle shampoo too and won't sting if it gets in their eyes.

These are THE BEST for burp cloths. Get a few packs and keep them all over the house because those first few weeks with a baby are messy. Since they are diapers they're very absorbent, much more than normal burp cloths.

I carried Oliver in my wrap a lot when he was first born. It was the only way I could get anything done. He would sleep for hours in it. Once he got bigger and had better head control I started using the Ergo more.

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  1. Honestly couldn't agree more with this list.

  2. This is a perfect roundup! Thank goodness for the RnP and white noise especially! Hope Oliver's transition to the crib is going well!

  3. Great list! Those really are the best burp clothes and we still love the white noise machine!

  4. I am pinning this for when we have kids! I have heard that that book is a great one from my girlfriends. It seems like it works for everyone! Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. Mine is two months old and this list is spot on!

  6. we loveeee cloth diapers for burp towels too! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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