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My blog is back! Not sure if anyone even noticed but my blog was MIA for a few days there. But I got it working now thanks to GoDaddy's awesome support staff. Talking to them made me realize I know jack about the internet and domains and all that boring stuff. I'll stick to nursing.

We have been getting pretty much zero sleep in our house for the past month. Oliver hit the 4 month sleep regression hard and it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon. We still had him in the Rock 'n Play and swaddled every night but I decided it was time for him to sleep in his crib. Not exactly the best idea while he's boycotting sleeping but I figured if I'm not going to get anyways why not work on getting him to sleep in the crib too! I ordered the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, it basically looks like an astronaut suit/Marshmallow man, and have been putting Oliver to sleep in his crib.

I wouldn't say it's magic but then again my kid isn't the best sleeper, but I will say he does fall asleep much faster than when he slept in the Rock 'n Play. He's still waking up twice to eat at night and I have no idea how to end that. If he doesn't get food he screams and doesn't stop. So that'll be our next task but for now he's sleeping in his crib with minimal fuss!

I haven't stopped breastfeeding fully, I just can't do it. I want to but there's a big part of me that still wants Oliver to get breast milk, at least until he's 6 months. So what I have done is I dropped one of my morning pumps and only pump 4 times a day now rather than 5. We also started giving him formula since I'm not making enough milk and that's going really well. Kind of too well, I think he prefers it to my milk, he sucks that stuff down in minutes! I'm so much happier now with supplementing and not stressing about making enough milk. After getting mastitis by trying to increase my supply, I knew I was done. I have zero mom guilt about supplementing either. Formula is not the devil like so many people act like. In fact I really think it has made our relationship better. I did a lot of research on the best formulas out there because unfortunately just like the rest of the food in our nation, formula can be full of GMO's and chemicals too. Gimmethegoodstuff has an awesome article on formula and after reading it we decided to go with Baby's Only. We've also used The Honest Company and had no issues with it. 

We started Oliver on solids this week and he loves them. At his 4 month checkup the Dr. said to go ahead and try solids once a day. I was kind of shocked when she told us that because everything I read said to wait till the baby is 6 months. I really like our Dr. and trust her but I decided to wait a few weeks. So at week 20 I bought the Baby Brezza baby food maker and whipped up some sweet potatoes. They were ready in 25 minutes.

The first time we gave him food with a spoon he didn't really get it so I ended up giving him some with my finger and he gulped it down. I froze the rest of the sweet potatoes in an ice cube tray and each morning my mom gives him one cube of thawed sweet potatoes. I love the Baby Brezza. It's expensive but considering how much pre made baby food costs at the store, it's much cheaper to make your own food. One sweet potatoes costs less than $2 and makes 2 weeks worth of food since he's only eating one cube once a day. I think I'm going to try avocado next.

I also gave him a sippy cup to try and he knew right away what to do with it! He can't lift it yet but he does know how to hold it!

I find I have much more time to use Snapchat these days than blog and am kind of obsessed with it. You can follow me @aah72386. Prepare for baby overload though!

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  1. Avocado was (and still is!) one of our little girl's favorite foods. She still scarfs it down at 20 months.

  2. I’d definitely try making my own baby food too! Such a great little machine to have!

  3. He is the cutest lil thing, such a sweet face. hope he starts sleeping soooooon! sending mama some extra zs!

  4. What a cutie! Good job on the sweet potatoes! Those cookers/blenders are amazing!

  5. Totally agree! I was a better mom once I realized a bottle of formula a day was not going to hurt my son. A feed baby is a happy baby, doesn't matter if it's breastmilk or formula. I never produced enough and once I stopped stressing about it, it was easier. He had breastmilk until he was 6 months old and then we went to formula. It was so less stressful not having to worry about pumping and producing enough.

  6. Ahhhh everyone is doing snap chat!!! I may have to get up on there.

    Talk to your Ped about the overnight feedings but if he's getting enough during the day then he shouldn't NEED to eat at night. Maybe he just wants to! The first few days of weening him off one at a time aren't pleasant but your Mama heart will know what he needs! :)

  7. I think a sippy cup will land in Leos Easter basket this year. Did you find yours on Amazon?

  8. I feel you on no sleep. P didn't sleep through the night until 11 months! Oye!

  9. He is soo cute-- love that last picture with the sippy cup. I'm glad you're back! I've been going back and forth on getting a domain, but I don't know if it's worth it / I really know what I'm doing. I just added you on snapchat!


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