3-6 month baby favorites

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
These are the months the baby starts to get fun! They're smiling and beginning to laugh and actually do more than just lay there. Here are some of Oliver's favorite things for months 3-6:

Oliver started sitting in this seat around 3 months, when he was able to hold his head up on his own. I mostly placed this on the kitchen island, I know a big no-no, and then put him in it while I cooked or cleaned. It worked out great until he learned to take the tray off and then it became dangerous. The seat grows with him and can be used when he's a toddler as well, just not on the island! The colored part is an insert that can be removed for bigger kids. They make a toy bar to place on the tray, but it didn't have the best reviews so I never ordered it. 

I started giving Oliver Sophie to play with when he was in his car seat so he'd have a buddy and now he's pretty obsessed with her. She's perfect for teething babies and easy for them to hold. Be careful though, if you think your baby loves Sophie, I can assure you your dog would love her even more! 

We started out using Dr. Brown's Glass bottles but washing all those parts got really old, so we switched to Evenflo's bottles and they've worked out great. The nipples have a vent to prevent gas and there's only 3 parts you have to wash. My mom said she used these exact bottles when I was a baby. Even though plastic bottles are BPA free, I still prefer to use glass. I just like to avoid plastic as best as I can in my house.  I know a big reason people are cautious with using glass is they're afraid they'll shatter if dropped but the glass is very thick and I've dropped a bottle once or twice and it's never broken. 

We started using this sleepsuit around month 4 because Oliver was growing out of the Rock 'n Play and I knew I needed to stop swaddling him. So I took a risk and one night put him in this suit and placed him in his crib and he slept. Not through the night because he wasn't doing that yet but he did go to sleep with minimal fuss and seemed very content in his moon suit as my mom calls it. I couldn't have asked for a better transition from the RnP to the crib. The suit is very thick but he doesn't seem to get overheated in it but I do make sure to leave the temperature around 72 degrees at night. He sleeps in footed pj's so his feet don't get cold. 

If you only buy one playmat, buy this one. Oliver loves all the bright colors and the toys are placed at a perfect height for him to grab but he really loves kicking the piano keys. As soon as I place him on this mat, he goes to town kicking away and playing music. This mat was recommended on a lot of blogs and it really is a baby favorite.

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This is great beginner toy because it teaches the baby how to grip and hold. It also doubles as a teether and has a rattle in it so Oliver loves when you shake it.

Oliver loves this book because it crinkles and has a lot of stuff to stick in his mouth! Everything Jellycat makes is just precious and these soft books are great for little babies.

What were some of your baby's 3-6 month favorites?
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  1. I’ve had friends that used Merlin’s sleep suit and raved about it too!

  2. I have heard amazing things about that suit! Annnnd our pup already found a Sophie we received and I have to hide it! SO funny.


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