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SO happy the weekend is here! We have a wedding to go to tomorrow night and then we're celebrating Theo's mom's birthday on Sunday. Oliver is getting not one, but TWO teeth right now. He's handling it so well too. He's still his happy, smiley self even though he wants to gnaw on just about everything. Today I'm off to find a dress to wear to the wedding. I spend too much money on clothes for my baby, I have nothing to wear!


I started using micellar water recently to clean my face and am really liking it. I still wash my face with my normal cleanser and then I gently apply some micellar water with a cotton ball all over my face to get rid of any excess makeup and clean my pores. The water is made up of micelles which are tiny oil particles that attract dirt and grime from your skin. It reminds me of a toner minus the alcohol and the dry skin feeling. I was kind of hesitant to use it since I have very acne prone skin and seem to always be broken out on my face, but I actually think it's helped my skin. I use the brand Botanics but a lot of drugstore skincare lines sell it as well. The water originated in France so I may look into buying one of their brands next!


I finally finished reading Kristin Cavallari's book and overall I liked it. A lot of the advice she gives in the book is common sense or heard before but I did enjoy her chapter on eating real food. She has a very easy overnight oats recipe that I've been making all week for a quick breakfast. Sometimes I read these books written by celebrities and find myself rolling my eyes when they try to tell us little people how to live our lives but I thought Kristin had some pretty decent advice.


I'm obsessed with this mascara! My old one was making me look like a raccoon by 2 pm so I knew it was time to try a different brand and picked this one up at Target. No raccoon eyes or spider lashes. It makes your lashes look long and thick. Beautycounter is coming out with a mascara soon that I can't wait try too.


I'm all about skincare products today! So I originally bought this lavender oil to mix with some of Oliver's lotion I put on him after his bath to help him sleep. Well it didn't do anything for him but it helps me sleep! I add in a couple of drops to some unscented lotion and rub it all over my hands before bed. I've also started applying some oil to the bottom of my feet too. It's supposed to absorb really well into your feet. It helps me sleep and I wake up feeling very rested. The fact that my kid is sleeping 10-12 hours at night is helping now too of course but smelling the lavender oil instantly calms me and I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night.


Since having Oliver my stomach just isn't the same, obviously. And I have zero desire to work on getting it back to the way it was pre baby, which really wasn't that great anyways. So I've already decided I'm going to wear a mom suit, aka one piece, on the beach and at the pool this summer and I'm really excited about it. One of the pluses to wearing a swimsuit while you're pregnant is you don't have to worry about sucking your stomach in and wearing a one piece has the same benefit. Here are some one pieces I'm loving:

I really like the high neck swimsuits which I know are stupid because of horrible tan lines but I wear SPF 50 so I barely get any sun anyways! Trina Turk makes some of the prettiest swimsuits. I've had a few pairs before and they hold up really well.

This kind of reminds me of a leotard but it looks comfy and perfect to wear while chasing around a baby on the beach. I love the bright blue color too. On sale for $42!

Ok, so aside from the model being WAY too thin, this suit is really cute. Since I've stopped breastfeeding, my girls have shrunk so I think I could get away with a low bathing suit now.

Love everything about this swimsuit. It reminds of the uber expensive Marysia swimsuits but a lot less. Currently 30% off! I'm so temped to buy it!

And this is what Oliver will be sporting at the pool because I'm not taking any chances with his his fair skin like his momma!

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  1. I love micellar water and use the garnier good!! Have so much fun at the wedding this weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love that bathing suit roundup! I am in need of a good one piece!

  3. I love all your swimsuit picks! I'll be rocking the one pieces this summer, too - having a June baby will not be forgiving haha. At least they're considered "in" right now! Have a great weekend!

  4. i love that mint green swimsuit!! have fun at the wedding! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I love that mint green suit!! So cute and perfect! That micellar water is on my list to try too. And I love putting lavender oil on my sheets, and I agree it does help you sleep!

  6. Loving every single one of the bathing suits that you picked, you can't go wrong with any of them! :) Xo, Stephanie


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