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by Ally- Life as I know it, 7:02 PM

Oliver started swim lessons last weekend and he did so well! The instructor even made us dunk the babies under water twice, which scared me to death, but he handled it great. I also think being 7 months old he has no idea what's going on yet! One thing the instructor told us to do after class was bathe the babies in Epsom salts and give them probiotics to get all the chemicals from the chlorine out of their body. Anyone ever heard of doing this before? A lot has changed since I was a kid, I mean I used to spend all of my summers walking around with green hair from the chlorine!

I've been trying to dry brush my body again everyday which I used to do before I got pregnant. It's supposed to help the lymphatic system remove toxins from your body, reduce cellulite, and unclog pores. It's recommended you do it before you shower since it helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Here's a good guide on how to dry brush:

Cait and I had a Momma's Night Out last Saturday night and hit up Accent on Wine Bar and Lotus in Park Circle. I have zero pictures but everything was delicious and we had the best time. Some wine, a nice meal, and girl time was definitely needed for both of us! 

I have got to do something about my diet. I'm not a bad eater at all but sugar and dairy breaks me out. I'm dealing with such a bad breakout right now on my chin, which is hormonal, and I know it's from eating handfuls of Hershey Kisses everyday at work. We always have some sort of dessert lying around and I'm not one to pass on it! As I've gotten older my skin has gotten more difficult at times and between having a baby, breastfeeding and then stopping, my hormones must be going crazy. We all have something about ourselves that we're constantly trying to work on and my face is mine. So anyways, I'm thinking about trying out this Eating Clean Cookbook for a few weeks and see if I see any improvement.

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