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For the past 2 years or so I've been slowly switching all of my household cleaning products, skincare, and makeup to non toxic brands. We now know so much about what's really in our day to day products, and unfortunately it isn't always safe. Products are full of harsh chemicals that are known to be hormone disruptors, cause cancer, and birth defects. They can also irritate our skin and cause allergies. Luckily a lot of brands are on board with making safe, non toxic products, and you can pretty much buy them anywhere now. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an awesome website where they rate products on how safe they are. I have the app on my phone and pull it out all the time before I buy something. The FDA doesn't do a good job of regulating if something is really "All Natural" so I use the EWG app to see for myself how natural they really are.

One of the first items I switched over to when I first started doing research on non toxic products was deodorant. I've used a couple of different brands but I really like the Tom's of Maine Aluminum Free Deodorant. It got a 1 on EWG which is awesome and you can buy it at Target. Even without the antiperspirant, I find it keeps me dry and non smelling by the end of the day. And that's saying a lot because I'm on my feet for 10 hours a day at work

I buy the Alaffia brand for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They each come in a huge 32 oz bottle for around $15. You could easily spend a fortune on non toxic shampoo and conditioner but I really like Alaffia. It smells good, does the job, and it's a great price. They make a baby body wash that I plan on trying on Oliver once we run out of what I'm using now.

I love the Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap to wash dishes, fruits/vegetables, hands, you can even wash your hair with it. It has so many uses and it's very concentrated so you only need a small amount. I actually took a small bottle of this to work when I was pregnant and only used this to wash my hands. The hospital soaps have triclosan in them which is known to cause birth defects. I know I'm a bit extreme! They now sell this soap at Target and it's seriously only $7!

I'm a bit obsessed with Beautycounter for makeup and skincare. Every single thing I use by them, I love. All of their products are very safe and non toxic and they really work. You seriously can't go wrong with any of their products. I'm dealing with a pretty bad breakout right now on my chin and I just bought the Lustro Oil #3 and after only one day of using it, my skin already looks better and less angry.

I alternate between Babyganics and The Honest Company for diapers, wipes, and baby skincare for Oliver. He has very sensitive skin so I have to use the mildest products on him. My mom had a Huggies diaper at her house and used it on him because it's all she had one day. When I went to pick him up his poor little bottom was so red! So I have to be careful with what I use on him and Babyganics and Honest are very gentle and non irritating. I use the Honest Organic Healing Balm on Oliver's bottom after I change his diaper to prevent diaper rash but you can also use it for eczema, cuts, and scrapes. I found a 5 pack at Costco and keep a tube in the diaper bag and all over the house. Babyganics makes the best wipes in my opinion. They're very soft and can be used on hands and face too so they're great to carry on the go. 

I buy the Green Shield Organic Detergent from Costco and it's free and clear of any fragrances and harmful chemicals. Because it is free and clear, I can wash Oliver's clothes with this as well. 

My most recent non toxic buy that I can't stop talking about is the Norwex Envirocloth. It's a micro fiber cloth that removes dust, dirt, and grease from all surfaces with just water. No chemicals at all. It has silver in which is naturally antibacterial so the cloth never gets moldy and smells. I hate cleaning my house but this cloth actually makes me want to clean, Theo has never been more happy! I went to a Norwex party and the sales rep did an experiment where she smeared raw chicken on a hard surface and used the Norwex cloth to clean it up. She then swabbed the surface to see if any bacteria was left over, and there was none! I was sold and was even more sold when I saw that the cloth only cost $16! I use it to clean windows and glass surfaces, and they look clear and smudge free. It cuts cleaning time in half, if not more, and saves you money because you don't have to keep buying cleaning products. I can't recommend this magical cloth enough!

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  1. I've been wanting to switch deodorant to more natural one for a while but didn't know Tom's made one! I swear by their toothpaste. I used to get sores in my mouth at least monthly for most of my life and since switching several years ago I've gotten maybe two! Maybe. So awesome. We are going to use Honest products for our little one when he gets here, too! What are your faves? Love Norwex products too!! The window cloths are just incredible, I will never use Windex again!! Happy Friday, doll!

  2. I've been trying to make the same switch, but sometimes it's hard! I love the Acure line of shampoos and conditioners, Seventh Generation for laundry and I really want to try beauty counter products. I've heard of Norwex, but don't know much about it really. Sounds awesome though!

  3. Girl you are on top of this! Maybe you can convert me to switch too because I'm feeling really bad about all of my non-organic products right now.. haha

  4. Thanks for all the info!! Being pregnant again (with a HEALTHY boy this time!) I have been slowly transitioning my products to toxic free again....thanks for the info on the Alaffia products! I have been struggling to find a haircare and body line that I like! I'm excited to try it!

  5. You speak my language, mama. I love all of these! xx

  6. i love this post! i have a draft for a similar non toxic beauty post that i need to finish soon! i need to try some of your suggestions! xo jillian

  7. Deodorant really freaks me out, but I've been hesitant to try a natural brand because some of them are so pricey and most don't have the best reviews, but I'm definitely going to look for that brand.

  8. This is my happy hippie girl post. I am saving this for future reference and good to know you can get that detergent at Costco!

  9. I love this so much! I started making my own deodorant and laundry detergent to get rid of some of the chemicals. I've heard great things about that Norwex cloth, but now I definitely want one! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  10. I just discovered Beauty Counter too and can't wait to build my collection. The baby balm is like magic! Also, I am with you about the dr bronner's soap. I bring it with me every time I travel too since in a pinch you could use it for laundry too!


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