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I have intentions every Friday to take lots of pictures over the weekend to do a weekend post but then real life happens and I end up snapchatting (@aah72386) the whole time and then never save the pictures!

Oliver started swim lessons recently and he's doing so well! I'm really glad we started his lessons so young before he has any idea whats's going on haha. The older babies are much more aware and realize that the pool=being dunked under water and aren't handling it as well.  Whereas Oliver gets dunked, and freaks out for a minute then just keeps going. So if you're debating to do swim lessons with a baby around 6-7 months old, do it!

I picked up the Babyganics Wool Dryer Balls from Target this week. Norwex makes some that I was going to buy but when I saw Babyganics made them and I could buy them from Target, well that was much more convenient. So the balls are used in place of nasty dryer sheets. Did you know that dryer sheets are made from animal fat? When they get heated up from the dryer the fat gets on your clothes and prevents them from getting staticky. There's also lots of toxic chemicals in them, I mean there's a reason they say don't use them on baby clothes. The wool balls are a great alternative that you can reuse and they are totally nontoxic. The one downfall, if this matters to you, is they don't leave a nice scent on your clothes.  I have heard of people putting a drop of lavender oil on the balls to make their clothes smell good.

I finally got Cravings and flipped through it this weekend. There are some really good recipes I can't wait to try. The Cauliflower, Orzo, Feta Salad and the Brussels Sprouts with grapes and almonds are on our menu this week!

We watched Zoolander 2 Saturday night and it was so stupid I loved it. Not as funny as the first one though!

My skin looks like a war zone right now, it's localized to my chin and cheeks which is totally hormonal. All of my normal products that I use to get rid of acne aren't cutting it so I started trying new stuff and it doesn't seem to be helping much either! I have zero patience and want immediate results so I came across this Shea Moisture African Black Soap and bought it for $3.99 and figured if it doesn't work, like everything else, I haven't wasted anymore money. Well the cheap soap is working! When I wake up every morning I can tell such a difference. The soap is literally black and is made with all organic/natural ingredients. Evidently it's been used in Africa for years for all types of skin issues, eczema, acne, rosacea, dry skin, poison ivy, I mean everything. It got a 2 EWG's website which is awesome. 

I've been trying to dry brush my body again everyday which I used to do before I got pregnant. It's supposed to help the lymphatic system remove toxins from your body, reduce cellulite, and unclog pores. It's recommended you do it before you shower since it helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Here's a good guide on how to dry brush:

I'm trying to get Theo to take me to NYC for my 30th birthday. I turn 30 in July but I want to go to in December for Christmas. I've never been before so tell me where we should go and stay that won't leave us bankrupt!

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  1. Our family has been using wool dryer balls in our laundry for over a year now. I just put a couple drops of lavender oil on them before I toss them in the dryer and they smell so good!

  2. Oh my......I knew dryer sheets were bad but holy crap. I am throwing out the box when I get home and getting those. I'm like you, I want immediate results when my skin is breaking out. I have the charcoal bar from Beauty Counter but I like the price point of the one you listed and it has great reviews.

  3. theo is SO cute!! i really need to get violet into some swim classes! and NYC sounds like an awesome place to celebrate your 30th! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I have stayed all over NY and you can find some good deals if you start planning. Look on deal sites like Jetsetter or Luxury Link and you can also find great sales on hotel loyalty sites!

  5. I concur on the swimming, kids Oliver's age don't have an opinion on whether they like class or not like toddlers R's age do! haha! And NYC at Christmastime is the best time to go IMO! TAKE HER THEO! :) My biggest suggestion is splurging for a hotel right in the middle of things. And ice skating at Bryant Park is a little less crowded than Rockefeller!

  6. So great that you are already doing swim lessons with Oliver! I've stayed in Times Square both times, and it was totally worth it. Check out VRBO or Air BNB. It'd be s cool if you got an awesome apartment in the middle of everything! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  7. I think swimming lessons at a young age is such a good idea! And I would love to visit NYC around Christmas, you totally deserve it for your 30th!

  8. Um HOW did I not know that's what dryer sheets were made out of?! Buying some of those wool balls immediately!

  9. I borrowed my co-worker's Chrissy Teigen cookbook- because I've yet to buy my own. You must make the Chinese chicken salad! So good!


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