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I don't know about you, but to me picking out a diaper bag was a big deal. It's something you have to carry around for years and it basically takes the place of your purse. I also knew that Theo would be carrying it around so it would be pretty cruel of me to pick out one with polka dots. Lucky for him I wanted a gender neutral one just in case I have a girl next time. 

I picked out this bag because it didn't scream diaper bag and it has a ton of storage. The exterior is an antibacterial nylon so it wipes away easily and it has a water-resistant leather trim. The antibacterial nylon was an added plus because purses and bags are the filthiest things so I liked knowing that I wasn't bringing nasty germs into my house. The bag also came with a bottle warmer, a changing bag, and a zip pouch.

Munchkin Diaper Change Kit My diaper bag came with a changing pad but my mom uses it at her house so I picked up this one at Target. I like that it holds diapers and wipes so if I need to change Oliver while we're out, I can grab it out of the bag and it's has everything I need to change his diaper. 

Covered Goods This cover is a must in a diaper bag. It works as a nursing cover, a car seat cover, and a high chair cover. Now that Oliver is sitting up on his own, we put him in a high chair when we go to restaurants and I always put this cover down before he sits. I've worked in restaurants before, I know that high chairs never get cleaned off like they should so I don't even want to think about all the germs he could catch from them. 

Simba Formula Dispenser This is great for carrying formula on the go. It comes with four stackable containers.

Bottle I always take a bottle filled with water so I can mix Oliver's formula while we're out. If we're at a restaurant I'll ask for some hot water and mix that with my water from home so he has warm milk.

Pediatrician Book I carry this book in the diaper bag because it important numbers in it and proper dosages for baby Tylenol and Motrin.

Spare clothes, hat, and sweater I made a rookie mom move at Oliver's first pediatricians appointment and forgot to bring a spare change of clothes. As soon as we took that diaper off to weigh him, out came yellow breast milk poop all over him. So never again! I keep a hat in the bag in case it's sunny out and a sweater if it gets cold.

Toys Oliver is at the age now where he needs to be entertained so I try to carry a few toys in the bag at all times. He's also teething so Sophie is a must! Also in the bag: Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, Jellycat Pet Tails Book, Moonflower Toys Bunny Teether

I just started carrying some baby sunscreen and sunglasses now that summer is almost here. Also not pictured is my wallet, keys, sunglasses and a burp cloth. 

What do you carry in your diaper bag? Anything I should add to mine?
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  1. We also carry little plastic bags for the diapers we can't just throw immediately. Works wonders when you are in a crunch :)

  2. Baggggs......I switch bags at least 3 times a week. Right now I'm rotating between a huge LL Bean tote, a black cross body diaper bag, and sometimes my big LV tote bag. I'm bringing with me less baby stuff as Leo gets older, which is nice, but we're rocking with almost everything you have in your bag too!

  3. I do the little plastic bags for dirty diapers as well. I keep hand sanitizer, lip balm and my clutch in the bag so that I don't have to carry my purse plus diaper bag. We are getting ready to switch to formula so I need to pick up a container for that.


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