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So I made my blog private for a few days after I woke up on Saturday morning to a very strange comment on my Instagram account from a man I didn't know. After I read it I instantly made my IG and blog private. I had been toying with the idea of going private for awhile but after reading his comment, I knew now was time. It wasn't what he said that bothered me, it was actually kind of funny, it was the fact that it made me realize even more that anyone from anywhere can look at my pictures of my personal life and because they're on the internet they can do what they want with them. As we all know, the world is a scary place now and I like to be naive and think everyone that reads my blog is a nice respectable person but deep down I know that isn't true. Last year I found out that someone stole a picture of Theo and I used it as a fake account on the dating site Plenty of Fish. It said we were a "bi-curious couple" from Nova Scotia. A person had replied to the ad and somehow found my blog through it and realized the ad was not really us. He emailed me and said he wanted to let me know someone how stolen my picture and put it on POF. Oh, and also that he was sad to see it wasn't real because we looked like a good time! I about died and had Theo email the website and they quickly took it down. I'm sure this happens all the time people just aren't notified like we were. When you put your life and pictures on the web unfortunately that is a risk you take.  Now that I have a baby I really don't want that to happen. He didn't ask to have his pictures online for anyone to see. But the flip side is, I enjoy posting about my life. It's therapeutic, when I find the time, and it's like my online diary.

So I may go private for good. I haven't fully decided. I even thought about deleting it all since I don't have much time to blog anymore anyways. I know, I'm such a small blogger so what's the big deal? I've had this blog for 3 years now and when I first started it was like my other full time job. It's been my hobby for so long now I'd be so sad to let it go. If I do go private, would anyone care to even read it? If you would, email me your email address to or leave it on the comment section.

It's been a bit hectic around here lately. It all started with my mom breaking her ankle 2 weeks ago, needing surgery, and now she's on crutches. It was such a fluke accident too. She was at the beach and a bunch of dogs ran by and knocked her down, causing her to fall and break her ankle. My mom watches Oliver while I work so we literally went from having childcare one day, to having no idea who's going to watch Oliver the next. It ended up working out great though, we have a woman who watches him 2 days and then my step father is off the other 2 days and is able to watch him with my mom. He does all the lifting that she can't do. We just can't wait for my mom to get her cast off because poor thing is so miserable!

Then I woke up last weekend with a stomach bug/food poisoning and was out of commission all weekend. I first thought it was a stomach bug but since neither Theo or Oliver ever got it, I'm now thinking it was food poisoning. Either way, it was horrible! 

Oliver is "scooting" all over the place now. It's his form of crawling I guess and we really have to watch him closely because he loves light sockets, the fire place, and my fiddle leaf fig tree! Gone are the days of leaving him on the ground with a few toys while I do stuff around the house! 

I need to get some sort of gate to contain him, any recommendations? This is what our fireplace currently looks like, haha.

Had a hit and a miss at J Crew Factory. Loved this dress after I saw my friend Cait with the top version on. I thought it would be perfect to wear with a baby because the shoulders don't ride up as easily since it has straps, but I got it in the mail and it's too short (I'm 5'8). If I had a baby who sat still and didn't require me to bend, squat, and kneel all the time it might work out!

This dress ended up being really cute and is the perfect length. I guess it's considered a cover up but I didn't find it to be see through at all. It's hard to find cute "mom clothes" that are machine washable and functional! We have our family beach trip coming up so I'm trying to find comfortable, easy dresses to wear!

I'm obsessed with this mask and I use it as a spot treatment every night as well. I get cystic acne on my chin and cheeks, especially around my period, and it's really hard to get rid of. The normal acne fighters like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid don't even touch it. I've found that sulfur works wonders for cysts and this mask is great because it's free of any toxins. So it's safe to use if you're pregnant and breastfeeding too. I was using a different sulfur mask called Acnomel but had to quit using it when I got pregnant last year and decided that this time I wanted to find something much safer.

Have a good weekend!
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  1. The internet can be pretty scary! I totally understand your reasoning, but also love keeping up with y’all! Those J.Crew dresses are so cute!

  2. I'm down to only reading 3 blogs anymore, including yours, and would love to still keep reading even if you go private. I stopped blogging because of the lack of time + worry about overexposure and definitely miss it but totally get where you're coming from that your kids aren't given a choice being put out there or not! We live in tacky baby-gate land and although an eyesore, those chunky plastic "put anywhere" gates seem to hold up best against the baby vs fireplace situation for us. Oh and I just started using the new BeautyCounter charcoal mask and I love it!!

  3. I would like to follow if you go private! I'm a SAHM so my excitement is reading other mommy blogs! Haha we have a big brick fireplace and my husband actually built us a gate to go around it. We couldn't even find one big enough to wrap around and the ones that came close cost around $300, insane! I'm pretty sure he spent $30 for all supplies, including paint! He used wood for it and got some hooks to connect it to the wall so we can take it off if we need to, but we haven't ever. It comes out far enough we can open the iron doors and use the fireplace without ever moving the gate!

  4. I would still like to follow if you go private! I am so sorry about your experience! That is terrible. The internet can be a frightening place sometimes. Hope you have a better weekend!

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  6. I love reading your blog:) I would love to follow you if you go private! As a new mommy myself I love reading other new mommy blogs. So sorry that happened to you. Certainly there are some real freaks in the world!

  7. Completely agree on the privacy thing and yes I'd love to still read!

  8. I would like to still follow if you go private!

  9. I'd like to still follow along of you go private! You always post some great products and ideas! :)

  10. love your blog! please add me if you go private.

  11. I love reading your sweet precious blog but completely understand. Saying that, I would love to still read :)

  12. Definitely would like to keep following, but totally understand the public/private debate. And that Jcrew dress ... i've had it in my cart forever. I'm afraid it might be too short on me too, i'm 5'7....


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