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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

So I bought a big floppy hat to wear in the pool and to the beach and I realized real quick that something constantly flopping in your eyes + a squirmy baby isn't a good combo. I just ordered this hat to wear on our family beach trip coming up and fingers crossed it works out better! The brim doesn't look nearly as large as my other hat and it looks more stiff, which is a good thing!

Mara Hoffman is running a really big sale and I just snagged this dress for 70% off! Obsessed with this floral print!

I picked up this romper on my last Target trip and am still kind of iffy on it. It really does look a lot cuter on than on the model but it's hard to get off! Are all rompers like that? We might have a problem if I need to pee and it gives me a hard time! The plus side is it's super comfy and good to wear when I play on the ground with Oliver.

I can never find anything in the actual Old Navy store, but their website has a lot of good stuff. This cover-up is so cute and would be great to wear from the beach to a restaurant!

This suit is so simple yet chic. And because the bottom half is black it would be a good tummy eraser! 

I love this new lip sheer color Beautycounter came out with for summer. Their lipsticks are so moisturizing and provide the perfect amount of color. 

You guys, I am beyond obsessed with these sandals for Oliver! How cute do they look on his little foot?? I haven't bought any, yet.., because he isn't walking just army crawling. Instead I just went to the store and had the lady try a few pairs on him while I took lots of pictures. :)
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  1. Looove that tassel coverup, I always have such a hard time finding cute ones!

  2. Okay, I tried on that romper too...and I thought it was just me and I wasn't cool enough to pull it off, but something about it was weird. Also, I don't know how yours feels but my husband would have made so much fun of me haha. He's FINALLY getting over the fact that demin shirts are cool and have multiple lol. (He called me Billy Rae Cyrus only about the first 40 times I wore one.) Also I really want some salt waters for myself haha. In the same color.


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