6-9 month baby favorites

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

This is a rattle that also "skwishes" and moves back it's original shape. Oliver took a little while to really love this toy but once he figured out how it rattles when he shakes it and it also bounces in between his hands, he's had a lot of fun with it. 

Oliver loves Scout so much and lights up whenever we place Scout in front of him. Scout is really a neat toy. You can program him to say your child's name, his favorite food, color, and animal. Also for parents, Scout only plays songs or talks if you hit his paws and he has a volume control. One less loud obnoxious toy!

This is the bunny lovey Oliver sleeps with and it's so precious how much he loves his bunny. I really do think this bunny was a big reason Oliver started sleeping so well at night. I started giving him the bunny to sleep with around 5.5 months and it's really helped him learn to self soothe and it comforts him when he wakes up in the middle of the night. This bunny was a special gift Oliver received for his baptism and it has his initials monogrammed on it. 

Once Oliver rolled over in his Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit I started putting him in a sleepsack to sleep in. I know plenty of people don't use sleepsacks but I personally felt like Oliver has been in some sort of a sleep garment from day 1 and it signifies this is sleep time. I put him in a long sleeve footed pajama first then the sleepsack so he's nice and cozy. 

This formula stacker is awesome for on the go. If I know we're going to be out when Oliver is due for a bottle, instead of worrying about making the bottle ahead of time and keeping it in a cooler, I just fill one of these containers with formula and take a bottle full of water so I can mix the bottle anywhere. Now that Oliver is eating puffs I've started to carry some in one of these containers too.

My kid loves cups, wine glasses, beer bottles, anything you're drinking from, he wants it. He never really loved the typical sippy cups with the spout but he figured out this one quickly. I give him a little bit of water when he eats his meals, although most of the water ends up everywhere but his mouth, and I've started to add a splash of apple juice to the water as well. 

I've had a good bit of people email me lately about sleeping advice, no I'm not an expert!, but here's a post I wrote right after Oliver started sleeping through the night. I get the struggle with baby sleep, I went through what felt like forever trying to get Oliver to go to sleep, then stay asleep. I was not one of the lucky ones who was born with a great sleeper from day 1! But he's an awesome sleeper now. So check it out if you're dealing with a baby who is boycotting sleep!
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  1. I need to try that cup! My 6 month old is always trying to get mine haha!

  2. I have that cup on my amazon list right now. That swish ball needs to be added as well. I used to work at a toy store and that was always a great recommendation. I forgot about a lot of them though because it has been a few years. Such great picks!

  3. We still use Scout everysinglenight with our three-year-old! The nighttime music is so perfect for him to fall asleep to :)


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